Building e-Commerce Sites with the .NET Framework

Building e-Commerce Sites with the .NET Framework



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Building e-Commerce Sites with the .NET Framework by Jason Bentrum, James Whatley

There is currently no book on the market that has a case-study focus and builds e-commerce sites using the new Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Framework. In addition, many of the books that are likely to be released in the near future won't target the intermediate to advanced developer. Building e-commerce Sites describes the steps a developer will take to plan, develop and deploy an actual robust, scalable e-commerce application using the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. There are detailed descriptions of design choices a developer makes, implementation details. The author's first hand experience will save the reader time and effort. Finally, the development of a working, modern e-commerce site is provided, in this case study approach, along with clear and simple explanations, screenshots, and step-by-step code excerpts.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780672321696
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 09/20/2001
Series: Pearson Temp Net Series
Pages: 538
Product dimensions: 7.36(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.28(d)

Table of Contents

Part IFoundations
1Business-to-Consumer e-Commerce Overview7
Current e-Commerce Trends8
Business-to-Business e-Commerce9
A Technical Overview of Business-to-Consumer e-Commerce10
An Overview of the MyGolfGear.NET B2C Architecture11
Steps Involved in Creating a B2C e-Commerce Application12
Current Tools for Developing B2C Applications15
2.NET Overview17
The .NET Framework18
The Common Language Runtime19
Self-Describing Components21
Application Domains25
Common Type System25
Cross-Language Interoperability28
The Common Language Specification31
Managed Execution32
ASP.NET Page Execution32
Self Instruction37
3Planning MyGolfGear.NET39
Defining the Goals of MyGolfGear.NET40
Deciding on Features41
Designing MyGolfGear.NET43
Integration Considerations50
Architecture Planning51
Security Planning52
Available Development Tools53
Self Instruction55
Part IIBuilding the B2C StoreFront
4Building MyGolfGear.NET's Product Catalog with SQL Server 200059
Developing the Data Model61
Developing the Stored Procedures67
Securing the Product Catalog70
Self Instruction75
5Using ASP.NET to Administer the Product Catalog77
Component Development79
Page Development89
Self Instruction112
6Using ASP.NET to Display the Simple Catalog113
Creating the Category List114
Developing the Simple Home Page127
Developing the Product Selection Page131
Developing the Product Detail Page135
Developing the Product Search Functionality138
Self Instruction140
Part IIIBuilding Advanced Features
7Using ASP.NET to Implement Product Spotlights143
Product Spotlight Database Object144
The FeaturedItems.ascx.cs Code Behind Class147
The FeaturedItems.ascx User Control File149
Adding Web Server Controls to the Home.aspx Page151
Self Instruction153
8Using ASP.NET to Implement Discount Specials155
Changes to the Database to Support Discount Specials156
Implementing the ProductSpecialDataTable Class158
Using the OrderManager Class to Implement Discount Specials164
Modifying the Product Selection Page to Display Discount Information165
Adding Discount Information to the Product Details Page169
Self Instruction173
9Using ASP.NET to Implement Wish Lists175
Additions to the Data Model176
The New Stored Procedures177
The New Data Access Component179
The User Interface Elements183
Self Instruction188
10Using ASP.NET to Implement Product Reviews and Ratings189
The Database Changes to Support Product Reviews190
Changes to the CatalogDS Class Necessary to Support Product Reviews191
The Product Review User Control201
Adding the ProductReviews User Control to the Product Details Page204
Self Instruction206
11Implementing Gift Certificates in MyGolfGear.NET207
The Database Changes Necessary to Support Gift Certificates208
The GiftCertificate Data Access Class209
Implementing the Acceptance of Gift Certificates on the Checkout Page212
The OrderManager Class214
Self Instruction216
12Automating the E-mailing of Product Information with ASP.NET217
Modifications to the ProductDetails.aspx Page218
The Email.aspx Page219
System. Web.Mail Namespace221
The Email.aspx.cs Code Behind Class223
Self Instruction225
13Implementing Cross Selling and Up Selling227
Cross Selling in MyGolfGear.NET228
Up Selling in MyGolfGear.NET235
Self Instruction241
14Using ASP.NET to Build the Shopping Cart243
State Management in ASP.NET244
The Data Model and Stored Procedures250
Management of a MyGolfGear.NET Order255
Self Instruction276
15The Checkout Process277
Beginning the Checkout Process278
Retrieving Shipping Information282
Reviewing Options for Calculating Tax286
Using the Tax Web Service287
Reviewing Options for Authorizing Payment292
Retrieving Payment Information293
Using the Payment Web Service297
Submitting Orders300
Developing the Confirmation Page305
Self Instruction307
16Using ASP.NET Authentication and Authorization for Personalization309
Additions to the MyGolfGear Data Model Used to Support Authentication, Authorization, and Personalization311
Implementing the LoginInformation Class to Facilitate Authentication in MyGolfGear.NET312
Using the Login Page for Authentication314
Implementing the Join Page So New Users Can Join MyGolfGear.NET318
Self Instruction321
17Tracking the Status of Orders323
Restricting Access to the Order Status Page324
Accessing the Order Status Page326
Self Instruction336
Part IVDelivering and Keeping the Site Going
18Maintaining MyGolfGear.NET's User Information339
The User Tables Revisited340
The UserDS DataSet344
The MyGolfGearDP Data Access Class361
The Users.aspx.cs Code Behind Class364
Accessing User Information via the Users.aspx Page369
Self Instruction373
19Debugging and Optimizing the Site375
Stress Testing376
Profiling and Debugging Services381
Optimizing the Site387
Logging in .NET395
Self Instruction398
20Securing the Site399
Key Concepts400
Role-Based Security409
Code-Access Security411
Encrypting Data414
ASP.NET Security415
Self Instruction419
21Deploying the Site421
A Few Words About Server Farms422
Application Center424
File Copy Deployment428
Packaging a Site to Be Hosted Externally429
Moving the Database433
Self Instruction440
Part VAppendixes
AC# Language Reference443
Data Types444
Statements and Execution Flow449
Delegates and Events468
Exception Handling469
Method Parameters470
Function Overloading472
BVB.NET Language Reference477
Syntax Changes and New Language Features478
Object-Oriented Features489
CASP.NET Object Model495
DADO.NET Quick Reference505
ADO.NET Architecture507
Connections and SqlConnection Objects507
Command Object508
ADO.NET DataAdapters509
ADO.NET DataSets513

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