Buildings in Wood: The History and Traditions of Architecture's Oldest Building Material

Buildings in Wood: The History and Traditions of Architecture's Oldest Building Material

by Will Pryce


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From the very beginning of architecture-long before the invention of masonry-buildings were constructed of wood. With its unique qualities of form, color, and structure, wood is the most reliable building material at the core of architecture. This epic history is the first comprehensive survey of the use of wood in architecture throughout the ages.The book is organized both chronologically and geographically. It surveys works from the oldest heritage of wooden buildings (Kyoto's Buddhist temples and Scandinavia's pagan-inspired stave churches) to the latest cutting-edge designs, proving that wood is on the rise as the preferred material in these ecologically conscious times.No region of the world with a native tradition of building with wood is left out. In North America, the book demonstrates the European origins of New England's clapboards and saltboxes, and later shows how such sophisticated California architects as Greene & Greene or Bernard Maybeck could blend age-old traditions of the Far East and Switzerland with a Pacific Coast sense of novelty and whimsy. Spectacular and diverse photographs highlight the architectural masterpieces of wooden architecture throughout the world, illustrating that wood is a building material with a deep history as well as a vibrant future.

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ISBN-13: 9780847827466
Publisher: Rizzoli
Publication date: 11/08/2005
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 9.82(w) x 12.50(h) x 1.34(d)

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Will Pryce is an award-winning photographer who trained as an architect at Cambridge University and the Royal College of Art, London. His most recent book, in collaboration with James Campbell, is the hugely acclaimed Brick: A World History.

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