Can I Go Now?

Can I Go Now?

by Sean Nee


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I've been a ... punk at CBGB in 1977, Berber in Mecca, NRA member in Pittsburgh, Oxford don, forest fire fighter in Northern Canada, addict in rehab, audience member at the Springer Show, fire breather in Berlin, Man of Mystery in China. No idea how this all happened, but it did. Then someone said - you should write a book! So now I've done that too. Sometimes nothing happens. Under a railway bridge at night, straddling a beam overhanging a chasm, every hour a train roars past, over our heads, leaving us in peace between nothing and nothing, smoking, drinking, talking about film noir, Artie Shaw, brief encounters when the world is not shaking, the smell of metal and blood, the taste of ice-cold vodka and cocaine. Happy.Where I have been in space - culture and geography - amazes me. I have left out the boring bits. The book has language that some people may find offensive and some frank references to sexual behaviour and illegal drug taking. There is nothing more disturbing than can be seen on broadcast TV.

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About the Author

You can find out all the usual things about my biography from the Web and my books. What you will not learn there is that Audie Murphy is my hero. Not for his movies but for his life story - a real American Hero. Born into the poverty of the Deep South, short, young and skinny, he lied about his age to get into the Army for WW2 and won every combat medal there is at least once, and every medal the French and Belgians could give him as well. His grave in Arlington is second only to that of JFK in numbers of visitors. Suffering himself from PTSD, he fought for veterans of the Vietnam War to get better mental health care.

Other heroes of mine are drag queens, and other people on the margins of society who do what they can to bring some kindness and joy into the world. I have spent a lot of time with whores and junkies as well as academics and, in general, I have more respect for the former.

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