By Proxy

By Proxy

by Katy Regnery

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By Proxy by Katy Regnery

Sometimes love finds you.

Stubbornly small-town Jenny Lindstrom has misgivings when she promises to stand proxy in her best friend’s wedding—misgivings that are fulfilled when tall, handsome Sam Kelley walks into the courthouse an hour late. In order to keep her promise, an afternoon favor turns into a weekend of startling but undeniable attraction, threatening the well-ordered world that keeps her heart at arm’s length from any more pain.

Sam’s plan is to fly to Livingston, Montana, take vows for his favorite cousin, and return to Chicago as quickly as possible. But his plan is turned upside-down when he must spend a weekend with Jenny in Gardiner to keep his word. He doesn’t want to fall for the prim, proper schoolteacher whose small-town life seems to him like selling out, but the more time he spends with her, the harder it is to say good-bye.

When city and country come together for Christmas, the unexpected gift is true love.

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BN ID: 2940045253031
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/24/2013
Series: Heart of Montana , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 367,300
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Age Range: 18 Years

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By Proxy 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
By Proxy, Heart of Montana Series by Katy Regency First I fell in love with her knitted hat and his zippered fair isle sweater. I had read another Christmas story from the author and loved it. I had never heard of a proxy marriage so it was interesting to read about it and look up other facts online. Love learning new things. Sam is there in Montana and will be there longer than planned due to his late arrival and the judges early leave. Jenna is there to be the proxy for her friend Ingrid. I like how each character gets their own chapter to describe things as they see it, after the initial shock has set in. They agree to start over as they both were on the wrong foot from the beginning. He's left at the B&B and she heads home. He takes a walk outside and the territory is familiar to him. Love the part about the outside and the northern lights and all the detail of the nature. Once in her familiar town and Yellowstone settings she begins to relax but her brothers hear she and Sam had dinner at a local place and they hound her the next day. All she can think about is Sam and she looks him up online and it seems as if he's got a girl back home-then why is he ogling her? Love the loop around the area and the nature seen. They get the proxy marriage done and split to go their own ways. They each suffer and realize in time what has happened and how to fix it..was going to suggest that the author continue the series with each of Jen's brothers getting a book and viola, the next is due out any day! There was so much I loved about this as described above, so glad I was able to read it! I received this book from the author in a contest she ran.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
Romance and Christmas what's not to like. I loved the story line of Sam and Jenny. Can two opposites, city vs country make it work. Sweet, clean romance. This is the first book in the series, can't wait to read more from Katy Regnery.
psee More than 1 year ago
By Proxy was a very sweet, likeable contemporary romance by Katy Regnery and is the firsst in her Heart of Montana series. Jenny Lindstom is the sweet, small town girl standing in as a proxy for her cousin Ingrid who is marrying Kristian. Kristian's proxy is his big town savy cousin Sam Kelley. The two get off to a rough start which in turn results in the unlikely pair spending a weekend together in Montana. The characters have chemistry together and develop significant feelings for each other during their short weekend together.  What I loved about the book was the wonderful imagery created in Regnery's description of Montana and moreso, a small Montana town during Christmas. My only critique is that Sam's reflection on the way he has spent his last few years, casts an unfair light on the way a big city like Chicago has Christmas. Growing up near Chicago, I personally have wonderful Christmas memories, even if they are different then the small town-type Christmas celebrations, which seem great in this book. Sam made for a great hero in this book and I really liked him. My favorite moments come when he is struggling with what he wants, while living in Chicago. It was all very real and I seemed to connect more with his emotions then I did Jenny's. Jenny was of good character and I loved her attempts to connect with her mom. That Norwegian saying literally brings me to tears. For me though, Jenny was just a little too innocent and too inexperienced and at times it was a little frustrating in the story. Her father and his interactions in helping Jenny to follow her heart were endearing. Jenny's brothers make for some fun moments and the book and it seems the series will continue with Erik's story. I'm surprised as I was certain the next book would have been Nil's. Regardless, if you are looking for a sweet series set amongst a Montana backdrop and some older-time values, you will enjoy By Proxy. Thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
BarbHarrisBH More than 1 year ago
