Canada?s Most Notorious Serial Killers

Canada?s Most Notorious Serial Killers

by Jack Smith


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Canada might not be the first place one thinks of when serial killers are mentioned, but the country has had quite a number of such terrifying cases in its past, and this book attempts to give you an overview of the most significant cases.

Canada, the Northern neighbor of the United States, is best known for its friendly sensibility, cold winters, and hockey games. When people think about Canada, they don't generally think about serial killings. But the U.S. and Mexico aren't the only North American countries that serial killers have called home: All throughout its centuries-long history, Canada has had its own fair share of murderous maniacs.

This book presents accounts of eight of the worst serial killers to tread Canadian soil in recent memory:

1. Robert Pickton, the Pigheaded Killer

The story of Robert Pickton, who terrorized the streets and back alleys of Vancouver, is so unbelievably grotesque you would think it was the work of some blood-and-gore Hollywood screenwriter.

2. Russell Williams: Trouble in Trenton

Colonel Russell Williams was once a highly decorated and respected soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces. Then he decided to begin breaking into women's houses on the side, and from there, things kept getting worse and worse.

3. Bruce McArthur: Stalking Toronto's Village

Perhaps no serial killer, however, has ever been quite as prolific as suspected murderer Bruce McArthur. As of right now his crimes are merely alleged, but with a projected body count that is estimated to rival Pickton's, McArthur seems destined to assume a prominent place among the most notorious murderers of the maple leaf.

4. Paul Bernardo: the Scarborough Rapist

Paul Bernardo was unable to learn how to properly incorporate himself into the society and it turned out a disaster for countless women that had the misfortune of encountering him.

5. Clifford Olson: The Beast of British Columbia

Clifford Olson was so active and puzzling that the people around him just didn't know how to react for quite a while. Unfortunately, this has led to him committing countless crimes before being brought to justice.

6. Cody Legebokoff: the Country Boy Killer

Cody Legebokoff was making outrageous excuses to cover up his crimes, yet the people around him seemed to not react upon them fast enough to prevent him committing heinous crimes. He is considered Cananda's youngest convicted serial killer.

7. Allan Joseph Legere: The Monster of the Miramichi

Allan Joseph Legere instilled fear onto the residents of the Miramichi River valley of New Brunswick in 1989 with his terrifying crimes and was also the first Canadian to be convicted of murder through the DNA analysis, thankfully, as there were no eyewitnesses for his killings.

8. Gilbert Paul Jordan: The Boozing Barber

Gilbert Paul Jordan was committing crimes through the weapon called alcohol. The weapon used made it very difficult to ascertain the crimes and for the law to handle him when that was done.

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