Bumblepuppy Days

Bumblepuppy Days

by Julian Laderman


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The origins of the game of bridge have been shrouded in mystery... but no longer. Tracing the development of the game and the fascinating characters who played it from whist through to auction bridge and eventually contract, the author reveals the missing link, and demonstrates how the world's most popular card game came into being.

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ISBN-13: 9781771400039
Publisher: Master Point Press
Publication date: 07/15/2014
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x (h) x (d)

About the Author

Julian Laderman (New York) is a mathematics professor when he is not playing bridge or writing about the game. His two previous books (A Bridge to Simple Squeezes and A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play) are both ABTA Book of the Year Award winners.

Table of Contents

Introduction 13

The Four Generations of Whist/Bridge 13

Presentation 15

Part I Forces for Change 19

Chapter 1 Gambling, Ethical Play, and Fairness 21

Deciding on the 'Appropriate' Level of Gambling 21

Features of Great Gambling Games 25

Ethical Play and Cheating 27

A Sense of Fairness 28

Chapter 2 The Evolution of Games, Sports, and Contests 33

Arbitrary Rules and Scoring 33

Balancing Skill and Chance (Luck) 34

Enjoyment and Entertainment: for Whom? 36

Simple Versions 38

Unnatural Numbers of Players, Breaking Ties, and Unfinished Games 40

Evolution Driven by Fashion and by Ruling Organizations 41

Part II Whist 45

Chapter 3 The Rules and Strategy of Whist 47

Basic Strategy 48

Terminology 51

Chapter 4 The Kings of Whist: Hoyle and Cavendish 54

Evolution During the Whisk/Whist Period 57

Games Leading to Whist 62

Chapter 5 Whist - the Golden Years 63

Hoyle is King (1743-1863) 63

Cavendish is King (1864-1898) 77

Entertaining Whist Writing 84

Newspaper and Magazine Articles 87

Chapter 6 The Whist Family and the Birth of Duplicate 88

Dummy, Le Mort (Mort), and Double Dummy 88

Boston, Solo Whist, Cayenne, Preference, and Yeralash 90

Duplicate Whist 95

Chapter 7 Toys and Apparatus 103

Cards 103

Trump Indicators 106

Counters/Markers for Scoring 107

Duplicate Trays 108

Trophies and Trinkets 110

Chapter 8 The World of Whist 111

The Club Scene 114

Bumblepuppy Days 118

The American Whist League and the Whist Journal 120

Women Become Competitive 123

Whist Travels the Globe 127

The Good and the Bad 128

Part III Bridge Whist 131

Chapter 9 Rules (Laws) and Strategy 133

Method of Play 133

Scoring 133

Basic Strategy 135

Terminology 137

Hand Evaluation Methods and Hesitations 138

Chapter 10 The First Kings of Bridge" Elwell and Foster 141

Evolution During the Bridge Whist Period Games Leading to Bridge Whist 149

A Missing Brother, Swedish Whist 150

Where and How the Name 'Bridge' Originated 153

Books, Magazines, and Newspapers 155

Chapter 11 Versions of Bridge Whist 159

Duplicate and Progressive Bridge Whist 159

Three-handed Bridge (Cut-throat Bridge) 161

Two-handed Bridge (Double Dummy) 162

Prenatal Auction Bridge 164

Chapter 12 The World of Bridge Whist 165

Whist Players Attack Their Offspring 165

Bumblepuppies Rush to the Bridge Table 168

Bridge in the Whist Clubs 172

King Cavendish Surrenders 174

Gambling, Cheating, and Debauchery 175

Women Bridge Players, Authors, Teachers, Gamblers, and Entrepreneurs 177

Why We Do the Things We Do 181

Bridge Toys and Apparatus 182

The Good and the Bad 184

Part IV Auction Bridge 187

Chapter 13 Rules (Laws) and Strategy of Auction 189

Method of Play 189

Scoring 190

Basic Strategy 191

Terminology 192

Duplicate, Progressive Pair Duplicate, and Progressive 193

Chapter 14 Evolution During the Auction Bridge Period 195

One King and Two Jacks: Work, Whitehead, and Lenz 195

Books, Newspapers, Magazines, and Radio 196

Total Chaos 199

Bridge Whist Players' Reaction to Auction 202

Conflicting Philosophies of Foster and Work 204

The Good and the Bad 207

Part V Early Contract Bridge 209

Chapter 15 Finally, Contract Surfaces 211

SACC, Plafond, and Contract without Vanderbilt's Influence 213

Vanderbilt's Cruise 217

Implementations Influenced by Vanderbilt 220

Auction Players' Reaction to Contract 223

Chapter 16 Contract Bridge Reaches Maturity 226

Strange Experiments, Strange Words, and the Wandering Notrump 226

Britain, France, and America Unite with 1932, 1935, and 1948 Laws 228

Two Kings: Culbertson and Goren 230

The Duplicate Game 235

Alphabet Soup: AWL, WWL, AABL, ABL, USBA, NBA, and ABA 236

ACBL and Masterpoints (No-dust Trophies) 238

The Bridge World, ABL Bulletin, and ACBL Bulletin 241

Bridge Popularity and the Survival of Whist 242

Afterword: Bridge Evolution and Durability 245

Appendices 249

Appendix 1 The Mathematics of Whist 250

Appendix 2 Clay's Famous 1864 Vienna Coup 254

Appendix 3 The Biritch or Russian Whist Publication 256

Appendix 4 Suggested Readings on the History of Bridge 259

Index of Names and Games 261

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