Building Thinking Skills® Level 3 Verbal - Instruction/Answer Guide: Critical Thinking Skills for Reading, Writing, Math, and Science

Building Thinking Skills® Level 3 Verbal - Instruction/Answer Guide: Critical Thinking Skills for Reading, Writing, Math, and Science

by Sandra Parks, Howard Black

Paperback(Teachers G)

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ISBN-13: 9780894553011
Publisher: Critical Thinking Company, The
Publication date: 06/01/1988
Edition description: Teachers G
Pages: 327
Age Range: 12 Years

Table of Contents

Program Designv
Types of Instructional Methodsvii
Rationale and Description of Skillsx
Evaluating Building Thinking Skills Instructionxiii
Evaluation Recommendationsxv
Instructional Recommendationsxvi
Vocabulary and Synonymsxvii
Guide to Using the Lesson Plansxx
Lesson Plans
Chapter 1Describing Shapes
Describing Shapes--Select1
Describing Shapes--Explain3
Describing Position--Select5
Describing Position--Explain6
Characteristics of a Shape9
Chapter 2Figural Similarities and Differences
Matching Figures/Shapes13
Which Shape/Figure Does Not Match?15
Finding Shapes17
Finding and Tracing Patterns19
Combining Shapes21
Dividing Shapes into Equal Parts23
Dividing Shapes into Equal Parts--B25
Paper Folding--Select28
Paper Folding--Supply30
Symmetrical Patterns--Supply33
Axis of Symmetry--Supply36
Covering a Surface38
Which Shape Completes the Square?41
Which Shapes Completes the Square?43
Copying or Enlarging Figures46
Reducing Figures49
Comparing Shapes--Explain52
Chapter 3Figural Sequences
Sequence of Figures--Select55
Sequence of Figures--Supply62
Tumbling--Shading/Turning (Rotating) Figures64
Pattern Folding--Select/Supply68
Stacking Shapes--Select71
Stacking Shapes--Supply73
Stacking Shapes--Explain76
Chapter 4Figural Classifications
Describing Classes79
Matching Classes by Shape/Pattern81
Classifying More than One Way--Matching82
Changing Characteristics--Select85
Changing Characteristics--Supply86
Draw Another88
Classifying by Shape/Pattern--Sorting90
Classifying More Than One Way--Sorting90
Overlapping Classes--Intersection92
Overlapping Classes--Matrix94
Deduce the Class98
Chapter 5Figural Analogies
Figural Analogies--Select101
Complete the Pair/Figural Analogies--Complete104
Figural Analogies--Supply107
Figural Analogies--Follow the Rule110
Chapter 6Describing Things
Describing Things--Select113
Identifying Characteristics115
Describing Things--Explain116
Naming Things--Supply119
Writing Descriptions: Describing an Object120
Writing Descriptions: Describing an Event123
Chapter 7Verbal Similarities and Differences
How Alike?--Select141
How Alike and How Different?143
Word Web--Select and Supply145
Compare and Contrast--Graphic Organizers148
Chapter 8Verbal Sequences
Following Directions--Select153
Following Directions--Supply155
Writing Directions157
Recognizing Direction159
Recognizing Direction--B161
Describing Locations163
Describing Directions165
Time Sequence--Select, Rank, Supply167
Degree of Meaning--Select, Rank, Supply170
Transitivity--Comparison/Common Sequences173
Transitivity--Family Tree176
Deductive Reasoning179
Following Yes-No Rules184
Following Yes-No Rules--B187
Writing Yes-No Rules187
Completing True-False Tables189
Following If-Then Rules--A191
Graphic Organizers--Cycles197
Graphic Organizers--Time Lines200
Chapter 9Verbal Classifications
Parts of a Whole--Select203
Class and Members--Select205
Sentences Containing Classes and Subclasses208
How Are These Words Alike?--Select211
How Are These Words Alike?--Explain212
Explain the Exception214
Sorting into Classes217
Branching Diagrams219
Diagramming Classes--Select221
Diagramming Classes--Select and Explain224
Overlapping Classes--Matrix229
Classifying Shapes--Graphic Organizers234
Chapter 10Verbal Analogies
Analogies--Select a Pair/Two239
Analogies--Explain and Supply a Pair/Analogies--Produce247
Transparency Masters
Transparency Masters251

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