Business Mathematics

Business Mathematics

by Esther Harris Highland, Roberta S. Rosenbaum



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ISBN-13: 9780835905930
Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date: 01/01/1985
Pages: 600

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter closes with New Terms, New Formulas and Computer Spreadsheet Exercises.)

 1. Essential Mathematics.

 2. Percents and Their Applications.

 3. Pricing a Product.

 4. Commercial Discounts.

 5. Accounting Topics: Depreciation and Valuation of Inventory.

 6. Accounting Topics: Partnership, Profits and Payroll.

 7. Borrowing Money: Interest.

 8. Borrowing Money: Bank Discounts.

 9. Consumer Credit.

10. Compound Interest.

11. Annuities.

12. Understanding Statistics.

13. Investing.

Appendix A: Review of Arithmetic.

Appendix B: The Metric System.

Appendix C: Tables.

Appendix D: Answers to Odd Numbered Problems.


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