This book was a good clean love story. The main character, Jenny, is a small town girl with some deep seated morals. Sam is from Chicago and definitely doesn't have the same moral standing as Jenny. However, he can appreciate that she is a *girl you marry* and he most certainly doesn't want to do that...she is from a completely different world. Right? It is definitely an "opposites attract" novel and all the drama that comes with it. I'm hoping there are more books in the series soon.
KatsNook More than 1 year ago
I have to admit I am a hopeless romantic, so I loved this book!  By Proxy is the first book of the Heart of Montana series by Katy Regnery.  I was approached by Katy for a review and I have to be honest I was very nervous.  I'm a new blogger so I was really surprised to receive her email, but the synopsis intrigued me.  The story about 2 strangers coming together to be proxies for a wedding is original (and to be honest I had no idea this can be done!).   What I really loved about this book is the characters.  Jenny Lindstrom is devoted to her family and her job as a school teacher. She is the only female in her family, but even though she has been surrounded by males her entire life she feels uncomfortable with men.  I identified with Jenny right away because I felt the same way, even though my older brother's friends were constantly around. When Jenny is waiting to take the vows she looks at her life and realizes that she may never find her true love.   At that moment my heart ached for Jenny, and I just had to finish this book to make sure she had a happy ending!   And then we meet Sam Kelley, the handsome hot shot from Chicago.  Sam appears to be a big city partying playboy, but deep down he's the small-town boy.  After spending some time with Jenny, Sam realizes his life in Chicago maybe flashy but it's lonely.  They may come from different worlds but they both need and want the same thing - to be truly happy and to be loved.  From the moment they meet there is an attraction, which they try to deny.  But soon Jenny and Sam can't fight it, but there is the fact that Sam will have to go back to Chicago.  I loved that Sam wasn't a cocky and aggressive suitor.  He took Jenny's feelings into consideration, which I thought was sweet and charming! By Proxy is a sweet romance and I highly recommend this book!  This series is set in a small town filled with fun and lovable characters.  I can't wait for the next book in the series, especially for Nils (Jenny's brother) and Maggie's story.  Fans of Susan Mallery's  Fool's Gold series or Marie Force's McCarthys of Gansett Island series should definitely check out this series.  And if you aren't a fan you should still check out By Proxy!  Take a break from stories of the fast paced cities and visit a series with a small town setting.  The close friendships and sense of community will make you wish you lived there!
SamantheTucker More than 1 year ago
Everything about this story tickled me, starting with the concept. The hero and heroine meet because they've agreed to stand in, (by proxy...ta dah!), for their respective BFF's, who want to get married in the eyes of the law of their home state, but can't be there themselves because they're serving Uncle Sam. It gives rise to the very interesting and intimate awkwardness of exchanging vows with a complete stranger...with whom you happen to experience some rather fierce chemical attraction despite the fact that they seem very wrong for you. Did I mention I love an opposites attract story? The heroine, Jenny, is a small town girl, though not so much by choice as by circumstance and duty. The hero, Sam, is a big-city boy, anxious to shake off the small Montana town and get back to Chicago. The best part of opposites attracting is when they come to realize they're not so different after all, but the journey Sam and Jenny take will have you laughing at times, sniffling at others, and wishing for a few more chapters when it's all over, simply because you don't want to let these characters and this story go! The good news is, maybe you don't have to. I smell a series, and the first note I'm sniffing out is...Erik?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From the description of the book and the title I thought this book would be either a historical romance or implausable. The cover pic showed current day characters though. I mean, whoever heard of a marriage by proxy in this day and time! My assumptions were soooo wrong! I am on page 31 of 200+, and I can already tell that I am going to love this book!! The characters are developing nicely, they are realistic and I can identify with them. The story is very plausible and so far, lovely to read. I am forced to put it down to get ready for eork and I can hardly wait to continue reading. I believe you will love this book if you are a fan of modern romance.