Cancionero: Music for the Spanish Court (1470-1520)

Cancionero: Music for the Spanish Court (1470-1520)

by The Dufay Collective


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Cancionero: Music for the Spanish Court (1470-1520)

"Cancionero: Music for the Spanish Court (1470 -- 1520)" is the first release by the Dufay Collective for the Avie Records label, which acts as a clearinghouse for artist-made recordings. "Cancionero" was made in 1997 on the Dufay's own dime after its relationship with the Chandos label reached the point of no return. That the Dufay Collective went ahead with releasing this postponed project rather than creating an altogether new package for their maiden voyage with Avie was a risky but advantageous decision, as this is one of their finest efforts. As with previous discs by the Dufay Collective, "Cancionero" targets a wide range of repertoire within a specific historic frame, attempting to portray the mood of long-vanished eras in addition to providing expert period realizations of the music. This release focuses on the Spanish Court of Ferdinand and Isabella and the music is drawn from three "Cancioneros," or Spanish songbooks, from the early Renaissance era. There is an amazing range of material presented among the 31 tracks on the disc, from gentle instrumental solos to bombastic courtly dances and even some folksy-sounding secular choral pieces. Although the Dufay Collective is primarily known as an instrumental group, all of the vocalizing here is splendid, with the singing of Vivian Ellis being particularly outstanding in its ease of delivery and tasteful use of decoration. This recording comes highly recommended.

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Release Date: 06/04/2002
Label: Avie
UPC: 0822252000528
catalogNumber: 5


  1. Propinan de Melyor, for ensemble (Colombina Songbook)
  2. Dindirín, dindirín (romance)
  3. Con amores, la Mi Madre for 4 voices
  4. Durandarte
  5. La Spagna
  6. Work(s): [Unspecified] Fantasia
  7. Baxa de contrapunto
  8. Work(s): [Unspecified] Differencias sobr'el canto
  9. Danza a tre "la alta"
  10. De dos la mer (Montecassino)
  11. Prelude / Ay triste que vengo
  12. Ya cantan los gallos
  13. Secaronme los Pesares
  14. Vuestros amores e señora
  15. Musica para discanter sobre un punto
  16. Aquella Mora Garrida
  17. Mi Libertad en Sosiego
  18. Dolce amoroso focho
  19. L'amor, dona, ch'io te porto
  20. Fabordón y glosas del primer tono Ilano
  21. Que faray ie mal fortune
  22. La Spagna, song for 3 voices
  23. O cuidado, mensajero
  24. Al alva venid (El Cancionero de Palacio)
  25. Puse mis amores
  26. La Spagna
  27. La tricotea Samartin la vea
  28. So ell enzina, enzina
  29. Hoy comamos y bebamos, for 4 voices
  30. Pase el agua, [ma] Julieta
  31. Calabaza, No Sé, Buen Amor

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