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Cabinet 26: Magic by Sina Najafi

"Secular magic," in the words of historian Simon During, is a category designed to differentiate the activity of the modern stage magician from the classical alchemist or occultist. Yet an appraisal of these non-supernatural forms of magical entertainment nevertheless provides the chance to trace the complex network of social and cultural forms to which secular magic owes a debt—from pioneering theatrical devices, novel approaches to stagecraft, and the harnessing of scientific principles in the service of trickery to modes of discourse and performance that draw heavily upon traditional religious, folkloric or shamanic prototypes. Guest-edited by London artist and critic Jonathan Allen, Cabinet 26 features Allen on magic and warfare; Alexander Nagel on the history of images in magic; Yvonne Chireau on the legendary conjuror "Black Herman" and the connections between African-American stage magic and African religious traditions; and conversations between Simon During and scholar and author Marina Warner, and between artist Sally O'Reilly and Ian Saville, the "Socialist Magician." Also: Amelie Hastie on eating at the movies; George Prochnik on Freud's porcupine; Brian Dillon on Albert Bacon's gesture guide for orators; Tim Davis on the color Olive and; a new Implicasphere insert focused on Stripes.

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ISBN-13: 9781932698220
Publisher: Cabinet
Publication date: 08/01/2007
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 7.75(w) x 9.75(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Inventory / Talk to the Hand: Deciphering the language of gesture   Brian Dillon     7
A Minor History of / Aquatic Ambulism: The sport of God   Joshua Foer     12
Colors / Olive: Kind of conceptual   Dziga Lovechild     16
Object Lesson / Lost Object: What can be said about what Breton loved?   Celeste Olalquiaga     19
The Porcupine Illusion: Freud's prickly secret   George Prochnik     23
The Illusionistic Magic of Geometric Figuring: Virtual reality, medieval-style   Margaret Wertheim     27
Stripes: Belly up to the bars$dImplicasphere     32
Simmering Statecraft: Politics amid the pots and pans   Sandy Isenstadt     34
Artist Project: Kitchen I & II   Terence Gower     36
The Real Thing: The Coke bottle and the third way   Joshua Glenn     38
The Bitter Scribe of Quail Springs: John Samuelson's rocks   Sandy Zipp     41
Marking Territory: Into the jungle with man's best friend   Sarah Whitney Womack     48
The Barber Trial: Sivan vs. Finkielkraut: An analysis of the libel case   Thomas Keenan   Eyal Weizman     54
Sivan vs. Finkielkraut: A translation of the trial transcript     58
Deceptionists at War:Martial magic   Jonathan Allen     65
Perspective Correction: The beguiling stagecraft of American politics   Greg Allen     73
Image Magic: Idol hands are the devil's tools   Alexander Nagel     78
Artist Project: Legerdemains   Ruth Claxton     82
Black Herman's African American Magical Synthesis: Between folklore and vaudeville   Yvonne P. Chireau     86
Modern Enchantments: An Interview with Simon During: Secular magic and the modern cultural imagination   Sina Najafi     88
Impossible Return: Watching Tommy Cooper die, again   Adrian Heathfield     96
Alive at Both Ends: A brief history of magic's most famous illusion   Paul Kieve     99
I can See Your Ideology Moving: Ventriloquizing Marx   Sally O'Reilly   Ian Saville     100
Artist Project: Tommy Angel   Jonathan Allen     106
Protean Fakirs: Indian magic's new superstar   Shreeyash Palshikar     109
Koringa: From Bikanir to Blackpool: A female fakir's story   Vanessa Toulmin     112
Currencies of Wonder: Magicians make money   Tim Reed     114
Rule 13: David Devant's disillusion   Edwin A. Dawes     117
Spell Check: A brief glossary of magic words   Craig Conley     119

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