Call Of The Witches

Call Of The Witches

by Laura Stamps



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ISBN-13: 9780979841354
Publisher: Trytium Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 09/30/2008
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 0.65(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

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Call Of The Witches 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Mahlet More than 1 year ago
LOVED this book! Laura Stamps has outdone herself. The storytelling was perfectly paced, and the sex was smokin' hot due to the awesome chemistry between the h/h, and I totally fell for the sweet & very sensuous Blaine Rutledge.

Maylene is a Wiccan Witch that has just relocated to Columbia, South Carolina. Maylene's had more than her fair share of toxic men, so she has taken a 2-year vow of celibacy at the urging of her Patron Goddess, Artemis. With only 3 months to the finish line on her vow, Maylene meets Blaine, a Wiccan Green Witch and also the cousin of Donnie from "What Witches Want" (book 2 in the series). Maylene and Blaine's attraction for each other was instant and hot. With Blaine's long hair and lean body, Maylene begins a daily struggle with her vow. She can't have sex, but she can date, right? *wink*

While Blaine is completely respectful of Maylene's vow, he still believes in "kissing" friends and starts a slow sensual seduction with a woman he recognizes as special and worth the wait. Along their journey, there are lots of romantic dates, close calls, and erotic dream encounters to keep you VERY satisfied. My God, let me say Blaine has a wicked, wicked tongue - yikes! :) This book definitely wasn't a tease; the entire ride was fulfilling. Like when Blaine comes from his kitchen with a strawberry in his mouth, as a reader, you get jittery with anticipation! Because of the writing style, you live vicariously through Maylene and it's a hot, wonderful place to be. She's a mess around Blaine, and you will be, too!

This book teeters on the edge of paranormal romance & erotica - definitely Laura's hottest book yet. It's a stand alone, but I loved catching up with the characters I met in "What Witches Want." There's some great news for your old friends, but I won't spoil it here :) Enjoy this satisfying read~
LT08 More than 1 year ago
Although this is #3 in the Series, you can read any of the books as a stand alone. But I am so lucky to have gotten in on the "ground flood", so to speak. I have read all 3 of these gems, and have to say this is truly the best of the bunch. The way the romance is drawn out, simply wonderful.
I love reading books that visit with old friends, why spend 200 or more pages getting to know someone, then it's over. But not in this lovely and warm series. That is not only a romance, but it focus's on strong, independent women come together as a group. Not just to men bash, but to help each other and to celebrate life.
Nelsmom More than 1 year ago
This book was an excellent read. It was fun, touching, romantic and gave me a lot of hope.

Maylene the main character is recovering form an abusive marriage, Disfunctional family. Starting a new life. All of the characters were well written and most seen in the first two books of the trilogy The Witches Of Dixie and What Witches Want. A few new characters were introducted that may appear in future books. It also brought about the handfasting of Savannah and Connie whose romance began in the book What Witches Want.

Laura's writing has gotten better with each book I have read. To say much more would spoil the book for future readers. But the main characters Of Maylene and Blaine showed me that there is hope in recovering from an abusive situation and to make a new and happy life.

I will definitly be reccommending this book to my friends.
dochoa-booknurd More than 1 year ago
I really loved this book, this was the third book in the series, and by far the HOTTEST. I liked that the romance started early in the book, and that the people felt like real people. I would love to live in the same neighborhood as all these people. I love how Ms. Stamps twines wicca throughout so it becomes part of the story. Overall this was a great fast read I had a hard time putting down, I think I read it in two afternoons, after work. Give this series a try, you will not be sorry!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
auntee More than 1 year ago
This is a sweet romance between Maylene Whitmire, a beautiful red-haired Wiccan Witch prone to attracting bad-news boyfriends, and sexy Green Witch Blaine Rutledge--possibly one of the nicest, sweetest Beta heroes ever created, and about as far from a bad-news boyfriend as you're ever going to get.

Maylene and her frisky cat, Apollo, are recent arrivals to steamy Columbia, S.C., and Maylene runs her own online business selling Pagan merchandise. She's fed up with her love life, and all the loser boyfriends she's had in the past, so she follows the advice of her patron Goddess, Artemis, and takes a two year vow of celibacy to get her act together. She decides to live by her rules of empowerment when she's ready to get involved with a man again. Besides being Pagan, any man she dates must now: listen to her and care about her feelings and opinions; have high self-esteem; not be needy or encourage co-dependency; not lie or be verbally abusive; be able to commit; and not need fixing or changing. Sounds good--now where can she find a man like this?

How about right down the street? Imagine Maylene's surprise when what looks like the perfect man unexpectedly walks into her life, helping her friends Savannah and Donnie plant their backyard garden. Blaine is Donnie's cousin: he works at a nursery, loves to garden and cook, and lives in a beautifully restored house. And he's just Maylene's type--tall, long-haired, lean, and sexy. They find that they have a lot in common--coming from similar backgrounds--and are instantly smitten. But darn, Maylene's got two months to go on that pesky vow of celibacy! Will Maylene be able to keep her vow, or will sweet, sexy Blaine be too much to resist?

This is what I would call a feel-good romance. There's no real conflict or misunderstandings between the H/H. They are two really nice people who you wouldn't mind having as friends. This book shows a slice of every day life of a Wiccan Witch who's trying to make some positive changes in her life, and how she goes about it. And in the process she learns that she can now trust her judgment when it comes to men.

Don't worry that you have to be up on all the Wiccan lingo or Paganism to enjoy this book, because it's basically a hot romance, whose characters just happen to be Pagan.

And speaking of hot romance, it was very surprising. What started out as a PG-rated romance suddenly morphed into R-rated territory, especially when Maylene started having erotic dreams about Blaine! And when Maylene and Blaine FINALLY got together for real, the sex scenes were smokin' hot. Who knew that mild mannered Blaine could be that hot?!

There is also a preview of the next book in a spin-off series, when we meet the characters of Sara and Dray at the big Samhain (Halloween) party near the end of the book. Looks very promising!

If you like a feel-good romance where the characters genuinely like and respect each other as well as have some hot romantic encounters, then this is a book that you'd enjoy. It left me with a warm, satisfied feeling, and most importantly, I wanted to read more!