Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

by Nadege Richards


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In a lost world divided between those known as the Hunters and Warriors, prisoners who have fallen prey to King Cyrus's decrees are forced into an arena to fight until death. The champion is granted mercy and the privilege to see another sunrise, but the fallen meet their fate in the bloodied sand. Seventeen year-old Echo Abbeny has always accepted her role as a Warrior and heiress to the Alwaenian throne. She wears the gowns and the crowns and knows the right words to say as a noblewoman, even though her heart longs to be out on the field, fighting among the brave. But she also knows the rules . . . and exactly how to break them.Just days before her wedding to a corrupt prince, something happens to her--something so frightening it's been kept a secret for thousands of years. A dark force beckons behind her eyes and power surges in her veins. She isn't normal, she isn't who she thought she was, and all her answers lead her to the last person she expected.A Hunter named Ayden Grey.

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ISBN-13: 9781979133517
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/28/2017
Series: Bleeding Heart Series , #1
Pages: 374
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Nadège Richards is the author of the Bleeding Heart Series and the Bionics Saga, and currently attends college for her BA in journalism. Her name is of French origin, though she's never been to France. She wrote her first novel about aliens and goats in the 8th grade and has had a passion for story-telling ever since. Her friends and family are her biggest inspiration, and the occasional cup of tea.

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Burning Bridges (The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, Vol.1) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Regina_Ryals More than 1 year ago
Burning Bridges is a great debut novel for Richards. Considering this is the author's first release, I felt she did an amazing job. She definitely has a talent for storytelling. This book is an intense read about forbidden love between a New Haven warrior princess (Echo) with an Old Haven Hunter (Ayden). Richards creates a vivid, rich dystopian world reminiscent of the Ancient Roman era. It is divided by class, New Haven and Old Haven. What I like about this book: 1. I am a big historical romance/fantasy/paranormal/dystopian fan, and I enjoyed the fact that Richards mixes a New World dystopian idea with romantic elements, dresses, kings, queens, peasants and etc. 2. The beginning drew me in. Placing the two main characters in a life or death situation where they will not only have to fight to the death, but fight each other really sets the stage. No one can argue that our society enjoys blood shed. The ancient Romans proved this with the Coliseum. The idea that our world could revert to watching humans being sacrificed for pure entertainment isn't impossible. 3. I really liked the names that Richards gave her characters. They were very original. 4. Most of all, this is a great example of what two people will do for love, a love so great it raises you above your prejudices. All in all, Burning Bridges was a great debut novel from a very promising author. I look forward to the sequel, and to any other works the author has planned.
Dre1133 More than 1 year ago
Burning Bridges by Nadege Richards Rating: 3 1/2 Stars Summary "It's do or die..." The year is 2065. In a world that has been divided amongst the Hunter race and the Warrior, prisoners who have fallen prey to King Cyrus' decrees are forced into the arena to fight until death. Winner is granted mercy and privilege to see another sunrise. Death unto the weak. In an attempt to get back at everyone who has ever shut her out, seventeen year-old Princess Echo becomes another victim in a race to freedom, to find out who she really is, and to put a world that has been swallowed by lies back together again. And then there’s Ayden. His very existence is forbidding, and with those otherworldly violet eyes . . . Echo is finding it hard to stay away from him. And he just may be everything she needs to bring her world, and her title to the throne, to a frightening end. In the first installment of The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, life becomes a dangerous game of kill or be killed, love or let go. When death threatens the forbidden love of an unlikely couple and they are forced to do the unthinkable, to what extent will they go to be together? My Thoughts: I came across this author on Facebook. Right off the covers caught my eye. Then I read the blurb. So I took a chance and bought the first book in the series. The book started off with an intense fighting scene and instantly had me intrigued. The story had is slow moments, but had a pretty good flow to it. I loved the characters in the book. Echo was such an easy to relate to character. We have all known the way it feels to be an outsider, to feel like no one understands us, or that no matter how hard we try to be heard no one really truly hears us. She is a strong woman which I admire. She fights to the end for what she believes in. You can't really as more of a heroine in a book. Then we have Ayden. When we first meet him he seems like an unlikeable person. He has a hard shell that is not easily broken. He has a hard life and is doing anything and everything he can to protect and provide for his family under dire circumstances. When their paths cross they both find solace in each other. Will that bring them happiness and freedom or imprisonment and death? Overall a good read for the first book in the series. I am interested to see how the next book will go.
