Can You Relate?

Can You Relate?

by Tosha Jenkins-Turner Aka Indian Spice


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ISBN-13: 9781449083540
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/26/2010
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

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Can You Relate?

By Tosha Jenkins-Turner AKA Indian Spice


Copyright © 2010 Tosha Jenkins-Turner AKA Indian Spice
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-8354-0

Chapter One

Watch your back!

Devil in Disguise

Laughter from your pain Smile while hurting Sunshine diminishes into a storm Negativity all around you Tare you down every time you're up So friendly but yet so evil Misery slowly revolves your life You're so blind to the fact Tell lies despite your feelings To see a tear fall over joys them Claim to be a friend You're so blind to the fact Hold you back when you try to move forward They want what you have So eager to get it And will hurt you in the process In the eyes of the disguised You are nothing No pity, no shame So cold, heartless Thrive on your weakness Love to hate And hate to love Will steal everything Rob you blind Steal your heart Steal your soul They claim to be a friend Intentional pain they shall give you When you're happy, they're boiling Boiling so hot as to fire Only desire, to make you miserable They claim to be a friend Tell me Do you have a devil in disguise?

Dreams! Dreams! Dreams!

Dreams to Reality

Did you have a dream that you had so much money? Then wake up and realize you're broke, mad as hell cause the shit aint funny You ever had a dream you were fallin' from the sky? Roll over fall outta bed cause your ass thought you could fly Have you ever had a dream you had the perfect mate? Open your eyes and see you're by your self because they came home late Did you ever have a dream you were runnin' from someone but movin' in slow motion? Wake up heart beatin' fast as hell; eyes wide open You ever had a dream you was tough and couldn't loose a fight? Wake up with confidence, and then remember yo ass got beat up last night You ever had a dream that one of your friends was doin' yo man or yo girl and things got deep Wake up, happy as hell because it was all a dream You ever had a dream that you had the perfect kids Wake up and they in yo shit; ready to split they wig You ever had a dream you were President and had all the power Wake the hell up and see you aint in the White House and yo' ass is gettin paid by the hour


A Hatas Hate

You had to go there And make up a lie All because I found love With another guy You got your women You mad cause I'm not on your list Or to see the love I had for you No longer exist You talk about these corny cats But you're just like the rest Don't get mad at me Cause you settled for less Its men like you That make women hate You can't deal with reality So you mess with fate I wanna be the one to tell you That what you did wasn't cool Even your people say What you said was bull Everybody says you changed Believe me it wasn't a lie You doin' everybody dirty By the lies you supply Why couldn't you keep it real? Tell the truth Cause you knew the truth couldn't harm So you lied for you Do you realize the pain you caused? It could have got much worse It was your lie That started this hurt If I never see you again It will be too soon The betrayal, lies and deceit Will all catch up to you It may not be now but if not Most definitely later I will feel no remorse For an unda cova hata I hope you get the message And think about what you've done Now it's time for me to finish What you begun.....

Counterfeit Phony Pretender

Fake People

Don't you hate it? When people pretend to be a friend Turn around and talk about you And throw extra shit in How about the people Who brag about the name of the clothes they wear Knowing their shit is fake Get the real clothes and compare What about the people who drive around Like "this is my ride" See them hours later walking Trying to duck and hide How about when people try to walk Like their shoes aint to small Knowing their corns is hurting Cause they feet is in a ball What about the people who act like they so tough And can't loose a fight Something go down and their the first ones gone That was their sign for good night How about the people who owe you money Talkin' bout I don't got it right now Go to the mall and see them wit bags Spendin' money through town What about when you call somebody for a ride They say, I'm on my way An hour has passed and your still at home Mad cause you gotta hit the hay Yall laugh Yall know that this shit is true Just tell them to keep it real Or you're a fake ass too

Lies! Murder! Lies! Lies! And more Lies!

