Calm Birth, Revised: Prenatal Meditation for Conscious Childbirth

Calm Birth, Revised: Prenatal Meditation for Conscious Childbirth


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The “trauma of childbirth” is a commonly heard phrase, but one that Calm Birth authoritatively counters. A resource for pregnant women and birth workers looking for empowering mind-body practices for a healthier kind of birth, this edition, revised with updated research and new material, shows how we can restore childbirth to its sacred status. The Calm Birth method, based on successful programs of the Harvard Medical School and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, combines three proven practices—relaxation, meditation, and healing—with current scientific knowledge to nurture the expectant mother’s natural ability to give birth in true harmony with her body and her baby. Newman contextualizes the multilayered method within the existing literature of mind-body medicine and meditation science, as well as the meditation traditions from which two of the methods originate. In eight inspiring case studies of women who have experienced calm births, the author complements the thoughts of renowned experts including Carlos Castaneda and Carolyn Myss.

With 25% new material, this revised edition contains a new foreword by Sandra Bardsley, updated research in the fields of meditation, birth, and the prenatal period, two new birth stories, three new chapters, and new photo documentation.

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ISBN-13: 9781623170578
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 08/02/2016
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 248
Sales rank: 1,191,177
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Robert Bruce Newman dedicated himself to advanced studies and training with respected Buddhist teachers. After more than 12 years of training he was authorized to teach a more complete kind of mindfulness meditation, based on complete breathing. His training was such that he was accepted as a teacher of mind-body medicine in hospitals in Oregon, California, and New Jersey. In 1998, he began to present a new childbirth practice, Calm Birth, in Oregon hospitals and has since presented the Calm Birth method four times at world congresses of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPAH) and was asked to present the method at the University of Michigan Medical School and at Bastyr University. The program has teachers in 15 countries around the world.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Foreword David B. Chamberlain, PhD xiii

Foreword Sandra Bardsley RN, FACCE, LCCE, CD xvii

Preface 1

Emerging Possibilities 2

The Calm Birth Program 6

Overview of the Program 7

I Background 9

Repression of the Natural Genius of Women 9

The Reemergence of Medicine Women 11

New Childbirth Anatomy and Potential 13

II Prenatal Meditation 15

The Increasing Presence of Meditation in the West 16

Benefits of Childbirth Meditation: Evidence-Based Medicine 17

Prenatal Meditation Research 24

Discovering the Potential of Childbirth 26

III Childbirth in the Human Energy System 27

The "New" Human Body 27

The Wombchild's Energy Field 28

Meditation Woman Speaks for Womankind 30

The Use of Energy Meditation in Medicine 32

Giving Birth in a Body Bright with Life 32

IV Pregnancy as a Path of Human Development and Evolution 35

The Liberation of the Womb 35

The Navel Center as a Natural Focus of Meditation 36

Ham, the Vital Center 38

Feeding Elixir into the Child 40

Secret Instructions 41

The Life Vase and the Womb 41

Pain-Body Release 42

V The Calm Birth Method 45

Emerging Childbirth Methods 45

Calm Birth Practice One: Practice of Opening 46

Calm Birth Practice Two: Womb Breathing 58

Calm Birth Practice Three: Giving and Receiving 79

VI Calm Births 87

Logan Jaymes 88

Julius Rawson 94

Emilis 98

Hana Leigh 99

Lucy 107

Gahl Moriel 110

Ethan 113

Cooper William 114

Elias Grace 121

McKane Scott 123

Elias John 129

Emily Rose 133

Gabriel and Emily 138

Nicholas 139

Makai 145

Ari and Ivory 148

VII Calm Mother Practices: Empowering Postnatal Care 151

Calm Mother Practice One: Calm Mother 153

Calm Mother Practice Two: Sitting into Energy Body 162

VIII New Childbirth Medicine 171

Meditation and the Nature of the Child 171

Benefits of Prenatal Audioguidance 172

Paranormal Childbirth Experience 173

Empathic Childbirth Medicine 175

Meditation Science and Medical Science 175

IX The Evolution of Mind-Body Practice in Obstetrics 179

Stage 1 Hypnosis 180

Stage 2 The Psychoprophylactic Method 183

Stage 3 Prenatal Meditation 186

Integral Childbirth Care 190

X Toward a New Era of Childbirth Education 193

Establishing the Value of Awareness in Childbirth 194

Change and Paradigm Shift 196

Awareness and Life Itself 197

Knowledge and the Moment of Conception 198

The Nature of Awareness 200

The Need for Healthy Childbirth Options 202

Glossary 205

Resources 211

References 213

Notes 219

About the Author 225

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