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This debut novel by Kate Regnery takes us into the "Heart of Montana" (as the series is called) and introduces us to the close knit Lindstrom family of Gardiner Montana. This is the story of Jenny, a schoolteacher with dreams of a life bigger than her current circumstances and Sam, a businessman from Chicago who has come to help his cousin marry "by proxy" in a Livingston Courthouse with Jenny doing the same for her cousin, both of whom are military personnel overseas. They are two strangers who meet in a way neither would have ever expected - and who don't quite know how to say goodbye. I confess that this story had a rocky start for me. I found Jenny's character in the first quarter of the book to be emotionally wishy washy, switching back and forth from anger to pride to humour all in the same scene. She seemed to get shocked easily and was more innocent than I would expect of a woman her age. Sam on the other hand I liked, except for the internal musings which I found too exclamatory (like he was being constantly shocked by his own thoughts!). Also there were a fair amount of religious (Christian) references which I found a bit out of place for a contemporary romance and more what I would expect in an inspirational romance. (In fact, the author's recent blog posts indicate that she also wasn't sure which direction to head with the series and decided on the more secular route, although I still found this book would have easily fit in the IR world with a few minor tweaks). That being said, as I continued reading I found myself invested in the story. I wanted to know what was going to happen, how the characters could possibly find their happy ending with their different homes and lifestyles being so prominently part of the story. By halfway through I was completely hooked and absorbed the rest of the book in one afternoon. This is a "sweet" romance, meaning "closed door" bedroom scenes, in keeping with Jenny's Christian character - yet the author still wrote believable sexual tension (particularly from Sam's 3rd person point of view) through much of the story, making the attraction between Jenny and Sam very potent and "page turnable"! My overall feeling at the end of the story was one of contentment. This heartwarming and gentle romance had a very satisfactory happy ever after ending. I was delighted to discover that Jenny's brothers and other secondary characters will be featured in upcoming series books (2 out at time of this review, and 2 more books expected in 2014). With a start like this, it looks to be one of my favourite series of 2014. 4 highly enjoyable stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A very sweet romance. Loved it!!
WereJumpin More than 1 year ago
Love, Love, Love!! One of the top books this year. I absolutely loved the humor, and the characters had a round aspect on life, Katy got the characters to become more than life through her words. I read this book as we was traveling around through the holidays. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a clean romance. Jenny & Sam collided into one another, this was by far a “love at first sight” book, but you got to build with Jenny & Sam. They were not perfect, and I loved how Jenny’s brothers didn’t just automatically “know” Sam, like where he lived, his reason for being there, etc. It was fun to see the “guys” talk, so to speak. I also loved how we got to see how Jenny thought about Sam, and then how Sam thought about Jenny. It gave me a different angle, and made the story more rounded. It was kinda like watching a movie develop right in front of you. Ohhhh Katy, That is a great idea: a MOVIE! With this being a series, I will definitely be looking out for the next book! This is by far one of the best, and the littlest of things would make me smile. Even if there had been, Jenny would have probably kept him at a respectful distance, especially at school where she honored the simple inherent wisdom of: Don’t get your nookies where you get your cookies. ~28% Kindle
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Jenny Lindstrom lives in Gardiner, Montana. She loves her small town life and would do just about anything for her cousin Ingrid including getting married by proxy. Sam Kelley was asked by his cousin Kristian to be his stand in for by proxy. Little did either Sam or Jenny ever think that love was in their future. Sam is blown away by Jenny's easy going, stands up for herself, and gentle manner. Jenny doesn't know how to explain what she feels for Sam. Jenny uses her family as a shield to hide from her heart. Can only three days be enough to fall in love? Yes they can! Can either Jenny or Sam admit their feelings? Can either of them make bold moves for one another? Your answers await you in By Proxy. I'll be honest I didn't know a thing about getting married by proxy until I read this book. This is wonderful and endearing story about how fate/destiny takes control and all you can do is hang on for the ride. I could see both sides of the coin in Sam and Jenny relationship. I will definitely continue reading more of this author's work.
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
I love, love, love holiday stories, particularly those revolving around Christmas and New Years. By Proxy has not only that going for it, but also a very interesting premise. Apparently in the state of Montana, there is a law that allows couples to marry by proxy, meaning, someone can stand in for one or both people. Weird, right? And who wants someone to stand in for them on one of the biggest days? But when the couple in question is a newly pregnant Army nurse stationed in Germany, and her fiancé stationed in Afghanistan, this actually makes sense. I read an insane amount of books, so when a story can surprise me with something new, I am always happy. By Proxy is the story of strangers Jenny and Sam, proxies in a marriage ceremony, who fall in love. It is a quickly paced story, with the bulk of it taking place in one weekend. Theirs is a world-wind romance, a very clean one at that. I would say that maybe they fell in love a bit quickly to suit me, but hey, it's the holidays and the two are set up in an awkward yet romantic situation. This is the first story in the Heart of Montana series, which will also tell the stories of Jenny's three brothers. By Proxy was nicely written, with a lot of country charm and sweetness. Favorite Quote: She lost herself in his eyes, allowing him to hold her up above the water line so she could breathe, so she wouldn't drown. ~eARC, 70%
