Calling to the White Tribe: Rebirthing Indigenous, Earth-Saving Wisdom

Calling to the White Tribe: Rebirthing Indigenous, Earth-Saving Wisdom


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Calling to the White Tribe: Rebirthing Indigenous, Earth-Saving Wisdom by Mr, Ed E McGaa Ed Eagle Man

There are two kinds of people in this world. One seeks wisdom; the other, seeks gratification. One is angered by injustice; the other is unconcerned. One is loyal to all living brothers and sisters; the other is loyal to a nation. One rejects dogma and thinks independently; the other blindly bows to authority, ridiculing free thinkers. One stands up to oppression; the other does nothing Which one are you? We, in modern Europe, have strayed from our Natural Path. Our rich ancestral wisdoms are in danger of being lost, plunging us into chaos and despair as we tear ourselves away from the energy that created and sustains us. Using the Lakota Tribe as both an example and a beacon, Calling to the White Tribe exposes Organized Religion, false Democracies, Superstition and modern-man lifestyle models for the destructive forces they really are in order that generations to come will be free and know the value and purpose of humanity s place on Mother Earth.

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ISBN-13: 9781782791348
Publisher: Moon Books
Publication date: 05/16/2013
Pages: 249
Sales rank: 897,140
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About the Author

Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, is an American citizen, a Teton Oglala Lakota (Sioux) born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and a successful writer.

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Calling to the White Tribe

Rebirthing Indigenous, Earth-Saving Wisdom

By Ed Mc Gaa, Eagle Man

John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

Copyright © 2012 Ed McGaa, Eagle Man
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-78279-134-8



Religion & Spirituality

When Man speaks of Religion or Spirituality, He should speak only in a suppositional sense or attitude, with the exception, of course; that which he directly observes. For, it is indeed an incomprehensible Mystery.

In our Universe, at least, most believe we have an ethical and moral Designer, Force, Ruler, Originator, Maker, Creator, (God). The speed and exactness of a computer, a mobile phone are brilliant, seemingly magical examples of what this Great Force allows from and through what it has designed. Mere, egotistical human thinks that he has created the invention; never realistically reasoning that all invention has to begin with this Mysterious Force which my people call Wakan Tanka (Wah khan tan kah) - Great Spirit.

There is little visibly left of the Celtic Way from what I have directly observed in recent travels to Europe. It has been thoroughly obliterated by Organized Religion. You are foolish to go to the churches to try and find it. If you truly seek what the ancient Celts practiced, utilize plain common sense and go to an Indigenous tribe that has managed to keep their Spiritual connection to the Natural Way ... and little different than what the Celts basically practiced. This writing will bring the indigenous to you although many non-natives, especially Europeans, are now journeying to some of our Western Native American tribes and observing ... and learning.

What is Spirituality? What is Religion?

Organized Religion has a history of deprecating Nature as a spiritual base. Religion often disagrees with the findings of modern science whereas Spirituality is more often supportive of scientific discovery and findings. After all, the scientist is simply probing, investigating, and studying a specific area or field of Creator's nature. First let us begin with Indigenous Man, who was immune to the detours, the detractions of modern living. Furthermore, he had direct access to the teachings of ever-present, all-surrounding Nature. Wild game could be in view with every step. There was no not covering pavement, view blocking sky scrapers, no brick and mortar, let alone planetary, life threatening, and life ending pollution which Man creates. Indigenous Man's lifestyle was dependent upon Nature's provision, whether it was soil tilling or hunting or both. If one was to learn Spirituality - his was the perfect classroom.

My tribe managed to preserve their Natural connection, the Natural Way or 'Nature's Way'. Yes, and even yet to this day. Our forebears lived this belief system prior to the coming of the White Man – the Wah shi chu. Despite the Academics and the Wah shi chu missionaries who did the immediate damage to spiritual preservation, my tribe preserved and are now returning (Ahtaa hehnucehnu - hastily) to the old Natural Way (our Native Spirituality). Our ceremonies of thanksgiving are returning and being presented once more to Creator and its Spirit World by the Lakota people, who for the most part are now part Wah shi chu due to the increasing inter-marriage, or should we say 'outer-marriage'. It obviously makes no difference to the participating Spirits that enter our ceremonies and refresh us spiritually.

