Bumbling Bea

Bumbling Bea


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Beatrice thinks she has no acting talent but that doesn't stop her from auditioning for the annual middle school play. Easy! Except Michiko, a new girl from Japan, shows up and ruins everything! So begins Beatrice's diabolical and hilarious plan to scare away Michiko. But Michiko has goals of her own with no plans to leave soon. Then there's that other girl who is such a blabbermouth. What's a girl to do? Plenty.

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ISBN-13: 9781500390358
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/23/2014
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Deborah's grandparents were missionaries in Japan in the 1930's where her mother was raised. Consequently, Deborah's mother surrounded her with people of many cultures just as she had grown up. When Deborah was sixteen years old, she visited Japan and attributes the attendance to a Kabuki theatre play as the springboard for the story of Bumbling Bea. She has won awards as an author and drama teacher. In addition, she has directed over 250 full length productions with adults and children alike. She created countless drama classes and taught for over thirty-eight years. In her spare time she enjoys reading, seeing movies, traveling and serves as hand maiden to her two quirky cats. Check out her blog at Dramamommaspeaks.com or her website at DeborahBaldwin.net. You can email her at dhcbaldwin@gmail.com.

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Bumbling Bea 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Shelly_ADR More than 1 year ago
Maybe we all have a Bumbling Bea inside us... Bumbling Bea is a fantastic story full of humor and important life lessons regarding friendship and the struggles that go along with finding your way through junior high, and through life. Bea is very well written with characters you can't help but fall in love with, most notably the title character herself. I know it's a book for kids, but I thoroughly enjoyed Bumbling Bea. Perhaps it's because I saw a bit of my young diva self in Beatrice. I'm looking forward to hopefully more adventures from Bea and her friends.
birdladyvm More than 1 year ago
STORY LINE BUMBLING BEA: In Bumbling Bea, author Deborah Baldwin creates an enjoyable look into growing up. Beatrice has one more chance to play the lead in the school play before she leaves middle school. After all, playing the lead will ensure she will be in with popular girls. She has planned all year towards this goal, she and her alter ego Bumbling Bea. However, things do not go as planned. A new girl has enrolled from Japan. Michiko talented, opinionated, and pretty, gets the lead roll. Beatrice and alter ego Bea refuse to be denied and devise plans to get rid of Michiko. Let the games begin. Hilarity, missteps, and bungling follow as Bea and Michiko come to terms. My children's contemporary novel review follows. CHARACTERS, PLOTTING, AND DEVELOPMENT: To begin with, I must tell you how much I enjoyed this book. Although classified as a children/preteen book, I found as a mature senior I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Filled with laughter, missteps, and trials of the young trying to grow up, I laughed out loud at Bea's antics. As I read, I found myself remembering my preteen years and the emotions that ran riot. Author Deborah Baldwin captured the pain and confusion of transitioning from a child to preteen and the situations the immature mind can create. Baldwin's pacing of the story was inline with the length of the story. The pace did not lag or bog down, but was steady and smooth. Furthermore, I found the plotting skillful as Ms. Baldwin brought all the threads together to create a solid book. Lastly, in concluding my contemporary children's novel review, I found the book well written with well-developed main characters and secondary characters which added to the tension and story-line. BUMBLING BEA RECOMMENDATION: STARS 4 In addition, I gave Bumbling Bea 4 well-deserved stars. Subsequently, I found Bumbling Bea suitable for children and preteens as well as adults. As a senior I enjoyed this funny look back at the preteen years.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An attention grabber and curiosity sustainer, it doesn't take long for the reader of Bumbling Bea to be intrigued by the life of Beatrice and impacted by it! Bumbling Bea doesn't just make you laugh, it is transformative! - Not every incident we encounter throughout life is full of joy, and Bumbling Bea helps adolescents especially learn how to balance their emotions while handling situations that might not be ideal. The presence of theatre in these pages adds an original and authentic perspective into both the joys of youth theatre and struggles of our personal emotions. In the midst of laughter, Bea's actions invite the reader to have honest conversations about ones treatment of others through self reflection. This intricate emotional dynamic creates a life altering self-evaluation. - Bea must continue to speak because her voice encourages her readers towards growth and authenticity through the acknowledgment of ones whole self! I look forward to seeing what more will come from Bea in the future!
MelTrierweiler More than 1 year ago
Bumbling Bea was a really fun, relatable account about kids in middle school and junior high and how they handle situations, especially when things don't go exactly according to plan! I always say that being in the middle school/junior high age range is one of the hardest ages to be, this was a great depiction of what a girl at this age values, but it also handles how to deal with disappointment and overcoming obstacles while making new friends. I love the role that theatre plays in this book, having joined the theatre community when I was around this age myself and knowing how being a part of that community can influence you. Also knowing how disappointing casting decisions can seem like the end of the world! I think this is a very good, enjoyable read for anyone in this age range and has good lessons to learn, especially about friendship and learning how to be yourself during a frustrating age. I think everyone can easily step into the shoes of Beatrice and find something to relate to! Highly recommend.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' Favorite Bumbling Bea is a story that will echo the experiences of many youngsters. Beatrice regrets that her parents live apart and she often blames her father. However, Beatrice attributes disasters, resulting mostly from activities aimed at being popular at school, to Bumbling Bea, her alter ego. Bumbling Bea ignores Beatrice’s own opinion that she has no talent for acting and goes ahead to audition for the leading role in the annual play. She reckons without Michiko, a Japanese girl new to the school, but Bumbling Bea conceives a diabolical plan to defeat the stranger. When Beatrice’s alter ego takes over, any skulduggery goes. Bumbling Bea by Deborah Baldwin cannot fail to become a favourite with pre-teen readers, and very likely teenagers too, because the mixture of pathos and humour is so realistic. Ms Baldwin establishes Beatrice’s character before the subject of playing Pocahontas arises. When it does, Beatrice finds that the play is a modern rewrite of the one she had used to rehearse, immersing herself in the part of Pocahontas. How can she do a good audition? Alter ego Bumbling Bea’s muddles and misguided remarks already had me laughing aloud; I couldn’t wait to find out how far she would go to stop her new Japanese classmate, Michiko, from stealing the limelight. There is a subtle message behind the fun and the brilliant descriptions of amateurs staging a performance of a well-known musical film. Bumbling Bea is a story about friendship, and why it matters more than popularity "bought" by attempting to be the best at everything.
BookPlusHeart More than 1 year ago
When Beatrice auditions for the yearly middle school play, she's sure that she'll get the part of Pocahontas-and an instant pass to the "popular" group. But then Michiko, an exchange student from Japan, gets the part instead, and Beatrice is stuck with being the stage manager and Michiko's rehearsal partner. At the same time, she has to deal with the absence of her dad at home and her annoying, rude alternate personality that she's nicknamed Bumbling Bea. So she concocts a humorous and far-fetched plot to prevent Michiko from becoming the star of the show and put herself in the spotlight. Can Beatrice learn to control Bumbling Bea and be successful at acting-and friendship? Beatrice, like all of us, has her pros and cons. She's got even more on her mind than a typical pre-teen, and anyone who has done theater will understand her problems in the "show business." Many who have been outperformed in an audition will feel a twinge of jealousy toward the person who has earned the part... Review Written by Syd Jack Full Review is available at http://bookplusheart.weebly.com/kids-lit/bumbling-bea-by-deborah-baldwin