Call of the Kami

Call of the Kami


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The world is a fine tapestry, ever worked and ever evolving upon the loom of spirit. The worlds of the visible and invisible mesh, and sometimes the unseen is glimpsed between the red posts of the torii on a walk in the woods, or at home. The Kami ever call for their Miko, and they are both within us all. The flower of a poem opens her petals to the sun, amidst a garden of other poems.

The poetry herein is the product of a Western Woman who has been heavily influenced by the East, and particularly by her researches into Shinto spirituality and Japanese folklore. Although the poems and songs speak for themselves, brief explanations of culture have been included, with a list of resources for further reading in the back.

Teresa Garcia is a mother of two living at the foot of the sacred Mount Shasta in Northern California. She has written poetry nearly all her life, and draws upon her love of nature and the intricate webs of life for inspiration.

Song of the Dragon Vessel

I walk the earth upon two feet
To be a path for earth and sky to meet.
A vessel for the crystal light
Shining ever with love and might.
I guide the other to see
The waiting dragons that patient be.
I search for those of my race
Though separated by time and place.
A voice for their Voice I chose to be
Until all finally grasp their Eternity.

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About the Author

Teresa Garcia is a 30+ mother of two special needs children. Her youngest is autistic, and her eldest has anxiety issues (some related to worry over her brother, some from other issues) and is allergic to wheat and cow dairy. She has recently been spending time adjusting the contents of her kitchen to accommodate the new family diet.

She is also an International Relations student, concentrating in Asian Studies, and is excited to finally be nearing the end of her Bachelor Degree Program, after a delay in her education. Her hopes are to eventually earn a doctorate.

She also paints. Her current favorite style to work in is inspired by Chinese watercolors. Her art desk often gets shared with children though. In addition to this, she is a small press publisher, and twice weekly also facilitates meditation services via Second Life as Amehana Ishtari. She is also an ordained minister, and is always very excited whenever someone asks her to formalize their wedding.

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