The Celtic tribes who once roamed freely throughout most of Europe for several thousand years were quite parallel – spiritually to the Sioux, the Iroquois, the Chippewa and most of the Northeastern North American Indigenous tribes: this holding is my strong suspicion. Nature is Nature and on both sides of the Atlantic she reveals the same. Man's basic interpretations, if they remain devoid of superstition, (man's creation), the parallel beliefs should remain similar - is another of my beliefs, suppositions. Eventually, the blocking out of Nature due to 'civilized advancement' along with modern Man's input of religious superstitions (all concoctions of this strand of Mankind) brought on a myriad of religious beliefs and onward to an outright avoidance of Nature's teachings and further onward to even a vilification of that which could be spiritually fruitful within what ironically is created by the very Creator itself ... and there we have Organized Religion to this day.


Man could not control Nature nor alter or dilute what it can and will display, therefore it had to be religiously obliterated and those who chose to remain steadfast to the Natural Way were condemned, persecuted, and eventually exterminated to the extent that their Spirituality eventually vanished. And such is what basically happened to the ancient teachings and recordings of the collective Celtic Wisdoms. Europe had a much longer exposure to Organized Religion and therefore suffered complete obliteration of its indigenous wisdoms and belief systems. My tribe has been only exposed to Organized Religion but a century - not long enough to extinguish the Natural Way from the ongoing generations.

The same course of obliteration happened to the belief system of tribal peoples of the western hemisphere but it has not happened to all of the tribes in North America. My tribe was besieged by Wah shi chu Christian missionaries who were quite successful with their federal government lobbying despite supposed democratic constitutional secular protections to ban indigenous tribal religion (Spirituality to the tribes). Some of the western United States' tribes went 'underground' however, to keep their belief system alive. Following the aftermath of Dr. Martin Luther King's Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, the American Congress finally woke up and passed the Freedom of Religion law a decade later after MLK; hence removing the unconstitutional, unlawful religious ban.

A strong resurgence; a return to Native Spirituality has now occurred and the old spiritual ways, still preserved, are now flourishing vigorously on the Lakota reservations - mostly in the state of South Dakota. Surrounding tribes are also returning to their ways including those tribes in Canada especially the Cree. They come down to America and attend our summer Sun Dances. Some Sioux go up to Canadian Native American Reservations (Reserves) and attend their ceremonies which beseech to the Great Spirit (Creator). ,The Lakota can give you a window to your ancestor's valuable beliefs if you garner the Wisdom (common sense) to look through it.

Native American ceremonies, songs and prayers will be explained in this writing so you can enter the 'mind-think' of a people, the North Native American, who was very much akin to the spiritual outlook of the ancient Celts of Europe. Like I said, 'Nature is alike on both sides of the oceans.' Their teachings which are based on unchanging Nature were strongly alike. Both attempted to find the intricacy of the Higher Power (God; to some) mainly through 'What' and 'How' this vast Creator Entity reveals its Nature for moral and ethical guidance rather than seeking universal knowledge from the foolish blathering of Man.

Modern Man has traversed widely in his attempts to 'know' what is actually impossible to truly perceive. Yet he's been quite successful in branding his formulated concepts onto society. Man has established a religious hierarchy which controls through fear along with false, unsupportable promises. And the 'bleating sheep' followers choose eagerly to adhere to this rather than to seek realistic learning and true knowledge, free from superstition and false claims, which now are becoming quite dangerous for planetary survival. They (the sheep) are programmed, medicated, embalmed to deny that which only a much Higher Power than mere Man can adequately provide.

Evangelicals shun hierarchy and build their own vast mansions from their Sunday Service monetary collections and televised to draw the sheep; preaching how God will reward them financially. Their faces are notably tight, voices forceful and fearful while quoting biblical verse. Most religions are quite homophobic, denying vehemently that Creator makes all things, entities, breathing and non-breathing, moving and non-moving - the way they are. My tribe simply states that a Winkteay (one born as a non-heterosexual) is made that way by Creator and no chastisement or negative treatment of such individuals should be allowed or is condoned because one does not injure or hurt what Creator creates. The Spirit World awaits all and justice will be served on violators.

