Calm & Peace: Be Careful How You Think; Your Life Is Shaped by Your Thoughts. Proverbs 4:23

Calm & Peace: Be Careful How You Think; Your Life Is Shaped by Your Thoughts. Proverbs 4:23

by Adrina Green


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Reject Evil - Embrace Good - Empower Calm and Peace!
Welcome, my name is Adrina.
Nearly everyone desires to live calm and peacefully. Sadly, it is not easy. Firstly, we are born with emotions that are many and varied, emotions that can take us from calm and peaceful to anxious or explosive in no time. Secondly, our calm and peace can be shaken by consistent problems, even shattered by unexpected turmoil. Thirdly, our battle with evil either personally or on a worldwide scale, can cause pain and stress. The list could on. When Jesus walked the earth as a man he too had to manage his emotions. It is written; he responded with scripture when he was challenged by evil. When facing his death on the cross, he could have chosen a number of responses, but he had predetermined to choose calm, peace and forgiveness, this ultimately ushered in a tremendous victory over Satan.
I have written Calm & Peace to suit the avid reader along with those who find reading a chore. I have sourced inspiring words of wisdom that have proven to help others throughout history. I share life-changing stories from renowned people in history, along with a few of my own life experiences. Most importantly I include some of the numerous benefits of reconnecting with God. I would like to encourage you to purchase this book, discover its value and then share it with those you know will benefit from more Calm and Peace in their lives!
"Although life is a challenge, attitude is always a choice."
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ISBN-13: 9780987101006
Publisher: Adrina Green
Publication date: 05/09/2013
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.31(d)

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I was born in beautiful, sunny Queensland, Australia and my husband John was born in Wisconsin, USA. We feel at home in both countries, however, we currently reside in Brisbane with our two children and two grandchildren. Like most people we desire to be healthy and happy. But we are aware we are living at a point in history with significant changes and challenges in our world. We appreciate that many of our human counterparts value and protect our beautiful planet, while still embracing the ever increasing need to feed, clothe and house the human race. We often discuss the complexities of human nature and we like to keep abreast of world affairs, with an interest in world resources and international tensions. For the greater part of our contribution to society we have been involved in the building industry. We have supported each other when facing the inevitable challenge of keeping a balance between work and treasured family commitments. Like most people we have encountered a number of trials, including John undergoing major heart surgery and my suffering heart palpitations. Over the years, I often felt a strong desire to be a part of the commission ordained by Jesus to encourage others to make peace with God. In 2006, a change in work commitments gave me the time I had been hoping for to research and write. I am very excited with the resulting book and to be in a position to share wisdom pertaining to calm and peace in a time when turmoil tests just about everyone.

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