KjReadsnRambles More than 1 year ago
 I was so pulled into this story, I loved it from the beginning. Echo is my kind of girl for sure, and oh my Ayden is just hunky. Echo was fighting against everything her father and mother wanted to be, after all you know in your heart if you aren’t meant to rule right? Ayden I saw as an anti-hero, and a rebel, always good things for a hot guy. I thought the two of them together were magic always, they brought out each other’s souls.  I recommend this book to everyone, it’s simply a very good book, the storyline holds your attention and it’s very easy to see everything happening in your mind. I cannot wait to dive into the next book I so need to know what’s happening with everybody and how things are going. I love series like this, they make you eager to keep reading…always good for me!! I am thankful I found myself a new author to stalk!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was so different then any other I have read,I'm not sure if the setting was in the past or the future,and that's one of the things I liked.I love Echo she is strong,stubborn,sweet and wants more in life,and as for Ayden WOW what's not to love strong,hard working,beautiful eyes and loving he is the main supporter of his family but when he falls for Echo a girl he is forbidden to love because of the different class they come from.I absolutely loved this series Nadege Richards did such an amazing job of writing this book,this is my first experience with this author and won't be my last when I found the time to read I was so into the story it was hard to put down I had a couple of 4:00am bed times because of it.I can't even begin to tell you how amazing the story is and the best part I can't wait to pass it to my daughter's to read next.This book is even better then I can tell you I'm so bad at reviews I do try but it never seems to be right but if you are thinking about giving it a try please do I don't think you will regret it if.If I could I would have given it more star's and can't wait to find out what happens next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Two Havens, Two People! Two Worlds, Two Wars! Difference is Essential." I really liked this book. "From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet". Burning Bridges is the story of Echo and Ayden. Both in love but from different sides of the border. Echo is from New Haven. The daughter of the king and next in line to the throne. Ayden is from Old Haven. Oldest son of an ill mother and an alcoholic father. Their love is a forbidden one but they don't let that stop them. In the first chapter of this book you find Echo and Ayden both chained to the wall in her father's dungeon. Their crime? Merely, loving each other. Their sentence? A fight to the death! How could you not get swept up in a story like this? Burning Bridges is a wonderfully sad dystopian love story but it doesn't end there. The author keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time with plot twists and surprises. I found myself reading well past my bedtime just to see what would happen next. Also, I really liked the alternating POVs. I thought it was refreshing to know what each character was thinking and feeling throughout the book. Great job by Nadege Richards. I would definitely recommend Burning Bridges!
JessicaTX More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars "This is love. This is your life, Echo. Own it. Start over. Fight." Echo is born into privilege and is the country's future queen. She is sarcastic and funny and wants to be a warrior but her place in the kingdom is strictly queen. All she wishes to be is free.  Ayden is from the other side of the tracks. He is poor and works multiple jobs just to make ends meet for his family. Life has always been hard on him and to make matters worse, his mother is ill and his father is a drunk.  "There is only so much time I have on this world; I do not want to spend it alone if I can spend it happily with you." This is a story about forbidden love; very much like Romeo and Juliet. Destined to be together but both from different worlds.  I thought the story started off very strong. I loved how it opened up to us as an audience. It had me intrigued and quite excited. I adore forbidden romances, they're deliciously fun!  For awhile the story dragged and I felt as if nothing was happening. Or some things would happen so fast that it felt unrealistic. The romance between Ayden and Echo for instance. I am all for insta-love. But I felt that in Burning Bridges, the main characters didn't have the time to fall in love the way they did. It didn't feel genuine. Which is weird because in chapter one, the opening scene, their love was what hooked me. I guess I would have liked to have more of a build up to the relationship. More forbidden. But everyone knew about them.  Aside from that, I did very much enjoy the book. Echo is a strong willed and "doesn't take no crap from nobody" kind of girl. At times she could be very whiny and annoying. But I think it's just her being an immature teenager.  "If I could, I would knock down every border that dared stand in my way of getting to you everyday." I think Ayden is positively dreamy. His loyalty and love for his family is what makes him such a great guy. And his eyes. His eyes which are violet! Ah I love it!  Burning Bridges is an action packed book filled with forbidden romance, betrayal, and some twists that will drop your jaw.  I can't wait to read the next one and to see what kind of journey is in store for Ayden and Echo.  *revew copy given to me by author for honest review*
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
