Cancer and Longevity Answers: Naked Mole Rats, Exercise & EMODs (ROS)

Cancer and Longevity Answers: Naked Mole Rats, Exercise & EMODs (ROS)

by PhD Prof Randolph M. Howes MD


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Decades of research resulted in my appreciation of the many benefits of exercise in reducing the risks of acquiring a wide spectrum of common diseases and in an incredible rodent known as the naked mole rat (NMR) or the "sand puppy."

The NMR has the highest level of oxidative stress of all rodents and it lives eight times as long as other rodents, with a superb healthspan and it has never had a case of cancer reported in this species....ever!

What does the naked mole rat and exercise have in common that could revolutionize our thinking about oxygen, electronically modified oxygen derivatives (EMODs) and oxidative metabolism?

Are oxygen free radicals or reactive oxygen species the cellular assassins they have been portrayed to be? Or, could they be the secret weapon of the NMR which keeps it in good health for so long?

Is there a commonality between the NMR and the effects of increased oxygen consumption and so-called oxidative stress associated with exercise?

Can the unique salutary benefits of exercise and unique EMOD qualities be applied to man, such that our healthspan is dramatically extended, as well as our lifespan?

The hallmark of exercise is a 10-20% increase in oxygen consumption, which is rapidly metabolically converted to electronically modified oxygen derivatives, EMODs (EMODs, formerly confusingly called reactive oxygen species, ROS).

Can excessive levels of supplemental antioxidants and antioxidant vitamins block or interfere with the benefits of exercise?

Is "exercise deficiency disease" equivalent to an "EMOD insufficiency disease?" EMOD and exercise insufficiency "allows" diseases to manifest themselves such as cancer, heart disease, strokes and arthritis.

I believe that oxygen metabolomics appear to be the basis of the good health and longevity seen in the NMR and in the benefits associated with exercise. Oxygen and its EMOD progeny is the point of convergence for exercise and the naked mole rat, as it relates to healthspan and lifespan.

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