Bullies in the Workplace: Seeing and Stopping Adults Who Abuse Their Co-Workers and Employees

Bullies in the Workplace: Seeing and Stopping Adults Who Abuse Their Co-Workers and Employees

by Michele A. Paludi (Editor)


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A team of interdisciplinary experts provides an up-to-date review of current theories, empirical research, and management strategies that will help organizations address workplace bullying through both prevention and intervention.

Workplace bullying is a serious issue that can lead to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, absenteeism, sleep disturbances, and post-traumatic stress syndrome. This book has a simple goal: to help employers see bullying—and stop it. It does that by providing organizations with best practices, management strategies for bullying prevention, and protocols for investigating bullying complaints.

Part I of the book overviews workplace bullying, discussing incidence, psychological dimensions, and explanatory models. It looks at reasons bullies do what they do, at the difference between a tough boss and a bully, and at the cost of bullying for organizations. Equally important are the book's insights into the impact of bullying on employees. Everyday problems of employees targeted by bullies at work are illustrated, including the resulting psychological distress that can lead to suicide. Part II of the work focuses on prevention and coping and on legislation that protects employees, including Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Finally, to help both employers and employees, the book offers sample anti-bully policies and bully awareness training programs, and also lists organizations concerned with workplace bullying.

• Takes a lifespan developmental approach to understanding workplace bullying

• Offers specific recommendations for preventing workplace bullying

• Shares and addresses real-life stories

• Provides sample policies and investigation formats

• Features chapters written by noted scholars, human resource professionals, psychologists, and attorneys

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ISBN-13: 9781440832536
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/28/2015
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.40(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Michele A. Paludi, PhD, is an internationally recognized author and consultant in the areas of campus violence, workplace violence, bullying, sexual harassment, and diversity.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword Michele A. Paludi xi

Foreword Philip E. Poitier xv

Acknowledgments xix

Introduction Michele A. Paludi xxi

Part I Workplace Bullying: Personal Reflections, Definitions, And Impact On Individuals And Organizations

1 Toppling the Ivory Tower: Bullying in Higher Education: An Interview with the Researchers Martina L. Sharp-Grier Jennifer L. Martin 3

2 Workplace Bullying: Concerted Activity as a Viable Solution Jerry Carbo 9

3 Toward an Understanding of Bullying in the Workplace to Mitigate Deleterious Effects Wesley S. Parks Paula K. Lundberg-Love Aimee Stewart Ceselie McFarland Katherine Ann Scott 31

4 The Role of the Victim and the Perpetrator-Victim Relationship in Understanding Workplace Aggression Jennifer Bozeman M. Sandy Hershcovis 63

Part II Bullying Across Occupations And Organizations

5 Prime Targets: Identity Markers as the Secret Rationale for the Preponderance of Bullying in Academe Jennifer L. Martin Martina L. Sharp-Grier Kathleen Piker-King 87

6 Bullying in Health Care: A Hazard for Caregivers and Patients Susan Strauss 109

7 Service with a Smile Meets Customer with a Snarl: Implications for Worker Well-Being Lisa A. Marchiondo Lilia M. Cortina Harry S. Shannon Ted Haines Sybil Geldart Lauren Griffith 149

Part III Bullying And Organizational Change

8 Individual, Interpersonal, and Organizational Outcomes of Workplace Bullying Ashley A. Membere Afra S. Ahmad Amanda J. Anderson Alex P. Lindsey Isaac E. Sabat Eden B. King 175

9 Ally Training Kathleen Gargan Christa Grant 193

10 How A College/University Campus Can Inform Students, Faculty, and Staff about Bullying: One Student's Perspective Lucas Lavera 197

11 Workplace Bullying: Campus Public Safety Role and Responsibility Ronald Matos 199

Part IV Bullying Across The Life Cycle: Schoolyard Bullies Become Workplace Bullies

12 Microaggressions: A Root of Bullying, Violence, and Victimization toward Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth Kevin L. Nadal Katie E. Griffin 205

13 Bullying in Middle School: What Does It Look Like, Why Does It Happen, and Who Does It Hurt? Christine M. Wienke Totura Carol MacKinnon-Lewis 223

Appendix: Resources on Workplace Bullying and a Sample Bullying Policy Michele A. Paludi 245

About the Editor and Contributors 251

Index 263

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