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Cadet is a band that packs a lot of punch. This Eugene, OR, trio plays infectious, power pop
ock that is musically and lyrically satisfying. Many of the band's sounds teeter between Switchfoot and the Offspring, while other moments have a feel entirely their own. Cuts like "Speed of Sound" and "Talent Show" are power-chord pleasers. Bassist Jason Kennedy drives both tunes at full speed. Kennedy is an apt player who fills the voids nicely throughout the disc. "God-Man (Jesus Is My Superhero)" is a likable jaunt through pop territory. A memorable, spiritually uplifting chorus heightens the moving rhythm. On cuts like "Precious One" and "Fantasy," Cadet plays with the vocal zest of the Beach Boys, while the surf guitar accompaniment is musically reminiscent of the Ventures or Dick Dale. A cover of the Monkees' "I'm a Believer" is more than an afterthought here. The musical arrangement is tight, with vocal nuances that Davy Jones would love. On its first release, Cadet offers a disc brimming with sweet melodies, hooky riffs, and simple lyrics that passionately declare truth. ~ Steven D. Losey

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Release Date: 04/24/2001
Label: Bec Recordings
UPC: 0637761745026
catalogNumber: 17450

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