Caged No More: You Have the Keys to Unlock Your Joy & Happiness

Caged No More: You Have the Keys to Unlock Your Joy & Happiness

by Nicole L. Dr. Arkadie


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Caged No More is another motivating and inspiring book written by Dr. Nicole L. Arkadie. She's known as America's #1 Mental Wellness Expert and fast-selling author of inspirational books for women. This book was written to help women learn the importance of being mentally healthy. Mental wellness is having a balanced mental, spiritual, and physical health. Being mentally healthy allows you to handle the stressors of life without any psychological or emotional distress. Mind, Body, and Spirit…all three of these need to be in sync and there must be a balance between them. This book was written to help women who feel trapped in the prison of their lives. It speaks to those who have been imprisoned in an invisible cage and unable to break out. Caged No More will assist those who’ve found themselves stuck in a negative mindset thus, preventing them from enjoying life. This book will teach the necessary strategies to combat the intense negative emotions that have kept you bound for too long. You will learn how to break free from your cage and again experience joy and happiness. This book is a must have. Your mental wellness is so important because You Matter Too!!

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ISBN-13: 9781732965935
Publisher: Arkadie Communications
Publication date: 01/01/2020
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.21(d)

About the Author

Dr. Nicole L. Arkadie is known as America's #1 Mental Wellness Expert. She is a fast-selling author of inspirational books for women, including Inspirational Self-Affirming Quotes: Develop A Can-Do Attitude. She is an International speaker who has spoken at various organizations, companies, churches, agencies, and schools. Her goal is to share her story of mental wellness and help women gain and maintain a balanced mindset through mental wellness.

Dr. Nicole resides in Southern California and she is a wife of a pastor, a mother of three, a business owner, professor, life coach, and licensed mental health professional. She enjoys reading fictional romance novels, taking time out for family vacations, and getting a personal massage at least twice a month. She recognizes the importance of self-care and takes her mental health very seriously.

Dr. Nicole focuses on educating, encouraging, and empowering women towards self-care and self-compassion. She has helped hundreds of women learn how to develop healthy boundaries by putting themselves self-first and saying "no" without fear, shame, or guilt. She truly believes and lives by all of the strategies supplied in this book. Please visit her website to learn more about the wonderful services offered by Dr. Nicole. Book her to speak at your organization or provide one of her thought-provoking, amazing workshops. Reserve her coaching services. You won't be sorry.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Recognizing the Cage

Your Invisible Cage

Overcome Your Fears

Angry Hatred

Suppression No More

Takeing Back Yoru Power & Control

Depressed Mood Be Gone

Remorse and Regret

Part 2 Using the Keys


Attitude & Mindset


Self-Compassion & Self-Care

Laughter & Humor

Gratitude, Gratefulness, & Thankfulness

About the Author

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