Burning Embers

Burning Embers

by Hannah Fielding


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After calling off her wedding, Coral Sinclair, a beautiful but naïve young photographer, learns that she has also lost her father. Leaving the life she's known in England, she sails to Kenya to take ownership of her inheritance - Mpingo, the plantation that was her childhood home.

On the voyage, Coral meets a charismatic stranger and their mystifying attraction shakes her to the core. When she encounters him again days later near Mpingo, she is warned that the man is not to be trusted. Rafe de Monfort, owner of a nightclub and the neighbouring plantation, is not only a notorious womanizer but also entangled with Coral's stepmother, which may have contributed to her father's death - or so the rumours go.

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ISBN-13: 9781785381676
Publisher: Andrews UK LTD.
Publication date: 04/15/2015
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.65(d)

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Burning Embers 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
This novel is quite eloquently written.  Fielding employs brilliant descriptions to bring her world to life.  She paints a lovely picture of Africa, without mincing words or making anything superficial.  She grazes on the nitty gritty as well as the sublime.  As a reader you become fully immersed in the culture and superstitions surrounding the estate, as well as the region as a whole.  The novel is also solidly set in the time period in question.  The author never flits from time period to time period, not even with a slip in dialect or slang.   Fielding has some very well developed characters that bring this novel to life.  Although very stuck in their ways they are quite true to what they believe.  I love how the male lead is simultaneously strong and weak.  He epitomizes the time period of this novel, without becoming a cliché.  It’s actually the perfect balance.  The female lead is unique in a very different way.  The supporting cast is also quite well developed, ensuring a well-rounded and full bodied story that revolves around people and their interaction rather than where they are.   Overall, this story is vividly raw and real.  Fielding brings to light many less than savoury issues in a very tactful way while  Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.
arlenadean More than 1 year ago
By: Hannah Fielding Published By: Omnific Publishing Age Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4 Review: "Burning Embers" by Hannah Fielding good contemporary, historical romance read that was set in Africa in the 1970's. I did like how the author was able to bring the area of Kenya to life with all of the descriptions...making it seem as though you were actually there. This was a good adventure of Coral and Rafe in Kenya with these characters being so well developed and even colorful. Be ready for many twist and turns that will only keep you turning the pages till the end giving you a good undercurrent of a mystery along with a good romance. This is the part that I say you must pick up "Burning Embers" to see how this hero's past will be revealed and also seeing the heroine maturing somewhat. Be ready for a predictable read that is somewhat slow but still in the end a good read of 'love, loss, jealous, heartbreak and angst.' This read is for anyone who loves to read historical romantic novels especially in this area setting in Africa. Would I recommend? YES!
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by: Maria Book provided by: Author Review originally posted at Romancing the Book This is a classic romance in the tradition of many of the classic romances I read in my younger days. Yet in many ways, it is unique. The writer has a compulsive voice and she is one of those writers who draws you in so that you forget you are reading. I suppose spellbinding is the word I’m looking for. The writer casts a spell on the reader in her vivid descriptions of Kenya and her captivating use of language. It is contemporary because I remember the time in which it is set – around 1970. Yet it is historical as it is a few years back in time. Set in Kenya, a newly independent nation back then, it doesn’t shy away from giving social history about the plight of the expat European community – those people who had led a privileged lifestyle under colonial rule and now had to decide to be a part of the new Kenya, or leave forever. I found it fascinating. Coral and Rafe’s love story is has an interesting twist – he’s a man of the world with a dark past, some ten year elder to Coral. She is twenty five, fresh, young and virginal. Back in the day, it was common, especially at the onset of the so called ‘black moment’ in a romance when it looked like all was lost, for the hero to leave the heroine if he found out she wasn’t a virgin. Then, he’d somehow relent and come back, realizing that true love was the most important thing. Nowadays, the hero is far more likely to leave the heroine if she is a virgin and yes, something like this seems to be happening here too. It’s like Rafe thinks Coral is too good for him. He’s got the past all right and has had many lovers. Coral discovers that one of them is none other than her late father’s widow, her stepmother. Another is an exotic middle eastern dancer. The stepmother is a classic maneating type but the dancer is a rather sad character. Beautiful, yes and protective of her relationship with the hero. However, on realizing that Rafe needs a companion with whom he can share his life rather than a sort of eastern concubine who can take him to heaven and back, the dancer rather sadly recedes from the story. I felt rather sad – it’s the old colonial attitude really. These foreign women are good enough to bed but you can’t beat a homegrown rose, that type of attitude. I think, in fairness, that this is not what the author was getting at. Once the dancer admits her defeat, she and Coral remain on friendly terms. I have to admit that in most ways, the novel was a perfect love story. The interaction between Rafe and Coral, their dialogue, their shared experiences make beautiful reading. My only complaint was that as a hero, supposedly a rather dark type, Rafe was just too nice. It may be that other readers may not find it so, but that’s what I thought. There’s a wedding in the story, which is an intrinsic part of it and I couldn’t understand how the bride could wear a traditional English wedding dress in the supposedly sweltering heat of Africa and head off for a honeymoon in a cabin by the beach without changing out of the dress. All I could think of was how could she possibly change out of the dress comfortably once she reached the honeymoon destination without the help of her bridesmaids and who the heck was going to hang up the family heirloom dress and jewellery properly? The dress obviously hadn’t been passed down several generations to be ruined by a bride in Kenya who didn’t know the old country’s traditions. I know many of the British in the old days found ‘colonial subjects’ as they called them, rather strange. I’m not surprised if this is how they were handling their family heirlooms. Hadn’t they heard of ‘going away outfits’? That would be the dress the bride changes into before escaping from the wedding venue and it’s usually smart and simple. Oh well, that’s me, picking up on absurd details like I do. I’d conclude by saying that Hannah Fielding is an accomplished author who knows her craft – for a debut novel BURNING EMBERS is first class – beautifully written with an intriguing premise and interesting characters. I enjoyed it. Favorite Quote: Coral tried to recapture that clear morning in early April sixteen years ago when she had said farewell to the world she loved: to the sun, to Africa and to her father.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