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"By Proxy" is a debut novel by Katy Regnery and a first book in her series: Heart of Montana.  A lot of other reviewers have already provided a summary of the story so I won’t repeat it. I spent some years in the Midwest, so the small town setting and how the other characters acted around Sam and Jenny seemed believable and genuine to me.   What I really loved about this story was the complexity of Jenny and Sam. Sure, on the surface they seemed like your typical ‘city guy’ and ‘country girl’, but on the inside they were both nuanced and flawed and both trying to figure out this instant attraction for each other. They both seemed primed for a change in their lives and meeting each other was the catalyst for love and a happy ending.  It was amazing to discover how one weekend changed them both. While change seemed believable for Jenny, I had some trouble believing in Sam’s transformation because of some gaps in his background.  How could such a sweet and funny guy have such a high-powered, shallow life in Chicago? He almost seemed like two different men. One man spent his boyhood summers in Montana and the other man went out partying and dated a vapid weather girl. I couldn’t integrate these two men together. How did he ‘lose’ himself only to be ‘found’ by Jenny? I thought my reconciliation between these personalities could have been more believable if I learned about Sam’s motivation for success or if his old-girlfriend, Pepper, had any redeeming qualities.  When Sam goes back to Chicago, he is a completely different man from his boss and co-workers that I couldn’t understand how he’d ever been like them to begin with. I read at a variety of heat levels, from sweet regencies to erotica and found that the ‘sweet contemporary’ heat-level was appropriate for this story. Even though they don’t get beyond kissing, the sexual tension between Sam and Jenny was ‘steamy hot’ and kept me engaged that I did NOT want to put the book down. I stayed up until 2 a.m. just to read the ending! I loved getting to really know these two characters in ways books nowadays don’t give you time to do and I look forward to reading more about Jenny’s brothers. Katy Regnery is now one my “auto-buy” authors and she should be yours, too.
Mellissa90 More than 1 year ago
As someone who grew up in a small town I couldn't wait to read this book. I can tell you it didn't disappoint!It really showed a true small town girl. Loyal to her family and community...almost to a fault. Jenny's character will be very relatable to lots of people. Sweet and innocent to the core. Sam, although rough around the edges, is a really great guy. Although he is living the good (and shallow) life in Chicago he wants more. I couldn't wait to get to the end and see if they would be able to put their differences aside and get their happy ending.
AnnS70 More than 1 year ago
Marriage by proxy? Being Catholic, I have heard of a Godparent being present by proxy.Marriage just seems way crazier. I mean, who would want to give up their wedding day? Two people serving our country who are currently deployed overseas, that's who. They have a "growing" symbol of their love and want to be married before the baby arrives.They ask their good friends Jenny and Sam to stand in for them at their "double proxy" wedding. As they say, the rest is history! While Jenny initially thinks that Sam is inconsiderate and annoying, he soon grows on her. The only problem is she is "small town" and he is "big city". Will they be able to find common ground and begin the start of something amazing, or will it just be one unforgettable weekend? Great story!
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Jenny thought she would only say wedding vows once. That was until she found herself at the court-house waiting for a man to get there to be double proxy for her friend’s wedding. She was watching the Montana snow fall faster every minute and wanted Sam, the other proxy to hurry up so they could get this proxy wedding over with. Then Jenny turned by the door and fell into the arms of the man of her dreams. Jenny was so upset with the beautiful stranger Sam and they started of on the wrong foot, many times. Their mutual love of Montana had brought them closer, but could it keep them together? I enjoyed this book, and was thrilled to see it was also a holiday read. I enjoyed all of the characters. I especially loved the over protective big brothers. The town was well described and felt like a character in itself. Jenny and Sam were such a cute couple discovering their love for each other. I also enjoyed the way the entire family had family traditions and good values. A great read especially during the holidays. Rating: 4 Heat Rating: Sweet Reviewed By: Rae Courtesy Of My Book Addiction And More