Called To Be A Witness!

Called To Be A Witness!

by David Tillman
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Called To Be A Witness! by David Tillman

When God Speaks Audibly!

God speaks audibly and your life will never be the same. "I couldn't find any one! I turned back towards the house, and at about the same place, a different voice called my name, "DAVID". It was a very deep voice, which spoke with an authority one would not doubt; it was God the Father! It came from about ten feet above me. I froze dead in my tracks, petrified. I was afraid to look-up, talk or even breathe. I held my breath fearing death if I tried to breathe. After what seemed like a minute and a half, I decided that if I didn't breathe I would die anyway. So, I slowly took a breath. I didn't die! In a short moment, I found the courage to look up, expecting to see someone standing above me; I saw no one. Then, very humbly, I replied: "Yes, God". He spoke again audibly in these exact words . . . (Chapter 4)

You will see and hear things differently as you read this amazing book and He shows you His miracles one after another. "I was riding my motorcycle home. I had pulled onto the road and started accelerating . . . a car from a side street ran a stop sign striking the side of my motorcycle. Out of instinct, I raised my right leg preventing it from being crushed. My right buttock hit the side of the car, and I was thrown upward. An eyewitness . . . stated I flew over sixty feet through the air turning end over end. I remember landing in the left lane . . . The touchdown was as smooth as sliding on a slide" (Chapter 2)

God's favor makes your life endlessly wonderful as He goes before you, with you and behind you all at the same time. "I was cleaning up the yards of my new home and while raking, God spoke into my mind and said: 'David, if you are going to get married, get married now so you will have time to spend with your family before my return.' Almost instantly my heart changed and I could not wait to get married. . . . He spoke to me in an audible voice again . . . 'Ask her to marry you.' Now this was only our third date." (Chapter 14) Riches, fame and glory cannot compare to the favor of God and the things He has prepared for those who love Him.

See Him in your life as you read the ways He reveals Himself to this author. Desire Him, seek after Him and you, too, will find Him. He is alive and waits for us to seek His presence. "I again thought I was seeing things. I looked back and down and grasped my legs and said 'These are real' and grasped the steering wheel and said 'This is real'. . . . As I looked up . . . I saw the most beautiful sight a human will ever see..... JESUS!" (Chapter 7).

Through Jesus this is all possible and there is no other name whereby we must be saved. The power in the name of Jesus is far beyond our understanding, so just use it! "I closed the door and leaned my head back ... looking up out of the car windshield. . . . Suddenly, about three feet above the trees, appeared what I would describe as two death angels. . . . They descended down and stood about three feet over the front hood of my car. . . . the one on my right had a sickle, as if to reap a harvest. The one on my left had chains and shackles, as to bind someone. . . . I was feeling the life leave me and hearing my heart slowly ceasing to beat. . . . I also remembered God. . . . I asked Him . . . 'If You take this off me; I promise You I will never do it again!' Nothing changed. . . . Jesus spoke . . . So in the same manner I said; 'I ask in the name of Jesus!' The split second I said the name 'Jesus' . . ." (Chapter 1) Read how the name of Jesus sets the captives free, removes the blindness and reveals God.


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ISBN-13: 9781432766948
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 07/12/2011
Pages: 84
Product dimensions: 0.17(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

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Called to Be a Witness: Second Edition 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Praise God that He reveals Himself in many ways that everyone has the opportunity to see Him at work in our lives and know He is real. God reveals Himself to us through His word and His works. Thank you for your Testimony of His Glory in your life that others may Believe.