A fantastic debut novel. I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. This is the first book in a new series by a debut author. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I loved it! Echo is a wonderful character. She is very headstrong and wilful. At seventeen years old, she is being forced into marriage by her tyrannical father, the King. Her rebelliousness is understandable, but she is restless and resentful. I loved how this character grew as the story progressed. She matured in front of my eyes. Her newfound maturity however, comes at a cost. She has to fight for her freedom. Ayden is also a wonderful character. He has had to carry the burden of looking after his sick mother, his drunk father and his younger brother and sister. I would very much like to meet him, as I think we could be very good friends. He is also from the "wrong side of the wall". He has to work in the castle at New Haven to support his family. There he meets Echo, and sparks soon fly! I started reading this story and thought "Oh, no! Not another Hunger Games wannabe!". However, this soon changed into "Wow! This is fantastic!", as it is only slightly Hunger Games-ish. This is a love story that is completely unique. I was completely thrown by the mix of old fashioned and modern items. There are no cars or aeroplanes, but there is electricity and horses. Dresses with corsets and makeup and nail polish mixing with swords, bows and arrows and knives. This juxtaposition had me wondering if it was either set in a fantasy land, another dimension or after an apocalyptic event. In any case, this made for a startling twist into a love story that is told by both Echo's and Ayden's points of view. I grew to love both Echo and Ayden as they both struggled to be together. Their journey may be fraught with danger and excitement, but I was with them every step of the way. I loved reading this tale and am looking forward to reading the next installment of this trilogy. Nadege Richards has written an amazing tale of love in a dystopian world that has completely won me over. To say that this was written by a debut author, I was completely blown away by the intricate details and descriptions used. I highly recommend this book if you love romance or dystopian fiction. - Lynn Worton
beanieboo78 More than 1 year ago
So I received a copy of this book from the Author, Nadège Richards, in exchange for an honest review and this is what you'll get. So where to begin? I initially marked this book as to be read simply because of the stunning cover.. I promise i don't usually judge books by the cover but this one screamed at me to be read. So when i was given the chance to read it I jumped. Literally. From the very first line this book had my attention "I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, I was going to die tonight" how can you not be hooked after an opening line like that.  One of the things i liked about the telling of this tale is how the book begins in the present day with Echo and Ayden pitted against each other in the arena, then jumping back 5 weeks to when they first met. coming full circle the arena and beyond. I will admit that when I started to near the end of the book I was dreading it.. I didn't want either of them to be responsible for the death of the other. If you are looking for a good read with immensely likeable characters then this is the book for you. The only problem I had with the book was the use of the wrong homophones in a few places: waste instead of waist, hear instead of here.. there where a few more but not enough to spoil the overall enjoyment of the story.  I definitely cant wait til the 2nd instalment in the trilogy  Deceiving Destiny is released in December. Edited to add.. i loved this book so much that although i already an ebook copy i purchased a paperback copy.
thewriterben More than 1 year ago
Do yourself a favor and read Burning Bridges by Nadege Richards! As the first book of the Bleeding Hearts trilogy, it’s a must-read for fans of fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure or, romance (Even better if you are a fan of all those genres!). Set in Alwaenia, Burning Bridges stars Echo Abbeny, a princess who feels out of place despite growing up wrapped in luxury, and the rogue-like Ayden Grey, a poverty-stricken young man that works tirelessly to pay off his alcoholic father’s debts while struggling to support his ill mother and young siblings. Echo and Ayden are from vastly different worlds, and after fate brings them together, it doesn’t take long for a relationship to blossom. With their love strictly forbidden, they realize early on that they can only be together if the tyranny held Echo’s father ends, burning bridges along the way. They are star-crossed lovers, who share not only the same pain and sorrows, but also an unbreakable love that no wall could separate. Alwaenia is a fascinating land that at first seems medieval, yet when items and lore familiar to our era appear, the nation’s origin becomes even more unclear. Furthermore, the question of what lies beyond the walls that border the nation provide even more mystery that’s waiting to be revealed. Richards weaves a fascinating tale, that’s genuinely hard to quit reading. Burning Bridges is a spectacular read that will likely leave you hungry for more with its smooth flow and refreshing concepts. Richards paints perspective masterfully, telling a robust story by utilizing the point of view from both Echo and Ayden. My only real complaint is a few unexplained plot points; though all are minor details that don’t detract from the story or make the plot hard to follow, and everything I noticed can be (and is likely intended to be) explained in books two and three. Overall, I enjoyed Burning Bridges very much; Nadege Richards not only did brilliantly breathed life into the characters, but also remarkably built the world they live in. She did a stellar job making her vision come to life that includes everything I love seeing in a debut novel by an up-and-coming author! ~Benjamin J. Snider
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago