Call Me Abar Or Call Me Eve

Call Me Abar Or Call Me Eve

by Lula Hall


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The subject of this book is best reflected in the prologue of Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum book, "Dark Mother - African Origins and Godmothers." On page 25 of her book she writes:
The hypothesis of this book is that everyone's genetic beautiful mother is African and dark and that she is the oldest divinity we know.
Now the consensus among world scientists is that Africa is the cradle of the most ancient living beings that paleo-anthropologists are willing to call homo, and that Africa is the place of origin of modern humans, homo sapiens.
The subject of this book is global in scope. It examines how religions such as Christianity and Islam were negatively used to deny women their rights and impede their progress socially, economically, politically, and educationally. Western and Arab countries have been the main culprits for injustices done to women. Africa has been devastated because of the negative influences of Islam and Christianity on the continent. The misogynic expressions that men have developed are, in large part, due to the misuse of Islam and Christianity.
Women in all parts of the world are awakening to a new dawn of the truth. Women who read this book may, at first, see it as male bashing. However, a closer scrutiny will reveal that the issues raised in this book cannot continue to be ignored by either women or men.
This is also a commentary about the biblical Eve and the scientific Abar. They are compatible in geographical location of origin and race. As far a as I am concerned, they are.

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