Called to Justice (Quaker Midwife Mystery #2)

Called to Justice (Quaker Midwife Mystery #2)

by Edith Maxwell


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ISBN-13: 9780738750323
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 04/08/2017
Series: Quaker Midwife Mystery Series , #2
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 505,192
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Edith Maxwell is President of the New England chapter of Sisters in Crime and a long-time member of the Society of Friends. She is the author of the Local Foods Mysteries and writes the Country Store Mysteries under the pseudonym Maddie Day.

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Called to Justice 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Missisue4 More than 1 year ago
"Death. Betrayal. Sickness. Thievery. Rape." .... In a Quaker Midwife Mystery series ?? Trust. Love. Commitment. Friendship. Life. .... In a Quaker Midwife Mystery series ?? Absolutely !!! Called to Justice by Edith Maxwell has that and a whole lot more. The main character, Rose, is a Quaker and a midwife and a friend to everyone. Rose is a very good listener and will do whatever she can to help someone.....even if it could be dangerous. While enjoying a day of celebration Rose vows to help Hannah, a young girl who works at the factory with her niece. Hannah had informed Rose that she was with child but wouldn't say who the father was. Before Rose can gather more information from the young girl, Hannah is shot during the firework display. At the time, no one comes forward to say who shot her. Rose not only wants to solve Hannah's murder but also find out who the father of the unborn child is. As Rose continues her midwife responsibilities she is able to do some investigating as well. When a Friend is accused of Hannah's murder, Rose knows that the authorities have the wrong person. She also learns that another girl who works at the factory and lives in the boardinghouse where Hannah lived is accusing the deceased as having stolen items from her. On top of ALL that, David has asked her to marry him and she has accepted. But before they can even celebrate, David's mother expressed her feelings about their engagement and it isn't nice at all !! With all that information, Rose is more determined to solve Hannah's murder. Will she be able to free her innocent friend from jail ? Can she do this without putting her own life in jeopardy ? No matter how much stuff gets thrown at Rose, she is always able to handle it. Pick up your copy of Called to Justice and see how she does it.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
We are back with Rose in an 1880’s Quaker Village of Amesbury, MA, and she is still the midwife, and David is still in the picture. We meet injustice face on when a man of color is accused of murder, but who did commit the crime. Rose is sure that this gentle man did not, but a young mill girl is murdered at the Fourth of July Celebration, and she has just let Rose in on a secret. The author does a great job of making me believe I’m am attending the deliveries, riding a horse to the beach, or just going about my daily life. While we go about everyday life, we are also tuning into what is going on and who the real murderer is, and you are going to change from one culprit to another, and then back again, but will you be right? Another great look into American history in old New England, with a big of suspense and mystery added in. I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Midnight Ink, and was not required to give a positive review.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts In her follow up to Delivering the Truth Edith Maxwell takes us back to Amesbury, Massachusetts in 1888 just in time for the Independence Day celebration. Rose Carroll is enjoying the fireworks with her beau David Dodge when gunshots ring out and a young woman in found dead. A former slave and Friend becomes the prime suspect leading Rose to delve into the investigation herself. She finds her life in danger the closer she gets to learning the truth. Just when she needs him most her relationship with Doctor Dodge gets rocky and Rose tries to remain strong. There are several lives in danger as this midwife strives to keep everyone safe. Rose has become a very comfortable character for me. She is smart, caring and kind to everyone she meets. She carries a calmness about her, something that is very important in her work as a midwife. She also keeps her wits about her when things get out of control. She is true to herself and her beliefs. The author captures the history of the time very well. She draws on her Quaker roots to give us real sense of Quaker lifestyle. The characters Ms. Maxwell surrounds Rose with are quite varied. From very wealthy to factory workers and even a former slave. All are very fleshed out and believable. As Rose connects with them we become aware of their true colors. Some we can quickly eliminate as suspects and others need further scrutiny. The plot entwines the characters together in many ways making the mystery a tough one to solve. The story gives us a complex mystery with a perfect flow that builds to an exciting climax. Suspense was ratcheted up quite high as the ending played out. I absolutely loved this story. A wonderful mystery you can get lost in. Travel back with Rose and the people of Amesbury. A perfect escape!
