Bunster Hovendon: Brewers & Skippers

Bunster Hovendon: Brewers & Skippers

by Rosemary Rope
Bunster Hovendon: Brewers & Skippers

Bunster Hovendon: Brewers & Skippers

by Rosemary Rope


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Thomas Hovendon spent his early years in shipping in Australia where he skippered boats and skipped out on debts that would have been worth millions today. His final activities in shipping were described, by the Chief Justice of NSW Sir Alfred Stephen, as the "machinations of a very wily person". He earned the unenviable nickname of "Bolter" Hovendon. Thomas fled to Tahiti and he reappeared about 30 years later in the real estate business in California. In America he became a very astute businessman who was often brewing up schemes to make more money.

The brothers, Arthur and Henry Bunster, were involved with many legitimate business investments when they were together in Wisconsin. They parted ways after a few years. Henry Bunster went to New York and became involved with shady people whilst he was running a liquor business and delving into various other ventures. Arthur Bunster went to Canada where he developed his expertise in brewing and selling liquor and running a mill. Whilst maintaining his brewing business, he became a politician to help his new countrymen. He was a member of Canada's Parliament for 8 years, where he earned a reputation for his straight-talking ways. When Arthur retired from politics and went to California, he went into the real estate business with his brother, Thomas Hovendon.

This detailed biography explores why these brothers were famous in their time, and it unveils many hidden facts. These men were full of wit, guile, passion, and sheer brilliance. They were adventurers, opportunists and strong hearted pioneers. They travelled the world and left much in their wake. Their characters were such that their public performances aroused cheers and laughter, but there were also many private sufferings. They were innovators, which led to great losses and great triumphs. We follow them from shipwrecks to court rooms, from brewing to politics and from banking to grifting. The life experiences of this family were extraordinary. Arthur is remembered for the slightest misdeeds but he did so much more, and Thomas and Henry's names have been completely forgotten, until now.

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ISBN-13: 9780645142501
Publisher: Rosemary Rope
Publication date: 05/30/2021
Pages: 462
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

Rosemary was born in Sydney, Australia where she still lives with her family. She spent her working life as an Accountant with a keen interest in genealogy. It was whilst trying to uncover her own family history that she found her connection to Anthony Rope and Elizabeth Pulley, two First Fleet convicts. They are her Greatx4 Grandparents. That spurred the desire to explore more about not only who was in her extensive family, but also how they lived. That search has now been going on for about 25 years. Along the way she has discovered many interesting characters and a great deal about clothing styles from the convict period.

Rosemary has been privately publishing some of her research in the newsletters of the Rope Pulley Family Heritage Association. She has been involved with this group of convict descendants since the 1990s, and has been the Chairman since 2010. She has also given presentations of her convict clothing research to various interest groups in NSW.

Apart from the convicts, Rosemary also descends from Irish and English free settlers to Australia. Some of the most fascinating characters come from that side of her family. Her first book to be offered to the public is Bunster Hovendon, and it is the biography of two men who are part of her Irish ancestral family.
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