...But You Can'T Enslave My Thinking...

...But You Can'T Enslave My Thinking...

by Jaye Swift


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I am an African American male who has had to deal with the racism and prejudice in this country, so the history that we were deprived of as children is where my expertise lies. There are hundreds of facts and events that are very important to the enrichment and growth of the black nation. We've come very far without knowing our history; imagine, if we were grounded in our roots, how far we'd be.

You can handcuff my wrists, you can shackle my feet, you can bind me in your chains, you can throw me in your deepest darkest dungeon ... but you can't enslave my thinking, for it is free like the wind.

Jaye Swift has sold over 40,000 CDs on the streets by himself. His music is the epitome of hip hop, and his name has been recognized by some of the greatest in music. His credibility in music is flawless, and he has refused to record with mindless artists who have no substance or integrity. It is only to his credit that But You Can't Enslave My Thinking ... has been written with the same impeccable consistency and wisdom. It's designed to enlighten the minds of non-African Americans and enrich the lives of all African Americans.

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ISBN-13: 9781426932755
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 11/24/2010
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 0.41(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

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A Novel of African American Intellect
By Jaye Swift

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2010 Wyld Style publishing
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4269-3275-5

Chapter One

"What is a disaster pornography? Africans define it as Western media's habit of blacking out ... Africa's stock market, cell phones, heart surgeries, the soaring literacy, and increasing democratization, while ... Gleefully exhibiting, and parading its ... genocides, armed conflicts & children soldiers, foreign debts, hunger, disease and backwardness." Gbemisola Olujobi, Nigerian journalist

"One thing [African people] need is better PR ... If people in this country think of Africa as a place with kids and flies swarming around their heads ... then they won't understand that these people are you and you are them." Don Cheadle, actor

"If I didn't find a way to separate my feelings, I'd have been crying the entire month I was in Africa. I see myself in all these girls, their struggles, and hardships that just seems unbearable. I have nothing but respect for them. I can't understand how someone who's been there can't want to reach back and do something." Oprah Winfrey

"It's Africa's time; people holler out the [name] Africa like there's one place. Man, there's a thousand places. There's not just one Africa. I've never felt so positive about the future there, as I do now. We just have to help get it together." Quincy Jones

"By not averting these colossal human tragedies (such as in Rwanda, Somalia and Liberia) African leaders have failed the people of Africa, the international community, and the United Nations has failed them." KofiAnnan, former General Secretary of UN

"I love Africa. We go to Africa a lot. I take my children on vacation there all the time. We go to Johannesburg, Sun City, simulator rides, the movies, the record shops, candy shops, the bookstore, the wave pool. That's the part of Africa I want more people to see. The myth isn't true; [Africa] is lovely, and beautiful." Michael Jackson

"We need each other. African- Americans should have a special appreciation for the relationship between the U.S. and Africa. Nigeria supplies about 10% of your oil, but the need for each other is thicker than oil." Kenneth Kaunda, former President of Zambia

Why African-Americans are relevant in America Today ..?

We as African-Americans are in another one of our periods of occupation.

Ours is a history of occupations. Stretching back over the centuries, the Rothschild's, the Jackson's, the Lincolns, the Roosevelt's, J. Edgar Hoover, the stock market crash, the C.I.A. the F.B.I, for a short period of Time ... segregation, and now this time again, the Bush's ... Yet, the African-Americans remain....

The Blacks remain.... Why? ...

Because over the centuries we've learned how to survive conquest.

Sometimes by fighting back, but more often by adapting to the ways of the conqueror.

You say we are supine, "a race of slaves". Not so I say ... Never forget our pride!!! We are large in numbers ... and powerful enough to be dangerous to the conqueror.

Why do we remain? ... Why were we not decimated?