Carstairs38 More than 1 year ago
Rose Seeks Justice for a Pregnant Young Woman Last year, we got to meet Rose Carroll, a Quaker midwife in 1888 Massachusetts when the prolific Edith Maxwell started a new historical mystery series. Since I enjoyed that book, I was ready to return to Rose’s world in Called to Justice. It’s a return trip well worth making. The book opens on the 4th of July, and Rose is among the many in the town of Amesbury out enjoying the festivities. As the parade is going through town, Hannah Breed confides in Rose that she is pregnant. Since Hannah isn’t married and is only in her late teens, Hannah doesn’t know what to do. Marrying the father, a man whose identity Rose wants to keep quiet, isn’t an option either. Rose promises to help Hannah, but she isn’t quite sure how she will do that. That night, while Rose is enjoying the fireworks with her beau, David, someone starts screaming. Rose and David, who is a doctor, rush to see if they can help only to find that Hannah is dead. Someone used the fireworks to disguise the firing of the gunshot that killed her. Someone from the crowd steps forward and suggests that it was a former slave who shot Hannah. Rose knows the accused since he is also a Quaker, and knows him to be a kind and gentle man who has no motive. Yet the police seem focused on him. Can Rose clear her friend by finding out what really happened? The book starts out quickly, but I did feel that the pacing of the story was a bit off overall. There are several strong sub-plots along the way that help keep our interest, however, and a couple of those do tie into the main mystery by the end. Of course, all the loose ends are tied up by the climax, which is a real page turner. Rose lives with her late sister’s family, however we really only see her oldest niece Faith in this book since most of the family has gone to visit Rose’s parents on their farm. That means that our returning characters are a bit limited, however, I really appreciated getting to know Faith better here. Of course, Rose herself is a strong, resourceful character. I felt she overreacted to something at one point, but that was a minor issue and fortunately quickly resolved. The new characters are all strong and serve their purpose as suspects perfectly. We get a couple scenes of Rose practicing her profession. I was at once fascinated and repulsed by them, but then I’m a guy and a bachelor at that, so discussing birthing makes me easily squeamish. The setting and time period are really strong in this book. When I was reading, I felt like I was back in 1888. I actually had to laugh at a couple conversations the characters had about that new instrument the telephone and communication in that day and age. It’s always good to remember what life was like and think about how truly spoiled we are in many ways. So if you are looking for a trip back in time, there is no better guide than Rose. Pick up Called to Justice and enjoy your time travel today. NOTE: I received an ARC of this book.
mymissdaisy More than 1 year ago
Hmm. I wasn't sure how I would feel about this book. The first few pages were a bit slow for me. But after a short awhile I was hooked. I am 'learning' to be a fan of historical romances and now mysteries. I've never read a cozy mystery from an historical period. Called For Justice was food for thought for me about the genre of historical mysteries. The story was steady. The reader journeys along with Rose as she moves through her day doing the job of Midwifery that she is called to do. There is some romance involved. Rose has a relationship with Dr. David. As in any good romance their relationship there is an older girl friend or 'wanna be' girlfriend or in this case... David's mother. The romance is hindered by his mothers interference. But not for long. David set his foot down and straightened out his mother. Not only David win points with me in standing up to his mother and her interference he won points by supporting Rose in her sleuthing. Rather than being all concerned, bothered and trying to tell Rose what to do. He actually supports her. His understanding and support bolsters the relationship between himself and Rose. Rose begins to ask questions and starts her own investigation when a friend of hers is taken in for questioning about the shooting. Rose is determined to prove his innocence and find the real killer. The reader is swept along the way with Rose as a plethora of events and questions arise. Rose is determined even until the end to find the true killer who turns out to be a big surprise. I enjoyed reading Called For Justice. The authors attention to detail in describing the job(s) tasks of mid wife in the time period made for an interesting read. And I can say that I might just be a new fan of historical mysteries. I look forward to backtracking and reading book 1 in the series. I received a complimentary copy of Called For Justice from Great Escapes Book Tours. I look forward to backtracking and reading book 1 in the series. This review will appear on retail sites where the book is available. This review will appear on My Reading Journeys and linked to available blog link parties. This review will appear on Good Reads.
