Building the New Europe: Volume 2: Eastern Europe's Transition to a Market Economy

Building the New Europe: Volume 2: Eastern Europe's Transition to a Market Economy


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Building the 'New Europe' is at the core of the new international economic and political initiatives leading the world through the nineties and toward the twenty-first century. This challenge rests on dual processes: on the one hand, the European Community-wide single market and monetary integration; and, on the other, the East European transition to the market place and integration with Western economies. The volume is divided into two parts. The first section includes essays on the general and specific topics linked to the transitions to a market economy and to a pluralist political system. The second section comprises essays on individual countries, such as Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia and the Republics of the former Soviet Union.

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ISBN-13: 9781349229239
Publisher: Springer Nature B.V.
Publication date: 10/15/1993
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.82(d)

Table of Contents

Preface - PART I FROM PLANNED TO MARKET ECONOMY - Rerum Novarum Inverted: Abuses of Socialism and Illusions of Capitalism; H.Uzawa - From 'Envy and Distrust' to 'Trust and Ambition', Eastern Europe's Problems: How to Solve it and Why it May Take Long; R.Brenner - On the Economic Reforms in Eastern Europe: A Theoretical Viewpoint; Y.Balasko - No Free Lunch, No Free Market. No 'One' East European Economy : Thoughts on the Transition to a Market Economy; M.Baldassarri - Costs of Transition That Are Not Costs: On Non-Welfare-Reducing Output Fall; J.Winiecki - Liberalizing Foreign Trade in a Socialist Economy: The Problem of Negative Value Added; R.I.McKinnon - Post-Reform East and West; Capital Accumulation and the Labor Mobility Constraint; C.Wyplosz - The Effects of the Eastern European Countries' Economic Reform on the Western Industrial Economies: a Macroeconomic Approach; A.Giustiniani, F.Papadia and D.Porciani - Debt Relief and Eastern Europe: Why Poland is a Special Case; J.W.Dean and A.Xu - The Experience of West European Public Enterprises for the Transition of Eastern European Economies; F.A.Grassini - PART II THE EXPERIENCE OF SELECTED COUNTRIES - Hungary - Transition to a Market Economy: the Experience of Hungary; B.K d r - The Development of the Social Market Economy in Hungary and the Opportunities Resulting from Future Entry into the European Community; O.Hieronymi - Poland - Inflation Stabilization in Poland: A Year After; G.W.Kolodko - Yugoslavia - The Problems of Transition from a Socialist to a Market Economy in Yugoslavia; M.Babic - Soviet Union - Planning Authority and Enterprise in the Soviet Transition: A Principal-Agent Model; C.De Vincenti; Interconnections Between World Markets and Soviet Economy; N.P.Shmelyov - The Soviet Union on the Road to Market Economy; O.T.Bogomolov - Political Change and Economic Evolution in the Soviet Union; E.Ambarzumov - Index

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