Bureaucracy and Public Choice

Bureaucracy and Public Choice


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Bureaucracy and Public Choice by Jan-Erik Lane

Bureaucracy and Public Choice gives a theoretical and empirical appraisal of modern bureaucracy. It argues that bureaucracies and bureaucrats are indispensable in the making and implementation of public choice.

Explanations of bureaucracy range from the Weberian model - with bureaucracy maximising rationality - to the interpretation of the 'garbage-can' scholars - presenting bureaucracy as organized chaos. The book first considers approaches to understanding bureaucratic behaviour in organizational sociology, economics, and decision-making theory.

The concepts of bureaucratic efficiency and accountability are discussed at length. The political culture of a country is shown to influence the relationship between bureaucrats, politicians and the electorate, affecting both their efficiency and accountability.

The status of bureaucracies is shown to depend on whether they deliver the goods according to normative criteria. The book makes these criteria explicit and assesses the extent to which bureaucracies are capable of meeting them.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780803980686
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 12/28/1987
Series: Sage Modern Politics Ser. , #15
Pages: 320

Table of Contents

Preface - Jan-Erik Lane
Introduction - Jan-Erik Lane
Concept of Bureaucracy
Economic Theory of Bureaucracy and Public Good Allocation - Gert de Bruin
Bureaucratic Decision-Making and the Growth of Public Expenditures - Rune Sorensen
Ill-Structured Problems, Informal Mechanisms and the Design of Public Organization - Donald Chisholm
Testing Theories - Andrew Dunsire
The Contribution of Bureaumetrics
British Administrative Trends and the Public Choice Revolution - Christopher Hood
Productivity Measurement in Bureaucratic Organizations - Richard Murray
Functional and Dysfunctional Bureaucracies - Krister Stahlberg
Giving Direction to Permanent Officials - Richard Rose
Signals from the Electorates, the Market and from Self//Expertise
Comparing Bureaucracies - Ed Page
Politicians and Bureaucrats in the Politics of Policymaking - Guy Peters
Cultural Theory of Responsibility - Aaron Wildavsky

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