Caesar's Fall

Caesar's Fall

by Dorien Grey


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Caesar's Fall by Dorien Grey


With a new building to restore and his relationship with Steve growing more serious, the last thing Elliott wants are someone else’s problems. Still, when lottery millionaire Bruno Caesar moves into his building, Elliott can’t just ignore the man’s need for help.

Bruno’s life comes to an abrupt end when he falls from his balcony. It might be nothing more than a tragic accident, except for one thing—Bruno was terrified of heights, and never went onto his balcony.

Bruno can’t rest until the puzzle of his sudden death is solved, and Elliott, Steve, and John are once again searching for answers to a puzzle. Did Bruno fall, or did he have help?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781945447891
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
Publication date: 09/19/2017
Series: Elliott Smith Mystery , #3
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

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Caesar's Fall 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Each Elliott Smith - John book builds and expands on Lliott's dealing with his ne paranormal gifts.... Each mystery he helps unravel and each soul he helps move on helps define him and his partner Steve as true heroes.... Going beyond what is expected and being the kind of person we cn identify with. Well done and keep going Dorien Grey.... We are hooked!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bigbearphx More than 1 year ago
Elliott is settling into his new relationship with Steve, and looking for a new classic Chicago building to restore, when he meets Bruno Caesar, a new tenant in his elite apartment tower. Bruno is new to the rich life, having just won many millions in the lottery, and Elliott tries to resist his impulse to protect Bruno from the blatant and subtle con artists who flock around him. When Bruno - who told Elliott he'd never go out on his balcony, since he is afraid of heights - falls to his death from the building, Elliott finds himself trying to help the police put together what happened, with some help from his friend from the afterlife, John. This is the third in the series of Elliott Smith mysteries, the first of which explained Elliott's chance "connection" with John, who had passed away in a hospital while he was nearby. John speaks to Elliott in his dreams and, in this case, tries to relay information from the deceased Bruno to help solve his murder. One of the more imaginative gay mystery series currently around, with relatable gay and straight characters, and definitely a favorite of mine. Five stars out of five.
Loves2ReadJS More than 1 year ago
Hooray, the long awaited installment of the Elliott Smith Mystery series is here! I've just finished reading "Caesar's Fall", and it won't disappoint Mr. Grey's fans. Elliott Smith is an intelligent grounded man who happens to communicate with a spirit named John (a former acquaintance) who aids him in resolving deaths which have occurred under suspicious circumstances. John operates as an interpreter/intermediary between the newly departed (who initially tend to be a little confused by their new condition)and Elliott. The interaction between John and Elliott is filled with humor and often plays with our own curiosity about an afterlife. Mr. Grey is very deft at incorporating these questions into the stories without ever purporting to have the answer - it is what makes reading this particular series so fun because Elliott's character is rational and nonreligious, but has reluctantly come to accept his ability to communicate with John. In "Caesar's Fall", Elliott's new neighbor, Caesar Bruno, is a million dollar lottery winner - he hasn't quite adjusted to his new found wealth, but people around him are more than willing to help him spend his windfall. It is just what you would expect would happen if you won the lottery - new friends and long lost relatives suddenly showing up with all sorts of plans for your money. In the course of the story, we find out that Caesar is afraid of heights, so why then has he fallen off his balcony after one of his parties? Per his usual trademark, Mr. Grey gives us a number of credible suspects, but who done it? Or did they? Dorien Grey has a knack for portraying very likeable main characters in both the Elliott Smith and Dick Hardesty Mysteries. Elliott Smith is a wealthy man but downplays his wealth. He is sensitive to the disparity in his income and his boyfriend Steve's. In this story, Elliott and Steve continue to build their relationship, which for those that have been reading the series is something we've looked forward to - it is like catching up with old friends. I believe that is one of Dorien Grey's strengths as a writer - he draws you into the lives of his characters by including ostensibly ordinary occurrences like stopping at the store to pick up steak for dinner or going to a nephew's swim meet - his characters are not super heroes but ordinary guys. Elliott is smart, but you can see his insecurities regarding relationships while Steve is warm, understanding, and talented. You want to see them come together as a couple. Another strength of Dorien Grey's ability as a writer is dealing with secondary characters - he has a knack for fully developing their personalities as well. One in particular, Buttons, was introduced in "Aaron's Wait", and is incorporated into this story - he's amusing and adds color without detracting from the main plot. I think "Caesar's Fall" can standalone, but you're really missing out of some fun and interesting character development if you don't treat yourself to "His name is John" and "Aaron's Wait" too.