Cancer-A Strange Gift:

Cancer-A Strange Gift: "You have at best 9 to 12 months to live "--20 years later,here's my story!

by John Cook


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'Cancer - A Strange Gift' was written as a result of my personal experience over 20 years ago. A 'blind faith' existed, and still does, in the infallible treatment of Western doctrines by doctors for their patients woes; I was dying because of this 'faith' and my ignorance of its fallibility!

With a lifetime's experience spent battling various autocratic disciples of The Establishment and witnessing the extraordinary lengths they will go to, to protect their own esteem, I concluded that by writing my own story, I just might gain an entrée into the patient's world. My book establishes, via my direct contact through counselling of patients and by my being on the receiving end of the doctors' disciplines, the validity of my thinking.

During my fight to prolong my life beyond the nine month oncological prediction given in September 1995, both my Eastern, and eventually, my Western doctors asked me for help in providing confidence to some of their patients. I soon discovered that I was indeed able to help, and that by reading the draft of my own encounter with doom, those with whom I came into contact gained the strength they needed to acquire positive thinking for themselves.

The decision to write my story is due to my indignation of my own foolish ignorance of health at that time and the wish to help others as a result of my learning. There is the beginning of an awareness within the Bioscience world, of which I am part through my stemcell research company, that medicine as practiced now, needs to involve more patient participation with a greater case for prevention and an understanding of cause versus treatment of symptom. I believe that my encounter and story may have a part to play, to help people with both resolve and strength when facing adversity.

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About the Author

My own career, spanning 50 years, has been as principle or seed corn investor withina broad spectrum of business opportunities worldwide. Involved initially in my family's farm in Gloucestershire in the 60's and most recently in a stem cell research spin out from The Royal Veterinary College . Among other themes, I have farmed in New Zealand pioneering homeopathic medicine from deer velvet; helping the New Zealand government with efficient distribution of electricity within their Chatham Island protectorate and, in Australia, perfecting the collection of umbilically derived stem cells from horses. As well as farming and allied professions, I have been involved closer to home in general business endeavours including energy use and generation, and within the service and distribution sectors.

I am an ardent supporter of my old school, Malvern College and as a past president of the Oxford University Real Tennis Club, I have played Real Tennis for many years. Having stood for parliament as an independent in the 2010 General Election, I am extremely interested in the interactions between politics, economics and religion

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