The answer is ... That each succeeding wave of conquerors, discovered that the enslaving of the African American, the burning, the pillaging, the raping, and the looting of Africa – all of this was only the first step in conquest. Someone had to re-build the country ... Someone was needed to till the fields, and bring in the harvest required to feed the conqueror. And Someone else was needed to serve as the buffer, to protect the conquered from the conqueror. This is what the "African-Americans" have done.

Over the centuries we developed certain skills, without selling ourselves to the victors. We've learned how to blunt their assault. We've learned how to lead without appearing to lead. We've learned when to move forward, and when to retreat. What you must understand is that for most conquerors ... "Conquest" is an end in itself ..., but for us ... for an "African-American" it's only the beginning. But now, at this stage, in the new millennium the twenty first century.

What do we do? ...


... But waiting does not mean we are doing nothing.

These structures around the city are less than 500 years old. The oppressed, (be they slaves, or natives) built these, and structures before these. Structures are perishable, buildings come down, and skyscrapers go up. High-rise apartment buildings, yet another structure. The wealthy insists on building them, and we cannot stop them.

They are the oppressors ...

But what we can do is ... make certain that "African American" laborers are employed to put up these buildings. "BLACK" masons, "BLACK" plumbers, "BLACK" electricians "African-Americans" feeding their African-American families, on high government wages.

Higher wages ever dreamt of in captivity.

Let them build their skyscrapers, and while they build them, we will continue to grow.

In what sense, you ask?

The answer is: That "African Americans" breed faster than they expect us to. Higher wages lead to larger "African-American" families.

In time we will be the majority – then we will vote their asses into the ocean ... Enter

"Barack Obama".


West African cultures believe that a person would ultimately join the company of his ancestors after death and would in turn be deified by his descendants.

The associated belief that each person carries within the soul, the souls of those preceded him.

And each person is a living part of a larger ancestral soul.

This belief system enables them not only to endure but also to rise above the suffering and indignity forced upon them.

Slavery ... where were we before ... where are we Now ...

I was reading historic literature on the system of "Royal Absolutism", where the king was in theory, and in fact an autocrat. Responsible to God alone. (Such as Louis XIV of France). He was the supreme and only lawgiver.

Louis XIV squandered the resources of this realm, in his passion for military conquests. He possessed the strongest generals, and army. That ... in 1667 he marched in, and laid claim to the rich Spanish Netherlands. The Dutch then formed an alliance with England, and Sweden, and forced Louis XIV to withdraw. He inturn invaded the Dutch provinces. So.. William of Orange, with the aid of his old enemies, the Spanish, and Austrian Hapsburgs, enabled them to "checkmate" Louis XIV.

William of Orange, and his wife Mary, ( William & Mary University) who replaced King James II on the throne of England, led an anti-French coalition consisting of England, Holland, Austria, Spain, Sweden and a few German states, and forced him to sign a compromised peace treaty, in which he gained little.

I observed a few things in this literature, For instance:

(1) Africa was not included in this history, which could have presented her as a humanized civilization, worthy of natural respect.

(2) "In the absence of Africa". All of these countries, under a "monarch leadership", were jockeying for 1st place position, as the dominate world power, and the leader in the advancement of modern civilization as they new it.

(3) All of these countries went to war with each other. Fought, Won, and Lost battles, but signed peace treaties with little animosity, for the benefit of the bigger picture ... The advancement of the free world.

(4) These countries learned the importance Of well developed navies, to protect their Borders.

(5) They learned from one another's advancement in technology. They shared information, strategies, and formulas for scientific solutions, with each other.

(6) They all practiced a sovereign government, "Royal Absolutism" in the beginning. Spain had.. Phillip V, Austria had Maria Theresa, England had Queen Elizabeth, and King James I and II, France had Louis XIII and XIV, Prussia had Hohenzollern, Scotland had James Stuart, Great Britain had King George III, Russia had Peter the Great. (who traveling as plain ole Peter Mikilailov, had worked as a common ships carpenter, in order to learn the Dutch methods of shipbuilding). Sweden had Gustavus Adolphus. Catherine the Great was a German princess. (Who married the heir to the Russian crown).