Jehovah's Witnesses held to a certain number who will only get to enter 'Heaven' but altered that Biblically deciphered amount once this particular sect grew in membership. Mormons wear special 'God pleasing' underwear. Muslim women must always keep their heads partially covered when in public, some sects demanding a burka. Catholic nuns only recently came out of a special hooded covering that was quite restrictive. Priests and nuns all take a vow of celibacy and yet pedophilia scandals have run rampant throughout the church hierarchy leading toward numerous lawsuits thanks to this new age of exposing communication.

Environmentally, many Christians ignore planetary heating, dismissed by their 'Rapture/Resurrection' belief that their God concept will appear and solve any and all environmental problems besides rewarding the adherents and of course punishing the non-believers. I hope that they are right! Such is just a few of the startling beliefs Man has come up with from his many organized religious sects. But a few centuries back, one could or would be put to death, and most often after torture, if one would disagree with such religious precepts. The penultimate chapter will indeed expose such atrocities that Organized Religion has inflicted on innocent people.

All mainstream Christian and Muslim establishments believe emphatically that a 'Devil' or 'Satan' exists, and prey upon humankind to detour their journey away from a rewarding heaven and on into a fiery, quite unpleasant 'Hell' where one can expect eternal torture. Traditionalists of my tribe believe a Spirit World exists where all humans will eventually enter and there one is judged by those whom one has offended untruthfully and by those whom one has honored truthfully according to positive morals, ethics and what the animal world certainly exhibits for us – Truthful Duty to offspring, pack or Tribe during one's Earth Journey. It is difficult for most culture respecting Sioux to think Ultimate Creator has any need for a White Man's Satan; let alone allow such a thing in a Creation which provides for us all. Therefore, our culture is much less superstitious, or afraid of the dark. Certainly such an attitude is a needed armor against the religious charlatans of the world.

We also have 'Honest Observation' in our armory, which is defined as looking clearly at what Nature reveals to us along with an awareness of the Past. Honest observation also holds a cautious respect for Nature's power. To regain the Natural Way, one can expect false, denigrating accusations to be hurled back upon those, including the probing, investigators of Science, who simply are seeking real Truth.

Great protectors of Mother Earth were the old generations of Indigenous people; quite unlike the fruitless negativity we have experienced from observing and hearing Dominant Society's Organized Religious practice down through centuries and now inwardly supporting life threatening pollution mainly from unchecked commerce while ignoring Earth's dire warnings. Yes! Organized Religion is completely devoid of Environmental care and concern. Where is such supporting evidence in their highly touted bible? Heating of the Planet, Water Shortage, Gone Resources and Over Population are the four major causes of the future calamities besetting our planet's survivability. I should correct that statement: rather it should be – human's survivability upon the planet. Mother Nature will survive; humans may not!

Such oncoming disaster is so visible in this modern day that Organized Religion is now forced into desperate retreat but yet they still hold fast to their downplaying and minimization of such serious threats to our planet. Their 'black books' of human prophecies speak nothing of the above subjects, rather one major proverb or command dictates: 'Multiply and subdue the Earth.' In my opinion, over population is the most serious threat to our existence and the wildlife upon the planet also. One country alone is taking serious steps toward minimizing over population – China. This country also places a check on Organized Religion as well for they are well aware of Organized Religion's ability to control. If Organized Religion would have controlled China in the past century, their population would no doubt have doubled by now! India, adherents of Organized Religion, will eventually surpass China in sheer number.

Western Europe does not yet set political based restrictions on population limitation (in England they are looking into limiting populous through changes in their social welfare system) but the citizens themselves are practicing commendable curtailment of the sizes of their families. Eastern Europe is also awakening toward a similar sustainable practice. The planet's western hemisphere in comparison, does not practice population control especially Mexico and those South American countries still held in the grip of Organized Religion, predominantly the Catholic Church.

Mexico would become desolate, but their check valve is illegal immigration into the United States which it will eventually control due to the lack of awareness of the materialistic numbed Americans. Math is math but America remains too distracted with their existing comforts to realize the approaching end of successful secularization due to the eventual loss of control of their own country. They are akin to alcoholics whom remain steadfast to their addiction oblivious to all that is falling away around them.