World News

Channel 2010 World news Man shot dead Child abused Woman raped School held hostage Police brutality caught on tape House fire, people die Arson Innocent people killed in a drive-by Suspect robbed a store Baby found in a trash can Internet man the girl he lure Husband kills wife Whit man gets 10 to 20 Black man gets life Gang bangers beat boy to death Drug bust went down Some money they kept Bomb scare on a plane Decomposed body found Teen murderer arraigned Sex scandal with priest Little girl kidnapped from home Shoot outs with police Mother kills kids Vicious dog attack Aids victim, one year to live Men impersonate the law A hit on a local resident For a crime she saw Worker kills boss Teachers' molestin students Drug dealers, quick money they floss Terroristic threats Government don't tell all Anthrax caused death Hostility on the streets War between countries Hard to get peace Our World, so much insanity Too much shit goin' on Our own kill off humanity This is Channel 2010 World news Pray and keep the faith In a world so confused

Come Back! Who am I!


Gone All strength slowly spills Leaving me so weak Mind in chaos Words over top of words How do I gain control? What is control? Right now I don't know Gone Help me understand Why Anger trapped inside of me How do I let it go Insanity rules your world Crazy thoughts, continuously Stress Your new role in life Gone What was light now is dark What was faith now is destroyed What was living now is dead All power turned to desperation What has happened? Who am I? What am I? When will I come back? Where have I gone?

Can you relate? Can you relate? Can you?

Where the Hell is my Check?

What's up with the state? I didn't get my check They betta start typin Get the fingers in affect You call, they say I mailed it a couple of days ago Who they think they be foolin' And lie like a pro Shit, I need my check I got things to do Yeah, I'm complaining, it's my money You would too The first time you call You call wit some sense Next day no money, call again Where the hell is my check? Why do we have to go through a hassle? To get our money I bet they get theirs on time They laugh like the shits funny What they think we don't got bills Don't gotta take care of our youngins' We gotta call ten times for our money And they wonder why we buggin' What's goin' on? What's up wit the state? Where the hell is my check? Showin' up two weeks late I just don't understand Certain needs need to be met I just wanna know one thing Where the hell is my check?

Dig Deep

Just a Thought

There comes a time A time when you discover The reasons why or wonder why Certain things in your life occurred There comes a time When you analyze and understand Sometimes you laugh aloud When you put more and more pieces together Finding the answers and knowing Will lead to more searching and analyzing You know there comes a time When the final test to the beginning of the rest of your life Reveal its self To see if you have changed To see if the old personality that was put away Will resurface Will you change for the one that really matters in life?

Confusion and Hurt


I don't know what's wrong It seems as if everything is starting to change I'm starting to get confused The situation is gettin' way out of my range Is it me, what did I do For you to treat me so different Don't keep me in the dark I'll sit back and listen One minute we're happy The next I feel like I don't belong Why are things this way? Why can't we get along? I'm feeling some type of way I thought you'd never make me feel Why did you change? What's the deal? If your love is fading away Tell me, don't go through the motions Let me know, I'll leave you alone My heart no longer devoted I thought we were a team We were suppose to work out our problems We've created more Can't even solve them I don't want to be apart But what can I do Tryin' so hard to keep the peace Because I love you Just let me know What's on your mind? Even if it hurts me Eventually I'll be fine Honestly, I don't want to separate I want to make it better Can we please make things right So we can stay together

Turncoat! Backstabber!


Does it pay to have friends? Now a days you just don't know Let me begin They come to your house, call your phone When in reality they're hatin An enemy has grown You tell secrets, confide and even trust Not knowing the one you tell all Really don't give a fuck An enemy pretending to be a friend Or a friend turned into an enemy Let me say that again An enemy pretending to be a friend Or a friend turned into an enemy Do I have to repeat it again? Women can be so wicked Stay close, creep wit yo man in a minute Men aint no different Narrate your death, do it and forget it They all smile, impersonate as a confidant Role-play to the end until they get what they want Sometimes you never know It can be hard to tell The one you thought was a friend Will take you through hell Frienemies are sometimes discovered And they don't care Move on to deceive another Frienemies, pretend to be a friend But really an enemy Not just women it's all humanity Man, girl, woman, boy Come in all shapes, colors and sizes Deceptions their joy Friends over here enemies over there Now they are combined into one There is no one or the other A frienemy they've become It does not pay to have friends So different from back then It makes you think when When you did have an enemy With whom you befriend


