Canned: How I Lost Ten Jobs in Ten Years and Learned to Love Unemployment

Canned: How I Lost Ten Jobs in Ten Years and Learned to Love Unemployment

by Franklin Schneider


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I used to wear company-branded baseball caps. I ironed my jeans for casual Fridays. I smiled stiffly as my boss told insipid stories about his daughter's soccer games.

I've spent the last three years sleeping until 3 p.m. and getting drunk at dive bars on your tax dollars. I feel much better now.

What's my secret? Getting CANNED!

From blue collar to white collar, minimum wage to six figures, Franklin Schneider has held every type of job—briefly. He's detasseled corn in Iowa, served time at a doomed Internet start-up, and for one shining moment became the "Most Successful Telemarketer in America." But his search for a fairly compensated, fulfilling position free of pointless drudgery taught him one thing: Such a job does not exist. And if it did, his boss would probably be an a**hole.

If you've ever wanted to go out to lunch and never come back...

If you've ever wanted to respond honestly when a boss asks, "Do you think I'm stupid?"...

If you've ever considered restarting a smoking habit just for an excuse to leave the building every thirty minutes...

This is the book for you.

"I am sure that everyone who is not a Marxist can agree, Franklin Schneider is the type of person this country can do without." —Charles Signorile,

"A towering stylist and a great observer of our times and our culture." —Erik Wemple, Washington City Paper

Franklin Schneider has been a contributor at the Washington City Paper for several years and has written about everything from honeybee Armageddon to street-racing arsonists. His features about being fired repeatedly were some of the most popular in the paper's history. He studied writing at the Writer's Workshop at the University of Iowa. He lives in Washington, D.C.

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Publication date: 10/01/2010
Pages: 320
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Canned: How I Lost Ten Jobs in Ten Years and Learned to Love Unemployment 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
hmmn on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
There were parts of this book that were really hilarious, (especially that Abraham character. . .)but the boring parts were realllllly boring. The review on the cover of the book describes it as a literary rant . . . and that is a fitting description. Whenever the author was describing a work place, or a co-worker it was always very witty and funny; when he got to the 'rant' part, it was basically him trying to justify the fact that he was too lazy to hold down a job and trying to convince the reader that there was some other justification. Overall, a funny read but definitely not for those looking for deep reading . . . (I actually thought he would give some good critiques of America/labor laws etc. . . but it was pretty lax in that department)