Building Vocabulary for College / Edition 8

Building Vocabulary for College / Edition 8

by R. Kent Smith
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Cengage Learning
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Building Vocabulary for College / Edition 8

BUILDING VOCABULARY FOR COLLEGE is a vocabulary worktext that helps you increase your academic vocabulary through a practical, reinforcing approach that promotes mastery of the words and word parts studied. The text begins by presenting the basics such as common prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Exercises in Part 1 ask you to work through matching, multiple-choice, sentence fill-in, and completing a passage sections. The lessons in Section 2 introduce terms from a variety of academic disciplines to help you succeed across the curriculum. Exercises in Part 2 include matching, sentence fill-ins, and completing a passage sections.

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ISBN-13: 9781285091457
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 07/24/2012
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,037,455
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Note: Each Part includes an Introduction. To the Instructor. To the Student. Part I: WORD PARTS AND CHALLENGING WORDS. Introduction. 1. Word Parts: ary, co, col, com, con, cor, de, er, ist, or, ex, il, im, in, ir, ing, pre, re, un. Challenging Words: quandary, consensus, incongruous, debilitate, hedonist, extricate, meandering, precocious, reconciliation, unethical. 2. Word Parts: sub, pro, fy, inter, mis, dis, ob, op, ten, tion, ed. Challenging Words: submissive, prolific, mollify, intervene, misnomer, dissipate, obstreperous, tentative, correlation, alleviated. 3. Word Parts: able, ible, a, an, super, trans, poly, ver, log, ism, chron, post. Challenging Words: inevitable, apathy, superfluous, transition, polychromatic, veracity, epilogue, nepotism, chronic, posthumously. 4. Word Parts: bio, tele, auto, eu, ante, rect, fid, equ, pan, sym, syn. Challenging Words: biopsy, telepathy, autonomy, euphemism, antediluvian, rectify, infidelity, equivocal, panacea, syndrome. 5. Word Parts: phil, mal, spec, omni, hyper, anti, voc, vok, bi, path, ben. Challenging Words: philanthropy, malicious, specter, omnipotent, hypertension, antithesis, vociferous, bilingual, empathy, benign. REVIEW TEST, CHAPTERS 1-5. 6. Word Parts: fin, gni, gno, bell, clau, clu, ambi, amphi, less, pen, pun, intra, intro, man, luc, lum. Challenging Words: finale, cognizant, belligerent, recluse, ambivalence, dauntless, penance, introspection, manhandle, elucidate. 7. Word Parts: bon, boun, multi, vert, neo, ful, ous, non, aud, extra, ultra, temp, ward. Challenging Words: bounteous, multifaceted, vertigo, neophyte, acrimonious, nondescript, audible, extraneous, contemporary, wayward 8. Word Parts: ann, enn, grad, gress, phon, mor, mort, pos, cap, dia, ness, hetero, homo. Challenging Words: annuity, gradient, cacophony, moribund, composure, capricious, diaphanous, blandness, heterogeneous, homogeneous. 9. Word Parts: contra, contro, counter, ac, claim, clam, dic, greg, terr, anthrop, fore, soph. Challenging Words: contraband, exacerbate, clamor, malediction, gregarious, terrain, foreboding, misanthrope, sedition, sophomoric. 10. Word Parts: spar, sper, peri, cred, em, en, tact, tang, macro, magn, the, pseudo, vid, vis, gen. Challenging Words: disparage, peripatetic, credence, embroil, tangible, magnanimous, monotheism, pseudonym, vis-a-vis, generic. REVIEW TEST, CHAPTERS 6-10. 11. Word Parts: domin, dys, retro, medi, be, apt, prim, al, pot, ize. Challenging Words: domineering, dystrophy, retrograde, medieval, bereft, adaptation, primeval, colloquial, potable, ostracize. 12. Challenging Words: impeccable, ephemeral, garrulous, meticulous, nebulous, sagacious, specious, redundant, repudiate, viable. 13. Challenging Words: catharsis, dearth, guile, lethargy, affinity, affluence, dichotomy, enigma, banal, clandestine. 14. Challenging Words: alienation, collateral, deleterious, felicitous, hypothetical, immutable, aberration, impunity, gullible, trepidation. 15. Challenging Words: debacle, deprivation, epitome, fastidious, ubiquitous, garner, latent, ominous, pragmatic, placate. 16. Challenging Words: arduous, astute, blatant, covert, cull, decorum, enhance, deterrent, exonerate, inexorable. 17. Challenging Words: cogent, rationalize, sordid, eclectic, usurp, inundate, germane, perfunctory, acquiesce, nemesis. REVIEW TEST, CHAPTERS 11-17. Part II: ACADEMIC TERMS. Introduction. 18. Literary. 19. Oral Communication. 20. Psychology. 21. Sociology. 22. Social Science. 23. Business and Economics. REVIEW TEST, CHAPTERS 18-22. 24. Mathematics. 25. Biological Sciences. 26. Physical Sciences. 27. Criminal Justice. 28. Medical. REVIEW TEST, CHAPTERS 23-28. Appendix A. Appendix B. Index for Word Parts. Index for Challenging Words. Index for Academic Terms. Index for Bonus Words. Index for Mastering Confusing Words. Index for Idioms.

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