Building Change of Use: Renovating, Adapting and Altering Commercial, Instutional and Industrial

Building Change of Use: Renovating, Adapting and Altering Commercial, Instutional and Industrial


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Recycling buildings is not just the right thing to do environmentally and economically, it's become a distinct trend. By 2010, industry experts predict that 8 of every 10 commercial construction dollars will go to some form of renovation -- up substantially from the current 55 percent. No one ever said that change-of-use was easy. That's where this book comes in, simplifying the complexities to smooth each step. Written by a preject architect/project manager with in-depth experience in this field, this savvy, practical, IBC-compliant guide for architects, developers, planners, and contractors brings you easy-to-use expert fools and guidance to help you meet the demands of change-of-use undertakings and avoid costly and time-wasting pitfalls.

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ISBN-13: 9780071384810
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 03/01/2003
Pages: 503
Product dimensions: 7.38(w) x 9.48(h) x 1.56(d)

About the Author

Dorothy A. Henehan, RA, CSI, CCCA is an architect who practices chiefly in the Midwest and lives in Indianapolis with her family. She has served as an officer of AIA Indianapolis and has been an officer of the Indianapolis Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute. She has degrees in architecture and environmental design from Ball State University where she also undertook Urban Studies. She holds CDT and CCCA certificates from the Construction Specifications Institute. She is a member of the Southern Building Code Congress International. Her wide range of project experience in both public and private sectors includes educational facilities, libraries, environmental service facilities, laboratories, military, justice, urban design, maintenance structures, multifamily housing, commercial kitchens, industrial facilities, corporate headquarters, tenant development, hospitality, medical projects, and interior services. Her work has included facilities and accessibility assessment reports, code studies, phasing plans, specifications, quality assurance, inter-disciplinary co-ordination, professional development, technical resource and site rehabilitation, and sustainability programs. Two-thirds of those projects involved renovation and about half have involved public money.

R. Dodge Woodson is a realtor, developer, builder, and master plumber and gasfitter with over 25 years experience in the conversion market in Maine and Virginia. He has authored over 70 books for major publishers. Woodson contributed his expertise in editing, real estate, building, site evaluation, and improvements strategy for this project.

Photos for this book were primarilyprovided by Stephen Culbert and Nick Fredericks and the authors. Stephen B. Culbert, P.E. is lead electrical engineer in an A/E firm, a former electrician, and a photographic hobbyist with considerable renovation project experience. Stephen has a keen eye to access projects with original photography that give a man on the street and a man on the roof views, illustrating the project planning and evaluation concepts discussed. Nick Fredericks is a project manager with a general contractor in Pendleton, Indiana. He has contributed construction and demolition photos that illustrate ongoing work.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Urban Sprawl

Chapter 2: Influencing Factors in Land Development Patterns

Chapter 3: Comprehensive Land Use Planning and Zoning

Chapter 4: Development and Sustainability

Chapter 5: Compatible New Uses

Chapter 6: Locating and Selecting Redevelopment Property with Investment Potential

Chapter 7: Evaluation Is Part Of Planning

Chapter 8: Site Planning and Evaluation

Chapter 9: Building Planning and Evaluation

Chapter 10: Identifying Cost Effective Improvements and Basic Aesthetic Approaches




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