Poland.. Without natural borders to aid in its defense, was a handicapped nation. In addition it was dominated by reactionary nobility, (which meant.. they waited for something to happen before, implementing a strategy or a solution.) whose insistence on retaining its feudal liberties, (embarking on their right to fight wars) rendered the central government virtually powerless. The monarchy was elective, and the Poles usually could not agree on the choice of a king, from amongst their own faction (for too much internal bickering, and civil unrest). Only two native-born Poles had been elected to the throne in 200 years.

I've also observed "healthy wars", and healthy war strategies. (Relationship -building wars).

Nobility marrying nobility to secure their kingdoms advancement in wealth, Or advancement in dominance of power.

This interaction, I think, was very necessary to gain respect, and "AFRICA'S ABSENCE WAS DETRIMENTAL" to its own existence.

Why you ask? ...

For the Europeans did not fear them.

I also believe the countries of Europe were wise to practice "Royal Absolutism". In the event of an emergency a decision can be brought forth swiftly. Had Africa practiced "Royal Absolutism" they could have prepared rapid strategies of defense.

In the early years, countries showed ruthlessness to kill, and a willingness to die for, execute, wage war on, battle against, or become the adversary of ... anyone who spoke against their King, Queen, or their Country. "This too, was very, very important".

The absence of Africa in those battles ... contributed to its appearance as nothing more than a tropical paradise. An island of wealth, and riches, ripe for their pillaging.

I believe that Africa had too many chiefs, and not enough Indians. Too many countries, with too many old traditions, and not enough thought to structure, or to modernize their continent.

I also believe that their inability to elect one sole ruler, led to what I like to call ...

"Polandism": This is when a country's inability to consistently, and effectively elect a ruler, or advancement strategies, leads to Arrested Development.

As we know the continent of Africa is extremely plentiful, with maybe 53 countries. I believe that the internal bickering, and civil unrest, could have been ruled upon quickly, and laid to rest, had they practiced a sovereign government. Thus giving them opportunity to industrialize. I believe That lack of a navy to patrol it borders, was also a grave contribution to the inadequate defense of Africa. Had they practiced "healthy wars", and strategies they could have prevented the inevitable (they would have had experience in fights, battles, wars, and they wouldn't have been so astonished at people trying to enslave them.) ("a house divided against itself, shall soon crumble") ,or to para-phrase the oppressor ... ("United we stand, divided we fall") the enslavement of African-Americans.

Why was the enslavement of Africans inevitable?

Thomas Hobbs (1588-1679) composed the most penetrating, and influential justification of absolutism. Hobbs discovered what he believed to be the essential nature of man, when not restrained by law. Hobbs saw (man) "as a wolf to his fellow man", and ... (mankind) ... as essentially selfish, and cruel.

Before law, and authority came into existence, men lived under the adverse conditions of the state of nature. The second law of nature: (kill or be killed.) To create a workable society, and escape from the intolerable evils of the "state of nature," men surrendered all their rights, and powers to a sovereign government. (The first law of nature: Self preservation)

As civilizations moved forward the Europeans were encouraged by their monarchs to conquer, and retrieve treasures, to escalate the race for advancement, for their individual countries. (Which was the natural practice of their era.) As to be expected, giving the race for dominance, and power, the more gold, and silver a nation obtained, the more powerful it was thought of.. Many Europeans believed that "money is the sinews of war" (and, it is only the abundance of money in a country that determines its greatness, and power.) Jean Baptiste Colbert.

So when the Europeans ascended upon Africa they were not prepared for their findings. The profound excess of wealth, and riches far beyond their wildest imagination. Their eyes became greedy, their hearts larcenous, and staying true to their nature, with no law to restrain them, they ruthlessly slaughtered, and enslaved unsuspecting African villages.