An Engrossing Historical Romance Set In Breathtakingly Beautiful and Dangerous Kenya!!!!! The story opens with a depressed 25-year-old Coral Sinclair, a photographer by trade, on a boat headed to Kenya. She had 2 reasons for being down. Her father had recently died and while she had inherited the property where she had happily spent her 1st few years with her parents before they separated, she was saddened knowing that she would never see her father again. Also... She was supposed to be getting married but had recently discovered her fiance cheating on her and broken off their engagement. On the boat, she met and was surprisingly attracted to Rafe de Monfort, who she later finds out has a reputation as a womanizer and who also happens to own the property next to her inheritance, Mpingo. Once she arrives at MPingo, she finds she also must deal with a virile stepmother that she was unaware of, her estranged fiance, her former nanny who is deep into the occult and more... The book is primarily an historical romance... but there's also mystery and adventure by boat, car, plane & hot-air balloon (!!!!). The Kenya that the author describes is a breathtaking place but it is also teeming with danger... from the animals, the people, and the politics. A quote from the book that I especially loved was: "Let your thoughts travel to a faraway land... A place of your dreams where you long to be. Relax, let your soul fly away and climb to the clouds and you'll live as never before." Bottomline: I found Burning Embers to be an engrossing read and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good historical romance or who enjoys books set in exotic locales as I also do.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
Twenty-five year old Coral Sinclair has just lost her father.  She is heading to Kenya to claim her inheritance, the estate of Mpingo.  On the trip from England, she meets a handsome and secretive French stranger.  As she keeps running into him; at the beach; at the nightclub; her attraction to him keeps growing.  When Coral’s childhood nanny realizes what is happening Coral is warned to stay away from Rafe de Monfort.  Saying he is the devil, a womanizer, and a man who took advantage of Coral’s father. As Coral finds out more and more about Rafe’s reputation, she resigns herself to stay away him.  But when Rafe’s life is in danger she rushes to his side and makes peace with him, but can she accept him and move forward with a relationship? The exotic location of Kenya with the descriptions of African wilderness was so enchanting that I felt I was right there with Coral and Rafe as their love story developed.  The secrets of Rafe kept me turning page after page having to know what he was hiding.  Just when I felt I had a clue to what his secrets were someone would tell another tale and I would doubt myself.  Then there was the black magic of the African tribes adding to the ever growing plot.  Definitely kept me on my toes and thinking.  The romance between Rafe and Coral moved along perfectly.  Not too fast and not too slow.  I felt as if I really got to know both character.  I enjoyed watching Coral go from a young, innocent girl to a grown woman both in finding herself and her love and trust of Rafe.  Rafe was a perfect gentleman.  Trying to pull back from his feelings to keep Coral from getting tarnished.  This just endeared him even more to me, making me cheer on their relationship.  I was really wanting to see him redeemed in the eyes of those that passed judgment on him. Burning Embers is an excellent read.  If you’re looking for intrigue and romance this is the novel for you.  I highly recommend it. 
Jan_Romes More than 1 year ago
Well done, Hannah Fielding! What an incredible story :-)) You drew me in straight away with the setup on the ship! The adventure of Coral and Rafe started there and progressed to Kenya. Amazing setting descriptions that can only come from a true appreciation of that country. I loved your characters. They were easy to relate to yet they came in layers. And the only way I could discover the next layer was to keep reading. I felt the sizzle between Coral and Rafe early on and watched it grow into love, but along with the growing affection came a ton of conflict. And it just kept coming -- everything from secondary characters to gossip, mystery, doubt, mistrust, and more was thrown at Coral and Rafe to keep them apart. All of those things took the hero and heroine to the breaking point and all seemed lost. But the thing about true love, it doesn't give up. This book was expertly written to keep me wanting more. I would definitely read this author again!
ScotsLass More than 1 year ago
Hannah Fielding's first book Burning Embers takes you on an unforgettable journey to Africa in the 1970's. Her vivid descriptions of Africa and beautiful love story will take you away. The story is about a very immature and sheltered young woman, Coral Sinclair, who returns after many years to Africa following her father's death. There she meets Rafe de Monfort, a mysterious neighbor to whom she is attracted. They are drawn to each other but Rafe must face his personal demons and Coral must mature. The descriptions in this book are pictures painted with words. The love story sensual without being crude. The characters are well developed and the book totally enjoyable. If the sign of a good book is that it transports you to another place and time, then you are certain to enjoy this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wish it was a bit longer the end wrapped up quickly. But otgerwise a great love story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Have you ever wished of running away from everyday's life and leaping into the pages of a mesmerizing book, that will embrace you with romance, thrill you with suspense and carry you into a new world filled with exotic fragrances and vivid descriptions that will animate your imagination? Well, Burning Embers is all that and then some... I really loved Burning Embers and couldn't let go of it, which is amazing, because I'm not usually a great fan of romance novels. But thanks to the author's way of teleporting the reader to a distant place and time, depicting the sceneries with such pictorial colours, painting the heroes with such genuine emotions, that not only did I ideate the locale, connect with Coral and Rafe, but felt as if I was part of the plot. I give five stars to Hannah Fielding and Burning Embers. And I can't wait for the next book to come out. Hats off to Hannah Fielding on her first novel - and many more I hope.