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Caged Compounds / Edition 500

Caged Compounds / Edition 500

by Elsevier Science


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ISBN-13: 9780121821920
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 06/01/1998
Series: Methods in Enzymology Series , #291
Edition description: 500th ed.
Pages: 529
Product dimensions: 1.44(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

R.S. Givens, J.F.W. Weber, A.H. Jung, and C.-H. Park, New Photoprotecting Groups: Desyl and p-Hydroxyphenacyl Phosphate and Carboxylate Esters.
K.R. Gee, B.K. Carpenter, and G.P. Hess, Synthesis, Photochemistry, and Biological Characterization of Photolabile Protecting Groups for Carboxylic Acids and Neurotransmitters.
T. Furuta and M. Iwamura, New Caged Groups: 7-Substituted Coumarinylmethyl Phosphate Esters.
T.J. Mitchison, K.E. Sawin, J.A. Theriot, K. Gee, and A. Mallavarapu, Caged Fluorescent Probes.
R. Sreekumar, M. Ikebe, F.S. Fay, and J.W. Walker, Biologically Active Peptides Caged on Tyrosine.
G. Marriott, J. Ottl, M. Heidecker, and D. Gabriel, Light-Directed Activation of Protein Activity from Caged Protein Conjugates.
H. Bayley, C.-Y. Chang, W.T. Miller, B. Niblack, and P. Pan, Caged Peptides and Proteins by Targeted Chemical Modification.
J. Olejnik, E. Krzymañska-Olejnik, and K.J. Rothschild, Photocleavable Affinity Tags for Isolation and Detection of Biomolecules.
G. Marriott and J. Ottl, Synthesis and Applications of Heterobifunctional Photocleavable Cross-Linking Reagents.
J.A. McCray, Use of Lasers for One- and Two-Photon Photolysis of Caged Compounds.
G. Rapp, Flash Lamp Based Irradiation of Caged Compounds.
V. Cepus, C. Ulbrich, C. Allin, A. Troullier, and K. Gerwert, Fourier Transform Infrared Photolysis Studies of Caged Compounds.
C.H. Wharton, R.A. Meldrum, and R.S. Chittock, Use of Caged Compounds in Studies of Bioelectronic Imaging and Pattern Recognition.
A. Scheidig, C. Burmester, and R.S. Goody, Use of Caged Nucleotides to Characterize Unstable Intermediates by X-Ray Crystallography.
L. Peng and M. Goeldner, Photoregulation of Cholinesterase Activities with Caged Cholinergic Ligands.
R.R. Swezey and D. Epel, Caged Substrates for Measuring Enzymatic Activity in Vivo: Photoactivated Caged Glucose 6-Phosphate.
K. Fendler, K. Hartung, G. Nagel, and E. Bamberg, Investigation of Charge Translocation by Ion Pumps and Carriers Using Caged Substrates.
J.A. Dantzig, H. Higuchi, and Y.E. Goldman, Studies of Molecular Motors Using Caged Compounds.
T. Funakoshi and N. Hirokawa, Application of Caged Fluorescein-Labeled Tubulin to Studies of Microtubule Dynamics and Transport of Tubulin Molecules in Axons.
E. Brown and W. Webb, Two-Photon Activation of Caged Calcium with Submicron, Submillisecond Resolution.
N. Callamaras and I. Parker, Caged Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate for Studying Release of Ca2+ from Intracellular Stores.
K.G. Gee and H.C. Lee, Characterization and Application of Photogeneration of Calcium Mobilizers cADP-Ribose and Nicotinic Acid Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate from Caged Analogs.
U.B. Kaupp, C. Dzeja, S. Frings, J. Bendig, and V. Hagen, Applications of Caged Compounds of Hydrolysis-Resistant Analogs of cAMP and cGMP.
F.M. Rossi, M. Margulis, R.E. Hoesch, C.-M. Tang, and J.P.Y. Kao, Caged Probes for Studying Cellular Physiology: oNitromandelyloxycarbonyl Caging Method Using Caged Glutamate and Ca2ATPase Inhibitor.
G.P. Hess and C. Grewer, Development and Application of Caged Ligands for Neurotransmitter Receptors in Transient Kinetic and Neuronal Circuit Mapping Studies.
A.C. Allen, J.L. Ward, M.H. Beale, and A.J. Trewavas, Caged Plant Growth Regulators.
C.W. Wharton, R.A. Meldrum, and R.S. Chittock, Use of Caged Compounds in Studies of the Kinetics of DNA repair.
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