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Busoni: Late Piano Music

Busoni: Late Piano Music

by Marc-André HamelinMarc-André Hamelin


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The late piano works of Ferruccio Busoni can be characterized as virtuoso music par excellence, and because of their contrapuntal complexity, harmonic density, and technical difficulty, these pieces can have no greater champion than Marc-André Hamelin, the virtuoso's virtuoso. This Hyperion set of three CDs presents music that is far from well-known, and its obscurity adds another layer of unnecessary mystery. However, Hamelin is just the artist to sweep that all aside and present these seldom played pieces with clarity, precision, and élan to make them truly impressive. Busoni's music transcends any fixed style and is more than pastiche, though much of his work shows the influence of J.S. Bach, whose music Busoni frequently adapted for the modern piano and found to be a constant source of inspiration. Additionally, Busoni was a leader in the development of pantonal music, which is often confused with atonality, and worked out various ideas he described in his book, The Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music. Hamelin is perhaps the best guide to the complicated world of Busoni, and thanks to his astonishing playing, this music communicates more directly and powerfully than many other attempts by other pianists. Hyperion's recording is clear and reasonably close to the piano, so virtually every note can be heard.

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Release Date: 11/12/2013
Label: Hyperion
UPC: 0034571179513
catalogNumber: 67951
Rank: 94388


  1. Prélude et Etude en Arpèges, for piano, KiV297
  2. Perpetuum Mobile, for piano, Op. 54, KiV 293
  3. Kurze Stück zur Pflege des polyphonen Spiels, etudes (5, 6 or 7) for piano (Klavier-Übung I), KiV 296
  4. Zehn Variationen über das Prelude von F. Chopin Op. 28/20 in C minor, K. 293 (Klavierübung II/1), Op. 22, KiV 213a
  5. Klavier- Übung, collection of etudes for piano in 10 volumes, KiV deest
  6. Notturni & Prologo, for piano in A minor, KiV 279
  7. Toccata: Preludio, Fantasia, Ciaccona, for piano, KiV 287
  8. Drei Albumblätter, for piano, KiV 289
  9. Indian Diary: First Book, for piano ("Four Studies on motives by American Indians"), KiV 267
  10. Indianisches Erntelied, for piano, KiV deest
  11. Sonatina sopra Carmen, for piano (No. 6), KiV 284
  12. Sonatina brevis in signo Joannis Sebastini Magni, for piano (No. 5), KiV 280
  13. Sonatina in diem nativitatis Christi MCMXVII, for piano (No. 4), KiV 274
  14. Sonatina ad usum infantis, for piano (No.3), KiV 268
  15. Sonatina seconda, for piano (No. 2), KiV 259
  16. Sonatina, for piano (No. 1), KiV 257
  17. An die Jugend, pieces (4) for piano, KiV 254: Giga, bolero e variazione
  18. Canonic Variations & Fugue from the "Musical Offering," transcription for piano (after J. S. Bach, BWV 1079), KiV B40
  19. Fantasia nach J. S. Bach, for piano, KiV 253
  20. Nuit de Noël, sketch (esquisse) for piano, KiV 251
  21. Elegien, suite of elegies (6) for piano, KiV 249

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