Calling the Shots

Calling the Shots

by Christine d'Abo

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He's had a wild ride, and now sex club owner Josh Scott is looking for a change of scene. But first, he's determined to bring two friends together, and he's willing to be a third wheel to move things along...

Beth Norris is eager to be set up with hot bartender Oliver Stephenson, but she's equally attracted to matchmaker Josh. Soon she's fantasizing about both men at once—and about being the one to call the shots in the encounter...

Ready to move on with his life post-divorce, Oliver is conflicted by the realization that he's attracted to women and men. Or more specifically, to Beth and Josh. He tries to keep his distance, but it's not long before the chemistry between the trio combusts in a night of mind-blowing sex.

In the light of day, it's clear something deeper than desire is growing between Josh, Beth and Oliver. But though Josh has helped others find love in unconventional relationships, is he willing to take a chance on one himself?

68,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426894473
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 10/08/2012
Series: Long Shots , #4
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 89,908
File size: 743 KB

About the Author

Christine d'Abo is a novelist, short story writer and secret ninja with over thirty publications to her name. She loves to exercise and stops writing just long enough to hit the gym. When she's not practising her ninja moves in her basement, she's most likely spending time with her family and two dogs. You can visit Christine at her website

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Josh stood back and admired his handiwork. The tables and chairs that normally ringed the dance floor of Mavericks had been removed, opening up the large space. Mountains of pillows were piled up around, creating islands of comfort where his members would be able to roll around together. Last year the biggest complaint had been about the low number of spots where people could get horizontal and play. He'd made double sure to fix the issue this year by quadrupling their pillow order and covering the entire dance area with a gigantic velour rug.

No one wanted to get naked on cold marble after all.

He and the staff had spent the better part of a week getting his club ready for their latest theme night. Josh had worked out every detail and spared no expense when it came to the little details that would make the party memorable. He'd even brought the cleaning service in for an extra extended session, washing down every surface and replacing any silicon toy that looked even a little used.

Nothing was more entertaining than receiving a sex toy shipment and handing them over to the cleaning company for setup. Especially if there was a new employee who'd never worked at Mavericks before.

The annual X-rated pajama party had fast become a club favorite, and one he personally enjoyed participating in. He'd even go so far as to slip into a pair of pajama bottoms, sans T-shirt, foregoing his normal leather attire. The staff would tease him about his dressed-down appearance, telling him he needed to relax like that more often. Not that he ever listened.

This year held a bit more pressure for him as he fully intended to show off for some investors he'd been wooing for well over two months now. Snagging their support would get him one step closer to opening the new club in Montreal. It was an opportunity he'd been trying to secure for a few years now, but the timing or the money had never worked out. Not until recently. With a hold on the perfect location only requiring the rest of his deposit, and the balance of funding now only a contract signature away, Josh was humming with anticipation. It was like his arrival in Toronto—the excitement of a fresh start.

"Josh, do you think we should put the rubber sheets down in the Black Room or keep them in the Gold?"

Beth Norris, his assistant manager and close friend, stood at the top of the stairs, hands on her hips and a smirk on her face. She'd piled up her long blond hair into something that would have resembled a bun at one point during the day. Now, tendrils escaped to kiss the tops of her shoulders and neck. It was a sexy look for her. Not that he'd ever dare tell her that.

"We ran out of room last year, didn't we?" He knew it was terrible to be staring at her breasts, but from this angle and the way she was thrusting her hip out to the side, Beth was positively edible.

"Oil too. I think if we move it to the Black Room, it will give people more room to slide around. But it might upset some of the voyeurs as there isn't a two-way in that one."

Ah, another day at the office.

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Calling the Shots 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
twocoulters More than 1 year ago
Thanks to the publisher, Carina Press, and NetGalley for the chance to read this! This is the fourth installment in Christine d'Abo's Long Shots series. However, this is the first book by this author I've read; so I had no idea what to expect. Before starting this book, I was concerned that I hadn't read the first three books in the series and that jumping in would be confusing. While reading, I discovered none of those concerns were valid. Calling the Shots can definitely be read as a stand-alone. This is a smoking hot ménage story with something special that succeeded in convincing me, the reader, that the threesome relationship could actually work. With two seriously sexy guys, a feisty heroine, and an intriguing and suspenseful plot, what’s not to love? I was looking for something straight-forward: smutty, sexy and not much of a plot line to think about – but I got much more than that!!! Having enjoyed this book so much, I’m adding the first three books of this series to my TBR pile. It's well written and the complexities of the characters make it interesting beyond the sexual exploits. This is a sexually explicit story – just a warning in case that makes you uncomfortable. Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge through NetGalley for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
U won't regret this one if u like mmf menage. Even the perfect plot
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Luv this book ...story is awesome. .very different
pilsilver30 More than 1 year ago
yes, I'd like to highly recommend this book but only for a specific audience. If you don't like to read about BDSM clubs, sex scenes between m/f/m then don't read it and don't leave nasty reviews. Read what Oprah recommends, I'm sure you'll be much smarter...
arlenadean More than 1 year ago
By: Christine D'Abo Published By: Carina Press Age Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4 Book Blog For: GMTA Series: Long Shorts #4 Review: "Calling The Shots" by Christine D'Abo is the fourth in the 'Long Shorts' series for this author. This story has lots of twist and turns that kept you reading to see what was coming next in this story. Now, I want you to know that this is a menage relationship, so if this isn't your kind of genre....You know what to do. This was definitely a story of three people who were learning to embrace just who they were and trying to fight off the demons of their past and in the end finding love. It was quite a read seeing these three laughing, flirting and teasing each other. The characters were all well developed and omg the erotic love scenes were...well this is the time that I say you must pick up "Calling The Shots" to see just what all this is about. Be ready for a lots of drama along with this good read. If you are looking for a good steamy book with a menage trios relationship, "Calling The Shots" would be recommended to you.
ElizabethT More than 1 year ago
This is an erotica book about two guys and one chick. I loved how real they were and the issues they all had to work through. I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend this book to others
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kisnana More than 1 year ago
Loved this book!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Michela_Walters More than 1 year ago
Calling the Shots is the fourth book in a series that all take place in and around a sex club, Mavericks and a coffee shop, the Pulled Long Cafe. I read the first three of the series and really enjoyed them. The last book isn’t about the Long siblings who run the Pulled Long Cafe, but rather it’s about Josh Scott, the owner of Mavericks where much of the previous installments took place. Josh is bi, and previously was part of a threesome involving Paul & Sadie (see Double Shots). Ever since his encounter with them he’s been feeling lonely and doesn’t know what to do about it. He’s been finding the random hookup unfulfilling and has thought about opening up another sex club in Montreal just to get away from the happy couple. When his manager, Beth Norris and head bartender, Oliver Stephenson suggest they get together, it’s too much for him to resist. The story is filled with twists and turns, some of which seemed a bit too much, but I enjoyed the story regardless. I liked how Christine d’Abo told the tale in a pretty realistic way. She didn’t sugarcoat the difficulty of having a relationship with two people at the same time. She showed the various emotions and hurt feelings that can happen when dealing with such a relationship. Overall, the sex was steamy, the plot was well written and my only complaint is based on the ending of this book, it seems like this is the end of the series. I’ll miss these well crafted characters and would always welcome if d’Abo decided to write a little more of any of these relationships. I recommend the entire Long Shot series if you like fast paced, a little kinky, a little dirty all encompassed in a sound story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bad story line. Not impressed with how it was wrote.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago