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C++ Cookbook by D. Ryan Stephens, Christopher Diggins, Jonathan Turkanis, Jeff Cogswell

Despite its highly adaptable and flexible nature, C++ is also one of the more complex programming languages to learn. Once mastered, however, it can help you organize and process information with amazing efficiency and quickness.

The C++ Cookbook will make your path to mastery much shorter. This practical, problem-solving guide is ideal if you're an engineer, programmer, or researcher writing an application for one of the legions of platforms on which C++ runs. The algorithms provided in C++ Cookbook will jump-start your development by giving you some basic building blocks that you don't have to develop on your own.

Less a tutorial than a problem-solver, the book addresses many of the most common problems you're likely encounter—whether you've been programming in C++ for years or you're relatively new to the language. Here are just some of the time-consuming tasks this book contains practical solutions for:

  • Reading the contents of a directory
  • Creating a singleton class
  • Date and time parsing/arithmetic
  • String and text manipulation
  • Working with files
  • Parsing XML
  • Using the standard containers

Typical of O'Reilly's "Cookbook" series, C++ Cookbook is written in a straightforward format, featuring recipes that contain problem statements and code solutions, and apply not to hypothetical situations, but those that you're likely to encounter. A detailed explanation then follows each recipe in order to show you how and why the solution works. This question-solution-discussion format is a proven teaching method, as any fan of the "Cookbook" series can attest to. This book will move quickly to the top of your list of essential C++ references.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780596007614
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/18/2005
Series: Cookbooks (O'Reilly) Series
Pages: 594
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.19(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Ryan Stephens is a software engineer, writer, and student living in Tempe, AZ. He enjoys programming in virtually any language, especially C++. His interests include the fields of information retrieval and data mining, and pretty much anything that has to do with algorithms and large data sets. When he's not working, writing, or programming, he plays with his kids, works on his house, or goes cycling.

Christopher Diggins is a freelance software developer and writer who has been programming computers since he was "haut comme trois pommes". Christopher writes regularly for the C++ Users Journal, and is the designer of the Heron programming lanugage.

Jonathan Turkanis is the author of the Boost Iostreams library and several other open source C++ libraries covering areas including smart pointers, runtime reflection, component architectures and aspect-oriented programming. He is a Ph.D. candidate in mathematical logic at the University of California at Berkeley.

Jeff Cogswell has been programming in several languages for many years. His background was previously in telecom, writing software for such strange things as network management protocols. Lately, however, his work has focused more on web development. After spending a few years in both Florida and California, Jeff now lives in Michigan. He's holding out for some warmer weather.

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C++ Cookbook 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Are you a C++ programmer? If you are, then this book is for you. Authors D. Ryan Stephens, Christopher Diggins, Jonathan Turkanis and Jeff Cogswell, have done an outstanding job of writing a book about solving common problems with C++, but not a book about learning C++. Stephens, Diggins, Turkanis and Cogswell, begin by showing you recipes that contain recipes for transforming C++ source code into executable programs and libraries. Then, the authors show you recipes that describe techniques that you apply from within header files. Next, they show you solutions to common problems when working with C++¿s numeric types. The authors also show you recipes for working with strings and text files. They continue with an overview of how to manipulate dates and times. Then, the authors describe the data structures in the standard library that you can use to store data. Next, they describe how to work with the standard algorithms and how to use them on the standard containers. The authors also show you solutions to common problems related to working with C++ classes. They continue by showing you recipes for using C++¿s exception-handling features. Then, the authors present an overview of streams and files. Next, they provide you with solutions to common numerical programming problems and demonstrate how to use generic programming techniques to write numerical code effectively. The authors also describe how to write multithreaded programs in C++ using the Boost Threads library. They continue by describing solutions to some common requirements when internationalizing C++ programs. Then, the authors present an overview of XML. Finally, they describe a few facets of C++ that do not actually fit neatly into any of the other chapters: Function and member pointers, const variables and member functions, and standalone operators and a few other topics. Throughout this most excellent book, the authors give real life solutions that reflect the current best practices in C++ programming. More importantly, they focus on performance and portability, with a strong emphasis on formal and ad hoc standards.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I get a C++ Cookbook to my hand I think what I find in this book? I learn C++ from a much books, and everything it¿s very boring and hardly to learn. My first travel to C++ world with this book is very, very good and I love this book. C++ Cookbook is very friendly and easy to learn, full guide for all people who¿s interesting get a professional information about programming in this language. Four authors in good, practice chapters summary all main and additional programming techniques for C++. All topics illustrated with useful examples from real world. C++ Cookbook have very useful format, all chapters presented problem, detail describe solution and discuss about potential problem and possibilities to quick resolve all hardly point in C++ programming. I think this is the best method to learn for all people, from hobbyst who¿s interesting to discover features in C++ and easy learn to professional who¿s interesting find all required information for realize real-world problem at the C++ solutions. Additional C++ Cookbooks is good pocket reference all features and functions C++ language. You can easily find short information about every features in general C++ language and additional standard libraries. Absolutly great and useful for all people! With this book You can quickly learn C++ and going from novice to professional C++ developer. With this book You can to the TechED events and become a C++ speaker , seriously!