Cancer: A Book of Hope

Cancer: A Book of Hope

by Lise Bourbeau


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Cancer is not an inevitable fate but rather a message aimed at helping you recover happiness and inner peace. Cancer seen this way becomes an opportunity for transformation and for loving yourself.This book is intended for all those who are affected in one way or another by cancer today, including:those who have already had cancer;those who have cancer now;those who are worried about a friend, relative or family member who has cancer;therapists and caregivers who want access to tools for helping their clients or patients;and, of course, all those who wish to prevent this illness.
Liberate yourself from the control this word has over you and transform it into a springboard for inner peace.

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ISBN-13: 9782920932708
Publisher: Editions E.T.C. Inc.
Publication date: 12/07/2015
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Lise Bourbeau is a world-renowned author, she has written 24 books, including the best-selling Listen to Your Body, your best friend on Earth. Ever since she founded her school in 1982, her teachings have been helping large numbers of people to make concrete changes in their every day lives and achieve improved quality of life. Listen to Your Body is the largest personal growth school in Quebec and has run workshops in over 20 countries and in 10 languages.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 9

Prologue 11

Chapter 1 Some interesting statistics 17

Chapter 2 The scientific and metaphysical explanations of cancer 25

The usefulness of illness 29

Changing our DNA 32

Hidden behind the scientific aspect 35

The importance of intelligence 41

What is the difference between intelligence and intellect? 42

Chapter 3 The Influence of the wound of rejection 45

Resistance and discernment 46

The ego and beliefs 47

When is the wound of rejection activated? 51

Activation of the withdrawer mask 53

Link between the wounds of rejection and injustice 60

Feeling responsible for others 66

Chapter 4 Why? 69

Emotions and feelings 69

Why me? 74

Why now? 75

Fear and its effects 82

Why this part of the body? 85

Chapter 5 Learning from real-life experiences 93

Julie and thyroid cancer 93

Nicole and endometrial cancer 96

John and prostate cancer 98

Anna and colon cancer 101

Richard and leukemia 105

Denise and cancer in the right breast 108

Joan and cancer in the left breast 112

The difference between cancer in the left breast and confer in the right breast 120

Summary of these real-life experiences 120

Chapter 6 Forgiveness: the one and only solution 125

Responsibility and acceptance 127

Accusations and emotions 129

Pear for yourself and expectations 131

Triangle, mirror and reconciliation 133

Forgiving yourself 135

Connection with a parent 139

Sharing our experience 142

Summary of the seven stages 144

Difficulty accepting oneself 145

Is healing possible for everyone? 147

Breaking free 152

Testimony of Denise 155

Chapter 7 The importance of taking a decision 159

The right to live for oneself 161

The importance of acceptance 164

Miracles 166

The wrong way to listen to your needs 170

The right to want to die 171

Don't wait until you are well in order to live 173

Chapter 8 How to deal with cancer in a loved one 175

Fear or solace? 178

The fear of death 180

Helping the person who has cancer 182

Knowing ourselves by our reaction 185

Chapter 9 Discovering the power of love 191

True love 193

Respect yourself 194

Give yourself the right to be human 196

The listen-to-your-body triangle 198

Lead your life by listening to your own needs 200

Make requests and be willing to receive from others 203

Make commitments before you have expectations 207

Remember that you are the only one responsible for yourself 210

Accept and observe, even if your ego doesn't agree 214

Love yourself physically 216

Loving yourself psychologically 227

The power to heal 241

Accepting death = accepting life 243

Collective healing 248

Healing the wound of rejection 250

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