Building Solutions with Microsoft Commerce Server 2002

Building Solutions with Microsoft Commerce Server 2002

Paperback(First Edition)

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Building Solutions with Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 by Clayton C. Peddy, Derek Armentrout

No matter what your organization sells, a well-executed commerce solution can extend your business globally, boost profitability, and help you seize new opportunities faster. Drawing from their extensive, in-the-field experience, online business experts Clayton Peddy and Derek Armentrout teach you to quickly build and deploy a scalable, high-performance site using Commerce Server 2002. They detail how to customize your own solution—incorporating components such as a product catalog, a shopping cart, user profiles, content management, and data-warehousing and analysis capabilities. You get focused, field-proven techniques and hands-on instruction—along with reusable Code Candy from real-world solutions.
Discover how to:

  • Determine the business and technical requirements for your site
  • Create and manage user profiles and implement authentication
  • Use Microsoft Content Management Server to manage page templates, images, product data, and other resources
  • Design product catalogs that are easy to use and manage
  • Build the browse, registration, and shopping cart pages
  • Exploit little-known pipeline capabilities, such as inventory calculation and third-party order processing
  • Capture and analyze data on user demographics and buying patterns
  • Create campaigns, promotions, and awards for targeted users
  • Manage site operations using the Business Desk modules
  • Test, stage, and launch your solution

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780735618541
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Publication date: 03/26/2003
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 648
Product dimensions: 7.38(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.35(d)

About the Author

Clayton C. Peddy works for Terrace Consulting, a leading enabler of e-business solutions, has been included in the annual listing of the 25 top Web design firms by the San Francisco Business Times. Terrace was ranked No. 11 on the list based on annual revenues.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments; Introduction; Who The Book Is For; Using the Sample Site; Support Information; Getting Started; Chapter 1: Taking on the E-Commerce Challenge; 1.1 The Challenges of Commerce Sites; 1.2 Introducing Commerce Server; 1.3 Introducing Content Management Server; 1.4 Choosing a Site Architecture; 1.5 Summary; Chapter 2: Defining Site Requirements; 2.1 Preparing to Gather Requirements; 2.2 Organizing Your Requirements; 2.3 Documenting the Requirement Details; 2.4 Summary; Global Features of Commerce Sites; Chapter 3: Authenticating and Managing Users; 3.1 Creating a Profile; 3.2 Using Profiles in a Site; 3.3 Creating Custom Profiles; 3.4 Using Custom Objects in Profiles; 3.5 Encrypting Sensitive Data; 3.6 Designing an Authentication Strategy; 3.7 Using Authentication Tickets; 3.8 Authenticating Users on Site Pages; 3.9 Summary; Chapter 4: Designing Catalogs; 4.1 Creating the Catalog Definition; 4.2 Organizing Products by Using Categories; 4.3 Managing Products; 4.4 Using Multiple Catalogs; 4.5 Building Catalogs for the Enterprise; 4.6 Summary; Chapter 5: Using Content Management Server 2002; 5.1 The Need for Content Management; 5.2 Introduction to Content Management Server; 5.3 Using CMS with Commerce Server; 5.4 Summary; Chapter 6: Targeting Users; 6.1 Building Campaigns; 6.2 Inside the Content Selection Framework; 6.3 Summary; Chapter 7: Creating the Page Framework; 7.1 Using Pipelines; 7.2 Creating Scalable Sites with Caching; 7.3 Summary; Building the Commerce Site Pages; Chapter 8: Building the Browse Area; 8.1 Functional Areas of the Consumer Site; 8.2 Browse Path Overview; 8.3 Developing the Browse Pages; 8.4 Adding Browse Page Features; 8.5 Implementing Search Functionality; 8.6 Summary; Chapter 9: Building the Registration and Profile Area; 9.1 Registration and Profile Area Overview; 9.2 Global Considerations for the Registration and Profile Area; 9.3 Developing the Registration Pages; 9.4 Summary; Chapter 10: Building the Buy Path; 10.1 Overview of the Buy Path; 10.2 Developing the Shopping Basket Page; 10.3 Developing the Checkout Process; 10.4 Speeding Up the Checkout Process; 10.5 Summary; Managing the Commerce Site; Chapter 11: Managing the Product Catalog; 11.1 Site Management Using Business Desk; 11.2 Creating Your Own Catalog Management Tools; 11.3 Summary; Chapter 12: Managing Campaigns; 12.1 Managing Campaigns with Business Desk; 12.2 Building Custom Tools; 12.3 Summary; Chapter 13: Managing Users and Orders; 13.1 Managing Users; 13.2 Managing Orders; 13.3 Summary; Backoffice Infrastructure; Chapter 14: Sending E-Mail from the Commerce Site; 14.1 Sending E-Mail from Site Pages; 14.2 Using the Direct Mailer; 14.3 External E-Mail Systems; 14.4 Summary; Chapter 15: Processing Orders; 15.1 Fulfilling Orders Manually; 15.2 Integrating with BizTalk Server; 15.3 Integrating Directly with a Third-Party System; 15.4 Reporting Order Status to Users; 15.5 Managing Returns; 15.6 Summary; Chapter 16: Migrating from a Legacy Site; 16.1 Migrating Users; 16.2 Migrating the Product Catalog; 16.3 Migrating Orders; 16.4 Designing a Migration Strategy; 16.5 Summary; Chapter 17: Analyzing Data with the Data Warehouse; 17.1 The Structure of the Data Warehouse; 17.2 Loading the Data Warehouse; 17.3 Using Reports; 17.4 Summary; Chapter 18: Deploying Your Site; 18.1 Configuring the Environments; 18.2 Building a Deployment Release; 18.3 Pushing Your Site Through Multiple Environments; 18.4 Summary; The Successful E-Commerce Team; Architect; Developer; Database Administrator; Network Infrastructure Engineer; Creative Designer; Quality Assurance; Product Manager; Project Manager; About the Authors; Derek Armentrout; Clayton C. Peddy; Abacus; Microsoft License Agreement: Book Companion CD; Software Product License; Disclaimer of Warranty; Miscellaneous;

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