The British for saw wealth in the land, agriculture (the gold, and diamond mines.) The Dutch, and the Portuguese (being not as cultured as the French and English,) sought wealth in the African people (the slave trade). The Spanish, and French soon followed suit. The French also invested value in African culture, and artifacts as well.

Kings, and Queens alike were captured, and tortured into submission. Princes, and Princesses, too, found themselves at the mercy of the treacherous. Where "mercy" was a foreign entity.

Their method of torture became common practice, and law, in the wilderness of North America for centuries.... And I quote ...

"You can tell the true content, and characters of a person on how they treat others they don't have to be nice to."

Let's fast forward to present day, 21st. century.

Let me just say for the record, in my opinion ...

I don't think that slavery, and the oppression of

"African-Americans" would have lasted so long, had mother Africa not been so plentiful in her abundance of refined wealth.

Many nations have been like sucklings from her breast. (Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal North America, South America by way of Spain, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands by way of the British, and the Dutch). Just to name a few. I left the Dutch, and Portuguese for last, for I believe it was their "brainstorm" to start the slave trade.

When I look at Holland, and Brazil's growth in comparison with their European counterparts, I see them as critically underdeveloped. I like to think of it as justice for their hand in the slave trade.

When I look at "African-Americans" today I see collectively our wealth surpasses Holland's (again ... justice).

In my opinion, had the Dutch, and the Portuguese invested wisely in the agriculture of "Mother Africa" they would've faired better, like their European counterparts. Slavery has been abolished 150 plus years, but "Mother Africa" is still fruitful to this day, still plentiful in her natural resources (justice).

Also, in my interaction, and relationships with today's Europeans, I find them sincerely apologetic for the role their ancestors played, in slavery. I believe, in my opinion that if they (today's Europeans) could do something about it they would. I also believe that, when African-American "artist" go to Europe they're held in high regards because of this.

In my opinion, reparations, or a formal apology could not come from the White House, or the United Nations, it would implicate too many important American forefathers (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Lee, Houston, Van Buren, Franklin, Stevenson, Bush, Grant, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Jackson, and Polk, just to name a few). To get a formal apology would admit to.. too much wrong doing. Which could lead to a conspiracy, which can cross over into "war crimes" committed by Europeans, as well as the United States, thus leading to lawsuits for "African-Americans" against all ... showing profits from slavery. (Like the Jewish people did for the holocaust). Since "Mother Africa's" natural resources, and artifacts have been sprinkled throughout the world, that would be a lot of reparations. It would just be too much to give back, so they will not even consider opening that can of worms.


Excerpted from ... BUT YOU CAN'T ENSLAVE MY THINKING ... by Jaye Swift Copyright © 2010 by Wyld Style publishing. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


• FAMOUS ENTERTAINERS QUOTES....................1
• SLAVERY ... WHERE WERE WE BEFORE ... WHERE ARE WE NOW ....................5
• WHEN THE BAND STOPS PLAYING!....................12
• TO: DR. WILLIAM H. COSBY JR. 'I MEAN THE COZZZ ....................17
• WINTER FEVER....................23
• AFRICAN-AMERICAN FIRSTS....................24
• NAS.... THE KING OF FLIP FLOP....................40
• THE BLACK ISSUES QUIZ....................49
• A POEM FOR CAROLINE....................52
• BLACK HISTORY AND TIME LINES....................53
• AFRICAN-AMERICAN QUIZ I & II....................64
• THE HISTORY OF BLACK HISTORY....................69
• BLACK INVENTOR MUSEUM....................71
• FOUNDING OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH....................139
• WHAT'S YOUR AFRICAN IQ?....................147
• KEY EVENTS IN AFRICA'S HISTORY....................151
• GREAT DAYS IN HARLEM....................159
• ACKNOWLEDEMENTS:....................180

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Why is it not in the stores? Everyone should have one.
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