Business at the Speed of Now: Fire Up Your People, Thrill Your Customers, and Crush Your Competitors

Business at the Speed of Now: Fire Up Your People, Thrill Your Customers, and Crush Your Competitors

by John M. Bernard

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A technology-enabled management philosophy to accelerate your organization

Business at the Speed of Now delivers a new real-time management philosophy and system to leaders looking for better results in today's constantly changing market. Companies that inspire and equip employees and expect them to seize opportunities and solve problems in the now will enjoy a distinct competitive advantage in a world where speed matters most. Get systematic advice on how to build an integrated and transparent management system, enabled by cloud computing and internal social networks. Use this comprehensive guide to create a NOW organization where everyone boldly pursues every opportunity every time.

The vast majority of businesses cling to a THEN management model and philosophy designed to prevent immediate action. In this practical handbook, you'll learn how to apply technology to the three essential types of work: Fundamentals (routine work that consumes 95 percent of all resources), Breakthroughs (initiatives that can change the game), and Problems (daily challenges and crises that occur in all organizations).

  • Provides a wealth of real-world examples, assessments, tools, guidelines, and checklists that enable readers to apply the concepts immediately
  • Offers practical tools for building accountability and transparency into every position, thereby eliminating the loose ends that so often cause business execution to stumble
  • Presents the groundbreaking insights of John Bernard, an expert on management theory and practice, the use of social media inside the organization, and the modern workforce, whose company, Mass Ingenuity, consults around the world and develops Web-based tools to support real-time management

Set your organization free from the old THEN management ways that no longer get the results you need. Adopt the new NOW management thinking and the state-of-the-art tools that will get your organization doing business at the speed of now.

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ISBN-13: 9781118175378
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/09/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

JOHN M. BERNARD is the founder and chairman of Mass Ingenuity, a company that consults and teaches around the world and develops Web-based tools to support real-time management. His consulting work involves high-tech, service, distribution, utilities, banking, insurance, manufacturing, health care, education, and government. John is an expert on the subjects of best-practice management, social media inside the organization, and the modern workforce. His expertise has been featured in the global business media and he is a top-rated speaker for The Conference Board.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction xvii

Chapter 1 Thriving in the Now: Prepare for Yes 1

Our Love of Speed 3

The Power of Yes 4

I Want My Yes Now! 7

Social Media, Cloud Computing and the Millennial Mind-Set 9

Mass-Customize Me, Please! 12

Enabling Your Organization’s YESability 14

The NOW Speedometer 17

Chapter 2 Making the Shift to Now: Put an End to Then 21

Shifting from Then to Now 22

That Was Then, This Is Now 25

The Seven Deadly Sins of Management 28

From Declining to Improving Results 29

The Right Tools in the Right Place at the Right Time 32

From Disengaged to Engaged 33

Chapter 3 Seizing the NOW Opportunity: Drive Growth with Yes 41

When You Operate in the Now 43

To Try or to Do, That Is the Question 48

The 9 Rules of Then, the 11 Rules of Now 50

Simon Says and Mother, May I? 52

Shifting Gears to the Now 54

Chapter 4 Leveraging the NOW Game Changers: Gain the Speed You Need 61

Satisfying the Hunger for Instant Information 62

A Cloud That Refreshes 66

The Power of Millennial Thinking 70

If You Can’t Beat ’Em, Join ’Em 74

Chapter 5 Working in the NOW Business: Create the Context for Speed 79

Thinking in the Now 80

Management Is a System 86

Mapping the Fundamentals 92

Laying the Foundation 92

Connecting Every Employee 96

Chapter 6 Working on the NOW Business: Achieve Critical Breakthroughs 99

The Source of Breakthroughs 100

Creating the Skill to Plan at All Levels 103

Performance Breakthroughs in Action 106

Breakthroughs in Capability 109

Sequencing, Coordinating, and Seeing 113

Chapter 7 Creating NOW Transparency: Close the Execution Gap 119

Getting the Transparency Train on Track 121

Initiating Transparency with Business Reviews 127

Preparing for Target Reviews 130

Real-Time Transparency and Corrective Action 132

Chapter 8 Solving Problems Now: Equip Everyone with the Core Skill 137

Creating the Charter 139

Step 1: Agree on the Problem 141

Step 2: Map the Process 143

Step 3: Find the Root Cause 145

Step 4: Develop Solutions 153

Step 5: Implement the Fix 154

Step 6: Hold the Gain 154

Step 7: Reflect and Learn 155

Chapter 9 Enabling the NOW Workforce: Banish Fear, Build Trust 159

People Want to Do the Right Thing 160

Fear Blocks Initiative 162

Building a Foundation for Trust 165

Helping People Cross the Divide 167

Shifting from Permit to Expect 171

Chapter 10 Becoming a NOW Leader: Stop Bossing, Start Teaching 175

From No to Yes 177

From Disconnection to Full Engagement 179

From Know-It-All to Fellow Learner 180

From Frozen Layer to Fear Defroster 182

From Commander to Inspirational Guide 184

Creating New, Observable Behaviors 186

Tell Me a Story 191

Chapter 11 Embracing Change Now: Accelerate the Shift 193

Working for the Social Good 196

Sharing a Vision of the Future 198

Engaging the Most Respected Change Leaders 201

Encouraging Personal Change 204

Reinforcing the Right Actions 207

The End of the Beginning 209

Conclusion Do It Now! 211

Guidelines for an Effective Plan 213

Appendix 215

The NOW Speedometer: Doing Business at the Speed of Now 215

About the Author 217

Index 219

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