Good Times

Those were the days Laughed until you cried All hunched over The good times Haven't seen your sweetheart Been gone for a while Hugem' so tight The good times Take your baby to the mall Find their size Buy whatever you want The good times Family gets together For no reason why Just to chill We still have good times Everyone use to get along Hold conversation, say hi Now everybody's beefin' Those were the good times Use to walk the streets and be safe Now you gotta look from behind Parties wit no problems Those were the good times

Going to miss a good friend

How Do We Say Goodbye

To gain such a good friend In a short amount of time It was a pleasure to know you To have you as a friend of mine Even though you are leaving It doesn't mean our friendship has to end Always keep in touch Because we are friends So sad to see you leave I wish you all the best As you move miles away I'll miss you, I must address You are a wonderful person Many can see I will always remember you And how you were a good friend to me I care about you, as a friend should So most likely this will be a tearful goodbye I'm glad I got a chance to know you Even though it was a brief amount of time Hey, we are friends I know one day I'll see you again So don't think just because you are moving Our friendship has to end We've smiled and laughed Even cried I want you to know that I'll miss you One of the few things on my mind If you ever need me I'm a phone call away Call me Anytime and any day I'll say it again; it was a pleasure knowing you And having you as a friend of mine So you see, I won't say goodbye How about until next time

Secrets Secrets Secrets Secrets

It's About Time You Knew

You're getting closer and closer to the truth Someone should tell you who your real daddy is It's about time you knew I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner I didn't think it was my place Waiting for your mother to tell you She kept avoiding it, she was afraid Afraid that you would turn your back Shut her out Knowing if you knew the truth You'd scream and shout Your mom never said that you would never know She didn't have the heart to tell you So she kept it on the low She has worked up the courage to tell you Give her a chance Listen to what she has to say The truth you grasp The lying is over It's time that you knew Your daddy is my daddy Not only cousins, we're sisters too


It's Only a Question

Do you love me? Why hesitate when asked? It's only a question Do you care about my feelings? Yet, you still hesitate It's only a question What's so hard about saying yes or no? Did you not understand me? Are you confused? Do you know what you want? Dam! Still no answer You didn't respond I know your answer I know All because you didn't answer my questions

Envy and Resentment


Jealousy gets you no where Some people don't like to see one get ahead But why? Afraid they're gonna have more than you They'll kick a nigga back out in a minute They aint did nothin' to you Just tryin' to maintain and live a good life Jealousy gets you no where Jealous cause she got long hair Then let your hair grow You jealous cause he's makin' more money than you Work harder You jealous cause they drive nice cars Aint they fault your credits fucked up You jealous cause she's pretty You could be pretty too if your attitude wasn't so ugly Jealousy gets you no where Some people kill cause they jealous Some people start fights cause they jealous Does that make you feel good? Dam, what they gotta be, dirty, ugly, broke Even if they was dirty, ugly and broke You'd still be jealous Jealous because they got a good heart It's a no win situation when dealin' with a jealous person Anything and everything you do is either stupid, wrong or impossible Jealousy gets you no where Jealous cause you a good woman Jealous cause you a good man Jealous cause you got talent Jealous cause you can survive on your own Jealous cause you look good Jealousy gets you no where What do we do about the jealous ones out here? Cutem' loose because they only try to bring you down It's a shame we can't enjoy life without a jealous person hatin' Jealousy gets you no where but by yourself


Excerpted from Can You Relate? by Tosha Jenkins-Turner AKA Indian Spice Copyright © 2010 by Tosha Jenkins-Turner AKA Indian Spice. Excerpted by permission.
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Can You Relate? 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Vmyktivnyity .gjyuvmtogjyob,b
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a good book start to finish. Tosha's poetry or spoken word as some may call it was touching and I could definitely relate to most of the writings. Its a good feeling reading this book and knowing the city and the author. Its a good read for anyone interested in urban spoken word. Dont knock it until you try it!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book appears to be written by a child, the story is lacking both content and flow. The author clearly is not writing this based on experience, I grew up in Camden and I made choices...but this book was as unrealistic as you could imagine. Would have given it no stars but that wasn't an your money this one is not worth it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago