A Bull in a Glass House: A Former Marine's Manifesto on Surviving the Corporate Jungle and Taking Control of Your Life

A Bull in a Glass House: A Former Marine's Manifesto on Surviving the Corporate Jungle and Taking Control of Your Life

by Jose Astorga


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Learning to Lead: Uncover The Unspoken Reality

A Bull in a Glass House is a manifesto. A former Marine's view of the corporate world and how employees must step up to the challenge of navigating its potentially treacherous roads by embracing change and relationships. In 1986, after three years in the Marines and a short stint as an armed guard, this former Marine secured a job in a growing company. He came armed with only a high school education and no skills, other than being an Expert Marksman in the Marines. Over a period of 10 years, through hard work and sheer bullishness he scaled the corporate ladder into management. His 10 year tenure in management provided an in-your-face, practical view of the paradox between corporate level expectations and behavior and the human need to fill the most basic of desires- security, belonging and respect. Readers of A Bull in a Glass House are provided with the benefit of hindsight including actual situations and quotes, and proven tips for future survival and success. Armed with this knowledge, the reader unlocks her personal arsenal to conquer the pitfalls, land minds, and thorn bushes inherent in any company. Armed with this knowledge, the gap between working perception and employment reality is bridged. Armed with this knowledge, success becomes a temporary illusion until the reader reaches out, grabs it, and makes it real-makes it his own. A Bull in a Glass House is an intensely personal and passionate look at the inner workings of a corporation and how to succeed inside it from a former Marine who battled within its glass walls-and survived to write about it.

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ISBN-13: 9781432703875
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 05/18/2007
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.38(d)

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Michael LaRocca

"...a practical guide on how to live in that world, how to reframe that world, how to succeed in that world. No wasted words here...a quick read packed with insight..."--(Michael LaRocca, www.chinarice.org)

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Bull in a Glass House: A Former Marine's Manifesto on Surviving the Corporate Jungle and Taking Control of Your Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
lmt More than 1 year ago
I have captured a sort of a Humanitarian soul in reading your book.  Writing in a journal is something most people do, but taking your experiences and putting them in a book, so detailed for anyone to learn and benefit from,takes a certain individual.  I have come to admire Mr. Astorga,he took the challenge of losing a Job,career, whatever you want to call it, and Running with it.  Doing something about your bad experiences takes guts and courage and Putting it down on paper is an Art.  Your book will surely help anyone who intends to climb(or try and climb)the corporate latter in that mad world of Management..Of course, I do have'to mention to Mr. Astorga that as a female that I am, in the management world that I was, it is probably double the worries,trouble,and a very exasperating job, but that would be another book..Ha..Ha..Ha..Your sense of people is not something that you learn, but that you are born with, in my opinion.  There are allot of famous people, with allot of famous quotes, but I will say in my own quote to summons your book, "A PERSON WITHOUT A CARING HEART,HAS NO SOUL" . Thank you for putting your soul into the book, I will recommend it to everyone who is willing to go into management.

I am looking forward to reading your next book.

Indoubtly your Fan.
Ms. Maria Ricardo
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've read A Bull in the Glasshouse and have found the book to be very entertaining while at the same time being informative. I must admit that before I bought the book I had my misgivings about any worthwhile information this book could contain for me or even if it was worth reading at all. You see, Jose Astorga is my brother and I said to myself 'what am I going to read here that I already don't know?' Well, after a read the book I found out there's a lot more that I didn't know, not so much on a personal basis, but on approaching every day problems. The book is a guide, if I may call it that, on how to approach everyday's problems, especially those at the work place, in a rational, logical, and humane manner. I place emphasis here on the word 'humane'. It's a survival guide for those that work for the corporate world, but it could well apply to just about any organization of employment. This book says things that most of us feel when confronted with unpleasant situations at work, but are afraid to react properly to those unpleasant situations. We, instead, become pawns in an ugly game we turn into submissive tail-kissers. This book will show you how to properly confront those unpleasant situations 'the shallow minded, the arrogant, the `know it all¿, the incompetent manager, the slacker, etc.' so you can survive in the 'Corporate' world or any other world. This book is an act of love for anybody that reads it. --R. Astorga --IT Specialist -Florida