What dedicated, self-less leadership has Organized Religion spawned? We can simply look at the corruption, greed and self-promoting non-leadership that the American Congress (all Organized Religion proponents) has spawned for itself to answer that question. Not only have the politicians enriched themselves but the tax free Churches have also, especially the hierarchal ones and the televangelists.

Indigenous peoples were equally Matriarchal and Patriarchal. They saw that Nature (God's Creation) was balanced and therefore their Spirituality would be as it should be and remain accordingly as all things made, (created) displayed were far more exemplary, more dependable than what mere man would utter. Many of the Celtic women rose to Bardship; the keeper of the records, the Keepers of the proven, workable wisdom. Like the Celts of old regarding Woman, she has a high place also in Lakota Sioux society. The Animal World, the female often leads the hunt. The herding Wamaskaskan (animals), the old matriarch elephant leads to water and grasslands. The Bulls follow. Often the Alpha wolf pack leader is female; the female lion leads and engineers most of the hunt. That is the way God made it. Among the Sioux and the Iroquois, the woman is powerful as it was among the ancient Celts.

The Pilgrims who arrived in America in the 1600s knew nothing about 'Democracy'; they would later adopt it through two observant envoys to the Iroquois Confederation of five tribes - Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin. Paine remained with the Iroquois, learned their language and took the wonderful political and social valued gift to Europe where it blossomed so well that it brought down the decadent, selfish and corrupted monarchies. By directly observing what Creator has put before us - Nature, we can easily learn how our own countries should be organized and operated fairly. To practice the Natural Way, however, requires keen, thoughtful observation of Creator's workings; more than just a few songs and some ceremonies, however.

The Natural Way is a matter of living your beliefs and to know, understand, feel and be all that surrounds you which is Nature made and not man-made. It is a lifetime of moral and ethical application. The more astute you develop your mind to perceive and look for clues and meaning set before you by this Ultimate Creator, the more you prepare that miraculous mind for your own lifestyle while here. One's goal should be a deep, serious ongoing consideration for a preparing of the mind for that much longer duration in that other world beyond – the Spirit World. The more advanced you develop yourself from direct observation, the more advanced your mind, your spirit, your soul will become to be more advanced for the Spirit World, which most Native North Americans sincerely believe awaits beyond. This supposition also means one must de-clutter and remove clogging superstition, harmful appetites, greed, ego and ignorance from the mind. Watching soap operas, shopping sprees, celebrity watch and such related empty fascination is not rewarding preparation for the Beyond.

Nature respecting two-legged (human) believes that Creator is All Truth, All-Knowledge. The more truthful you are, the more knowledge you seek, especially Nature reflecting knowledge, the more God-like you become. Quite simple is it not? Conversely, the more you stray away from truthful morals and a harmonious lifestyle, the farther away you become from the fruitful goal that awaits in the Beyond. I further believe that this Beyond is a place of All Truth and All Knowledge as well. Would not an All Truthful Creator make it so? But its offered advancement will not be attained by an unprepared, selfish, unfocussed and disinterested mind. I also believe, unlike some of those in Organized Religion, that only the mind (Soul, Spirit) goes on! Yes, some believe the entire body and its worldly desires elevate also, usually for the satisfaction of the male members in the form always of extra wives or mates for his pleasure. These beliefs are purely marketing devices, highly successful for recruiting Church or Mosque membership. The more Truthful, the more real Knowledge you seek, the closer you become like Creator. Yes, fairly simple isn't it?

Excerpted from Calling to the White Tribe by Ed Mc Gaa. Copyright © 2012 by Ed McGaa, Eagle Man. Excerpted by permission of John Hunt Publishing Ltd..
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Table of Contents

Foreword: Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Highland Seer. 1

Introduction 3

1 Religion & Spirituality 17

2 Encounters with the Spiritual 35

3 Origins 74

4 Exodus 88

5 Crossing the Wide Missouri 108

6 Democracy - The Great Gift 117

7 Leadership 125

8 Black Elk's Vision 156

9 Vision Quest & Sweat Lodge 180

10 What Spirituality Is Not 199

11 Evolvement & Needed Change 212

Afterword 236

About the Author 237

Sources 238

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