Building the Internet of Things: Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, Transform Your Industry

Building the Internet of Things: Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, Transform Your Industry

by Maciej Kranz


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Connect your organization to the Internet of Things with solid strategy and a proven implementation plan

Building Internet of Things provides front-line business decision makers with a practical handbook for capitalizing on this latest transformation. Focusing on the business implications of Internet of Things (IoT), this book describes the sheer impact, spread, and opportunities arising every day, and how business leaders can implement IoT today to realize tangible business advantages. The discussion delves into IoT from a business, strategy and organizational standpoint, and includes use-cases that illustrate the ripple effect that this latest disruption brings; you'll learn how to fashion a viable IoT plan that works with your organization's strategy and direction, and how to implement that strategy successfully by integrating IoT into your organization tomorrow.

For business managers, the biggest question surrounding the Internet of Things is what to do with it. This book examines the way IoT is being used today—and will be used in the future—to help you craft a robust plan for your organization.
  • Grasp the depth and breadth of the Internet of Things
  • Create a secure IoT recipe that aligns with your company's strategy
  • Capitalize on advances while avoiding disruption from others
  • Leverage the technical, organizational, and social impact of IoT

In the past five years, the Internet of Things has become the new frontier of technology that has everyone talking. It seems that almost every week a major vendor announces a new IoT strategy or division; is your company missing the boat? Learn where IoT fits into your organization, and how to turn disruption into profit with the expert guidance in Building the Internet of Things.

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ISBN-13: 9781119285663
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/21/2016
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Maciej Kranz is vice president of the Corporate Strategic Innovation Group at Cisco Systems. He leads the team focused on incubating new businesses, accelerating internal innovation, and driving co-innovation with customers, partners and startups through a global network of Cisco Innovation Centers. Prior to this role, he was general manager of Cisco's Connected Industries Group, where he drove IoT business for key industrial markets.

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Table of Contents

Foreword ix

PART 1 A Secure and Transformative IoT Now 1

Chapter 1 Beyond the Hype—All You Actually Need to Know About IoT for Business 3

Generation IoT Drives Business Survival in the 21st Century 7

A Revolutionary Economic Opportunity 12

IoT Background—A Brief History 14

IoT Today—Digitally Transforming the World 18

Why Now: Three Driving Trends 19

A “Perfect Storm” of Technology, the Economy, and Culture 23

Key Obstacles 25

Scope of the Book 26

How to Read This Book 28

Chapter 2 IoT Is About Change and Transformation 31

Change as the New Status Quo 32

People, Process, Data, Things 36

New Conceptual Paradigm 38

Operational Elements of IoT Success 39

Why Digital Adoption/Transformation? 43

Chapter 3 The Promise of IoT Is Real 47

IoT Creates Opportunities 51

The Growth of IoT 58

IoT Is Just the Beginning 61

Emerging IoT Ecosystem 64

Startups Join IoT Ranks 67

Collaborate at the Next Level 72

Chapter 4 Understanding the IoT Business Value Proposition 75

Delivering Payback and Business Value 78

Building an IoT Cost Justification 82

Components of IoT Payback 85

Helpful Hints 87

Data Data Everywhere 90

Chapter 5 Four Fast Paths to an Assured IoT Payback 95

Steps in Starting an IoT Project 99

Aspirational Payback 116

PART 2 Making IoT Work for Your Organization 121

Chapter 6 Generation IoT Goes to Work 123

More and Diff erent Workers 125

Finding Workers 128

New Positions and Old Positions with a New Twist 132

Interesting IoT Careers 137

IoT Visionaries—Yes, This Will Be a Career, Starting Now 142

Chapter 7 Bringing IoT Into Your Organization—Change Management 147

IoT Solutions 149

Change Management Required 152

Change as the New Status Quo 153

IT/OT Convergence and Other Workforce Issues 155

Changing Roles and Golden Opportunities 158

Learn and Share 159

The Co-Economy 161

Obstacles to Change 163

Exciting IoT Exercise 165

Get in Front of the Coming Change 166

Chapter 8 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 169

PART 3 Glimpse Under the Hood of IoT Today and Tomorrow 179

Chapter 9 IoT Security Essentials 181

Physical Separation Provides No Defense 182

Security as One More Risk Management Challenge 184

Radical New Security Approach 187

Some Additional Considerations 191

Perspective from the Experts 193

Challenges of IoT Security 197

Privacy 198

Security as Your IoT Foundation 200

Chapter 10 Standards and Technology 203

The Case for Standards 204

Overabundance of Access Technologies 207

Common IoT Framework 207

Business-Relevant Standards Activities 210

New Technology Arrivals 213

Chapter 11 IoT State of the Union 221

New Economy 223

Winners and Losers 224

State of the IoT Union Today 227

Era of Innovation and Disruption 229

IoT and the Co-Economy 234

Unavoidable Fact of Life 237

Notes 240

Glossary 245

Acknowledgments 251

About the Author 253

Index 254

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

Maciej (Kranz), one of the pioneers of IoT, has masterfully captured best practices and combined them with practical guidelines to help readers begin their own IoT journeys . . . I recommend business and technical managers from every industry read this book to understand how to achieve faster innovation and higher productivity from a successful implementation of IoT.”
—Keith Nosbusch, Chairman, Rockwell Automation

“Too often, experts view IoT and digitization as being about the young. The reality is that IoT will change the future for all of us. In Building the Internet of Things, Maciej Kranz highlights how ‘Generation IoT' includes all of us, regardless of age, gender, location and background. Whether you are fresh out of college, or are one of the many established workers looking to re-skill, IoT brings opportunity for everyone. Building the Internet of Things provides a great primer on the ways IoT will change our lives, and industries, for the better.”
—Vernon Turner, SVP, Enterprise Research and Research Fellow, Internet of Things - IDC

“It has been an honour working with and getting to know Maciej over the years. In Maciej’s role at Cisco as the Vice President Corporate of the Strategic Innovation Group, he has pioneered and driven Cisco’s IoT innovation efforts. His book cuts through the hype and offers practical advice to business decision makers on how to implement IoT today.”
—Scott MacDonald and Whitney Rockley, Co-Founders of McRock Capital

“With all the hype surrounding IoT today, Maciej Kranz's, Building the Internet of Things provides organizations with invaluable practical advice and a blueprint on how to get started, and will help them to avoid some of the potential pitfalls as they progress further towards digital operations.”
Tim Jennings, Chief Research Officer, Ovum

In Building the Internet of Things, Maciej Kranz shares personal anecdotes, market case studies and practical guidance to help readers successfully create and fast-track their IoT strategies. His insights offer a route for organisations to develop an IoT journey planner that is right for their needs and goals.
Bola Rotibi, Research Director and Founder of Creative Intellect Consulting and Lead Author of ADT Magazine’s IoT Think Tank Column

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