California Gothic

California Gothic

by Dennis Etchison

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A modern master of the horror story takes a shocking turn in this study of California suburbia, where things are not as they seem and earthquake forces lie just below the surface. This new edition presents the author's preferred text.

"The finest writer of psychological horror this genre has produced." -- Karl Edward Wagner

"California Gothic embraces popular culture while satirizing it, blending the character-driven mainstream novel with mystery, suspense and horror. The result is a psychological study of a depth seldom found in genre fiction, overlaid with a radical reinvention of the Gothic tale -- including zombies. Etchison carries it off with an uncanny precision of language that is as clear as a mirage on the bright desert air. A stunning tour de force." -- Kent Allard

"The prevailing tone is not darkness, but a relentless light: the light of the sun, of life, of unwelcome truth. As John Betjeman put it, this is the day that is worse than night. A taut, delicate, breathtaking performance... California Gothic glows with literate vision. Underlying this articulate, luminous novel is an angry challenge to received wisdom, not only about the horror genre but about the way we live." -- Joel Lane

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BN ID: 2940150577763
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Publication date: 10/15/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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California Gothic 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
FAMILY GOTHIC THAT IS A WORTHY ADDITION TO THE GENRE Rather than standard horror fare, Dennis Etchison's CALIFORNIA GOTHIC belongs squarely in the category of family gothic literature. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I think this book is a fascinating read, especially if you are already among those discriminating folks who love Etchison's short stories. But Dennis Etchison's fiction, particularly in novel form, is not for the casual reader as much as for the connoisseur. Sex and scandal? Not so much. Great writing, characterization, and gothic goodness? It's all here. Fans of gothic literature in particular will delight in the way CALIFORNIA GOTHIC displays Etchison's knowledge of the gothic genre and its traditions, which are wonderfully suited to his talents. This is the type of gothic driven by family dynamics and dysfunction. What frightened me the most in this book was Etchison's terrifyingly accurate psychological portrayal of his characters. I felt like I knew these characters, not as "types," but as people, right down to the innermost secret thoughts they would never want anyone to know. Etchison, in my opinion, is one of the most psychologically astute writers in the field of speculative fiction. In keeping with the gothic atmosphere, Nature echoes and enhances the novel's drama. "… a dying earthworm … cranked its segments in a desperate circle, signaling for help." The family home—a suburban "… long, boatlike prefab kit that some other hopeful soul had hammered together in the forties …" –can symbolize failure as much as success. The theme of appearance vs. reality dominates in its Southern Californian milieu. What better place for the line between dreams and drudgery to blur? Then there is the original and brilliant use of film as a gothic device—in this case zombie-flick screenplays as seen through the eyes of a teenage boy—serving as commentary on the ongoing action and conflicted characters. This is an inspired artistic choice, carrying on the story-within-a-story tradition of the most beloved gothic tales. The novel's main problem lies in its underutilization of the more sensationalistic plot elements, which rather than being shunned, should have been put to better use. Yes, there is Jude, a mystery woman who, many years ago, was once the lover of the protagonist, Dan Markham. Jude belonged to a cult deliciously named the Church of Satan the Redeemer (CSR). Markham believes that Jude burned to death during a raid and subsequent fire in the CSR compound. Markham, though, has moved on with his life. He's got his slice of the American dream—a business, a home, a wife, a young son on the cusp of adolescence. But now it seems his past is returning to haunt him … I absolutely love the mentions of the Church of Satan the Redeemer (CSR), a clever reference to the appearance of the devil and satanic rites that go with the gothic territory. But the killer/stalker/possible Satanist plot feels out of place, and also like a wasted opportunity because it's really only mentioned in passing from plot point to plot point. I think the sensationalistic elements could have been explored to satisfy the true-crime types and also used as a vivid backdrop to emphasize the more profound ideas and implications of the novel. However, I still recommend CALIFORNIA GOTHIC and give it four stars for being an addition to the family gothic genre with original elements and fantastic characterization.
moorenoless24 More than 1 year ago
The mind often plays tricks on the body – fertile imagination goading the eyes to surreal visions, shadows of the past lending credence to an otherwise unthinkably outrageous perception of the present.  Dennis Etchison takes the reader on such an unsettling trip in California Gothic, where the initial mile of beaten path leads to the veritable slippery slope of morbidly suggestive imagery, self-conscious, guilt-ridden brow beating and second guessing in an insane reality where said behavior is not necessarily justified but IS oddly redundant.  California Gothic is a dark time capsule of sorts, its apt description of the San Fernando Valley of the 1990s sprinkled with an almost absurd paranormal flavor setting the distinct tone and color of the novel. Perhaps Mr. Etchison’s point is that you can truly never go home again, or home is where the heart is, or the heart is, indeed, a lonely hunter.  Whatever the underlying message may be, it is impossible to pin the author’s intent down and each reader will draw her or her own conclusions from this troubling tale.  Beautifully spun novel from a master of the short story - psychedelic, revelatory, foreboding and treacherous.  Watch your step on this one; things are never quite what they appear to be.