Cancer Control: Proceedings of the 12th International Cancer Congress, Buenos Aires, 1978

Cancer Control: Proceedings of the 12th International Cancer Congress, Buenos Aires, 1978

by A. R. Smith, C. A. Alvarez

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ISBN-13: 9781483189109
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 10/22/2013
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Pages: 332
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Table of Contents



Cancer Education

Cancer Education in the United States since 1948

The Professional Education Program of the American Cancer Society

Development and Use of Cancer Education Materials

UICC?s Role in Cancer Education of Medical Students

Cancer Education in United States Medical and Dental Schools: The AACE-NCI Survey

Oncology Teaching - Latin American Survey

The Students' Viewpoint of their Cancer Education

Psychological Effects of Mass Communication Media and Necessity for Changes in Education

Cancer Campaign

Reaching the Hard to Reach (Chairman's Introduction)

How to Reach the Hard to Reach

Reaching the Hard to Reach

Breast Cancer in Czechoslovakia

Prevention: Responsibilities and Methods

Cancer Prevention: Responsibilities and Methods of Industry

Cancer Prevention: The Outlook in France

Detection: Mass Screening and High Risk

Detection: Mass Screening and High Risks - Cervical Cancer

Prevention and Treatment of Carcinoma of the Cervix Uteri in the Shanghai Area


Rehabilitation: Psychological and Physical - Finnish Experience

Rehabilitation of Laryngectomees in Israel

The Welfare of the Patient with Cancer and his Family

Bienestar del Paciente y su Familia

The Rehabilitation of the Cancer Patient

Reach to Recovery

Program Relating to Terminal Cancer

Cancer Hostels in New Zealand

Cancer Nursing


Ultrasound: Its Uses in Cancer Diagnosis

Flexible Bronchofiberscopy

Value of Mammography

Infrared Thermography of Breast Cancers. An 8-year Experience (Diagnosis, Detection, Prognosis, Follow-up)

Automated Cytology Using a Quantitative Staining Method Combined with a TV-Based Image Analysis Computer

Psychological Impact of Cancer

The Oncologist and the Psychologist

Impacto Psicologico del Cancer. Decodificacion del Impacto Psicologico del Cancer en el Staff Terapeutico

The Psychology of Cancer Patients and Cancer Doctors: Shock of Recognition

Modifications of Therapeutic Procedure for Psychological Reasons in Breast Cancer

Doctor-Patient Relationship in Oncology

The Emotional Impact of Breast Cancer and the Question of Premorbid Personality

Antecedents of Important Psychical Traumas in Neoplastic Patients

Psychodynamics of the Cancer Patient

Data Processing in Cancer

Methods of Monitoring Cancer Rates

The Pathogram of the Cancer Patient

Large Scale Patient Information Systems - Design Considerations

Interactive EDP in a Cancer Research Institution


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