Call of the Ville: Ordeal VIII

Call of the Ville: Ordeal VIII

by J.P. Sater


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Another successful FY has drawn to a close. 538 Sex Acts (SA). Fourth year in a row that IÕve made the Fortune 500 Club. 3,878 SAs for 8 years Ð the period of the Ordeal Journals. Modest goals: To complete 10 years and compile my own Decameron, my own ethical Decalogue. Would like to hit 5,000 SAs for the Decalogue, to average out at 500 SAs per year. That would take another 1,122 SAs or 561 SAs per year. The last 2 years have been comfortable (536 and 538). Need to go back to the pre-comfort, striving levels of FY04 (588) and FY05 (591). The Big ÒOÕsÓ havenÕt really decreased. IÕm getting more insertions, which ends up decreasing the average. Hard to imagine I was batting over .400 the first 2 years. Dropped to around 1 out of 3 in FY01 (.339), then been hitting 1 for 4 (.250) ever since.

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