Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume I: Architecture

Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume I: Architecture


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ISBN-13: 9780596001230
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/01/2002
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.19(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Brett McLaughlin has been working in computers since the Logo days. (Remember the little triangle?) He currently specializes in building application infrastructure using Java and Java-related technologies. He has spent the last several years implementing these infrastructures at Nextel Communications and Allegiance Telecom, Inc. Brett is one of the co-founders of the Java Apache project Turbine, which builds a reusable component architecture for web application development using Java servlets. He is also a contributor of the EJBoss project, an open source EJB application server, and Cocoon, an open source XML web-publishing engine. He is author of the soon-to-be-released O'Reilly book, Building Java Enterprise Applications.

Table of Contents

Software and Versions;
Conventions Used in This Book;
Comments and Questions;
Chapter 1: Introduction;
1.1 Building Java Enterprise Applications;
1.2 Architecture;
1.3 What You’ll Need;
Chapter 2: Blueprints;
2.1 Forethought Brokerage;
2.2 The Data Layer;
2.3 The Business Layer;
2.4 The Presentation Layer;
2.5 Finalizing the Plans;
2.6 What’s Next?;
Chapter 3: Foundation;
3.1 Designing the Data Stores;
3.2 Databases;
3.3 Directory Servers;
3.4 What’s Next?;
Chapter 4: Entity Basics;
4.1 Basic Design Patterns;
4.2 Coding the Bean;
4.3 Deploying the Bean;
4.4 What’s Next?;
Chapter 5: Advanced Entities;
5.1 IDs, Sequences, and CMP;
5.2 Details, Details, Details;
5.3 Data Modeling;
5.4 Filling in the Blanks;
5.5 What’s Next?;
Chapter 6: Managers;
6.1 Managers and Entities;
6.2 The LDAPManager Class;
6.3 What’s Next?;
Chapter 7: Completing the Data Layer;
7.1 Odds and Ends;
7.2 Checkpoint;
7.3 Populating the Data Stores;
7.4 What’s Next?;
Chapter 8: Business Logic;
8.1 The Façade Pattern;
8.2 The UserManager;
8.3 State Design;
8.4 What’s Next?;
Chapter 9: Messaging and Packaging;
9.1 Messaging on the Server;
9.2 Messaging on the Client;
9.3 Packaging;
9.4 What’s Next?;
Chapter 10: Beyond Architecture;
10.1 Flexibility;
10.2 Decision Point;
10.3 What’s Next?;
SQL Scripts;
The User Store;
The Accounts Store;
Events and Scheduling;
Starting Over;
Primary Keys;
Creating Types;
SQL Deployment;
Directory Server Setup;
Application Server Setup;
BEA Weblogic;
Supplemental Code Listings;
Entity Beans;
Application Exceptions;

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