Caldecott Connections to Language Arts

Caldecott Connections to Language Arts

by Shan Glandon


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Take advantage of the appeal and power of Caldecott award literature to extend and promote learning across the curriculum. In these three volumes the author demonstrates how to use award-winning books as springboards to science, social studies, and language arts learning in the library and classroom-and to expand student awareness and appreciation of illustration techniques. For each Caldecott title there is background information on the illustrations, curriculum connections, lesson plans, and support materials for teaching. Glandon also integrates Gardner's multiple intelligences with curriculum content. With a flexible, discovery approach, these activity units focus on student-centered, experiential, holistic, and authentic learning and they are ready for instant implementation. Targeted to primary grade objectives and abilities, the books include an array of individual projects and collaborative ones. They also foster collaborations between library media specialists and classroom teachers.

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ISBN-13: 9781563088469
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/15/2000
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.54(d)
Age Range: 4 - 9 Years

About the Author

SHAN GLANDON, a former School Library Media Specialist, is Peer Mentor, Jenks Public Schools, Tulsa, Oklahoma. She also teaches course for educators at Tulsa Community College.

Table of Contents

Figures and Activity Sheetsix
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story2
Activity Plan 2Dramatizing Fables2
Activity Plan 3An Apple a Day--Investigating Wise Sayings7
Activity Plan 4Reading Aesop's Fables9
Activity Plan 5Creating Original Fables13
Activity Plan 6Revision--Sequencing Mini-Lesson18
Activity Plan 7Revision--Looking at Leads21
Activity Plan 8Revision for Powerful Verbs24
2The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship25
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story26
Activity Plan 2Semantic Webbing27
Activity Plan 3Which Character Are You?28
Activity Plan 4Characters, Revisited30
3Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China35
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story36
Activity Plan 2Comparing Wolf Stories39
Activity Plan 3Exploring Panel Art42
Activity Plan 4What a Reputation!43
4Mirette on the High Wire47
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story48
Activity Plan 2Notable Characters50
Activity Plan 3Protagonist/Antagonist51
Activity Plan 4Notable Characters Revisited53
Activity Plan 5Writing the Character Sketches57
Activity Plan 6Creating Your Own Characters65
Activity Plan 7Writing the Story68
5Owl Moon75
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story76
Activity Plan 2Working As a Writer--Noticing Details77
Activity Plan 3Working As a Writer--Using Similes80
Activity Plan 4What Makes a Bird a Bird?82
Activity Plan 5Who Lives There?84
Activity Plan 6The Work of Feathers86
Activity Plan 7Eat Like a Bird87
Activity Plan 8Exploring a Food Chain88
Activity Plan 9Owl Pellets91
Activity Plan 10A Nest Is My Home93
Activity Plan 11Fact or Fable--What Do you Know?95
Activity Plan 12Revising Paragraph Structure100
Activity Plan 13A New Bird101
6The Polar Express103
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story104
Activity Plan 2Rough Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing--Writing Memory Stories106
Activity Plan 3Looking to the Past! Gathering More Writing Ideas109
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story116
Activity Plan 2Expanding Awareness121
Activity Plan 3Is It Magical?130
Culminating Activity Plan131
8Sam, Bangs and Moonshine137
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story138
Activity Plan 2Creating the Wish Poems139
Activity Plan 3Looking into Lighthouses144
Activity Plan 4Creating Acrostic Poems146
9Snowflake Bentley151
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story152
Activity Plan 2Scenes of Vermont155
Activity Plan 3Photo Essays164
10Time of Wonder171
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story172
Activity Plan 2Summer Poems--Free Verse174
Activity Plan 3Revising Summer Poems--Adding Details179
Activity Plan 4Revising Summer Poems--Selecting Powerful Words180
Activity Plan 5Fall Poems--Two-Word Poems183
Activity Plan 6Winter Poems--Haiku189
Activity Plan 7Haiku Poems--Revising and Publishing193
Activity Plan 8Spring Poems--Five Ws Poetry194
Activity Plan 1Sharing the Story202
Activity Plan 2What Is Your Alias?203
Activity Plan 3Can You Decipher It?206
Activity Plan 4Mystery Road Maps--Introduction207
Activity Plan 5Mystery Road Maps--Suspense210
Activity Plan 6Mystery Road Maps--Taking a Risk211
Activity Plan 7Mystery Road Maps--Looking at Motives213
Activity Plan 8Mystery Road Maps--Solutions214
Activity Plan 9Creating a Mystery Magazine215
Activity Plan 10Mystery Magazine Assignments219
12Introducing the Caldecott Award: Randolph Caldecott225
Activity Plan: A Look at Randolph Caldecott225
About the Author238

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