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Called to Justice by Edith Maxwell is the second book in A Quaker Midwife Mystery series. Rose Carroll is a Quaker midwife in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Rose is watching the Fourth of July parade when she is approached by Hannah Breed, a seventeen-year-old mill worker. Hannah confides in Rose that she is pregnant, but she is unwilling to reveal the identity of the father. Rose agrees to help the young woman. Later that evening, Rose is enjoying the fireworks display with her beau, Dr. David Dodge. There are men shooting off guns nearby and soon screams ring out. David and Rose run over to find Hannah on the ground (someone took advantage of the chaos). When the police arrive, the manager of the Hamilton Mill, Lester Colby, makes sure to point fingers at Akwasi Ayensu, an African-American Quaker and local businessman. Rose is astounded that anyone would accuse Akwasi and is further incensed when he is arrested for the crime. Rose knows that Akwasi would not harm a soul and sets out to find the true culprit of the crime. In the meantime, Rose approaches John Whittier to hire counsel for Akwasi. Rose has to work in a little sleuthing in between her midwifery duties. Rose’s relationship with David is going along splendidly until his mother decides to interfere (she does not approve of Rose). This causes a rift between the pair that hopefully can be repaired. With Akwasi soon going to trial, Rose needs to step up her game if she is to find the real killer. The villain will not go easily, and Rose soon finds her life in peril. Called to Justice is an interesting historical mystery novel. I liked the time period, the lovely setting, and the Rose’s occupation. I do wish, though, that the story had been written in the third person to make it easier to read. With the story being written in the first person, I found it harder to read the Quaker dialogue. I thought that the dialogue was stilted and old fashioned which suits the novel, but it hard to get through (in the beginning). The book is well-written, and I liked the mention of historical figures like Louisa May Alcott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony. There are also some appealing details that help set the time. Mail is delivered twice a day which aided communication between people living in different towns as well as businesses. Also, the telephone was just starting to be installed in homes. I give Called to Justice 4 out of 5 stars. While Called to Justice is the second book in A Quaker Midwife Mystery series, it can be read alone. The author provides all the necessary background details on Rose, her family, friends, and life. The mystery was intriguing but not overly complex. Most readers will be able to discern the identity of the killer before the reveal. The relationship between Rose and David did not dominate the book. It was nice, light and romantic which I appreciated. I will be looking for more of Edith Maxwell’s novels to read.
CozyUpWithKathy More than 1 year ago
an intricate, heartfelt mystery CALLED TO JUSTICE by Edith Maxwell The Second Quaker Midwife Mystery Rose Carroll is pleased to celebrate the one hundred-and-twelfth birthday of the United States of America, especially as she will be enjoying the town festivities with her beau, Doctor David Dodge. During the fireworks Rose and David hear someone shouting for a doctor and rush to find a young woman has been shot. Was it an accident, a reckless shooting in celebration of the nation's birthday, or did someone murder the girl? Performing her duties as a midwife and continuing her romance with the good doctor, Rose also seeks justice both for the pregnant girl who was killed and for her fellow Quaker and former slave who is accused of the crime. It's always a pleasure to travel back in time with Edith Maxwell. Her authenticity and attention to detail make reading her Quaker Midwife Mystery series as good as having a time machine. Although CALLED TO JUSTICE is a historical mystery, it tackles issues we continue to face today such as racism, sexual assault, and our basic insecurities when it comes to love. While progress has been made to some degree, the struggle is much the same today as it was for Rose and her companions. CALLED TO JUSTICE is an intricate, heartfelt mystery. The author guides us down multiple avenues, developing characters and motives, in order to work out the truth and find justice. By doing so Maxwell enhances the setting, detailing life as it was and making it more real. Edith Maxwell brings the late 1800s to life with wonderful characters, a finely wrought mystery, and a modern sensibility. FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a digital ARC provided through NetGalley, in the hopes I would review it.