Cancer: My Little Green Book

Cancer: My Little Green Book

by Inaki Legorburu

Paperback(Large Print)

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"You have cancer!" Hearing these words, spoken to me by my oncologist, triggered a long needed change in lifestyle: good food, gentle exercise and plenty of rest. Although I agreed to initial surgery, I said no to all the subsequent proposals for re-surgery and chemo therapies.

In the days that followed the initial surgery, I started investigating what had been written by medical specialists and professionals about treatments for cancer. On hindsight I realize how fortunate I was in the beginning to get hold of a 2nd hand copy of Dr. Moerman's original "little green book". Published in 1978, this book was now out of print. His writing struck a chord inside me, when it dawned on me that his focus of attention was not "foods that help fight cancer" but "foods that help restore a healthy body."

I failed miserably in preventing cancer, but have succeeded in controlling my cancer by means of a liver-friendly food-plan, early to bed and early to rise, and early morning country walks. I am convinced that cancer can be both prevented as well as controlled by adopting these three key lifestyle changes. The rest kind of takes care of itself.

My personal experience? Six weeks after my operation, my vitality had returned and there were no lingering traces of cancer to be found in my body.

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